Well I'm not currently working on any new video edits since I'm trying to decide on a new direction for the channel, so I thought it would be a good time to kick off a new long-term poll series! We will determine which player in each season did the best in 3 different categories of the game.

The 3 categories will be Brawn (Outplay), Brains (Outwit), and Beauty (Outshine)!

I considered just doing just Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, but I think it's pretty easy to argue that the player that did the best job "outlasting" in a season is simply the player that took home the title of Sole Survivor. Yes, there are some winners that are less popular than others. But let's be honest: If you won your season, you deserve some big respect. So instead, we will do "Outshine". I don't think this needs to be a purely physical beauty category. I hope and imagine that we will have some winners in this category that tip the scale in their favor due to personality traits and their personal life story.

So here is what I imagine should be considered in each category:

Brawn/Outplay - Challenge performances, camp life, survivor skills, physique

Brains/Outwit - Social game, game strategy, being smart/inventive in challenges or at camp

Beauty/Outshine - Beautiful people inside and out: physical appearance, personality, life story

Who's ready? 🎉🔥🌴

Here are a few "rules" that I will follow. The first round will be just done alphabetically. For example, for round 1 season 44 will have these groups (max of 4 per group):

Group 1: Brandon, Bruce, Carolyn, Carson

Group 2: Claire, Danny, Frannie, Heidi

Group 3: Helen, Jaime, Josh, Kane

Group 4: Lauren, Maddy, Matt, 

Group 5: Matthew, Sarah, Yam Yam

1 or 2 will advance from each group depending on how close the votes are. Then depending on how many are left, we will continue for 1 or 2 more rounds.

Optionally, I may do round 1 in the comments and have you 'like' the player(s) that you think should advance in the specified category.

Feel free to drop me suggestions on how you would like to see this managed and I will incorporate them as I see fit.