Episode 2

Pagbawi Camp (Day 4)

After tribal council, the Pagbawi Tribe heads back to camp and Hayden, Reynold, Teresa and Christian were completely blindsided by the vote. And they now worry about their positions in the tribe, Hayden and Christian went off to the beach, and discussed that their Idol may be needed sometime soon.

Meanwhile, Shane was utterly shocked that he was the one who received votes but didn't mind, he and Sean rejoiced that they're both still here and is grateful to Jaclyn and the others for letting them survive.

Jaclyn did go on and apologized to Hayden, Reynold, Christian and Teresa and they more or less understood this part of the game and accepted her apology, however they do now consider her and the rest as an enemy.

Cydney, Natalie, Lauren and Rafe, congratulated themselves on a masterful blindside they pulled. And they're now seeing some of the consequences of the move they just pulled, as they see Hayden, Christian and Reynold roaming around camp together and possibly scheming, so they begin scheming as well.

Sean quickly realized the small animosity going on between the two groups, and told Shane that they should stay out of it, as it could possibly lead to them gaining the power and the swing position.

Higanti Camp (Day 4)

After winning the Immunity Challenge and not having to go to tribal council, the Higanti Tribe felt more confident about their ability to win challenges.

Sabrina and RC discovered that Trish, Carolyn, Terry and Dom have made an alliance and are bonding well altogether, and they consider them a threat for being good, loyal and strategic people, they would have a hard time breaking that alliance when they have such a strong bond. So the women teamed up with the Triforce alliance of Jay, Ian and Greg, to possibly plan to take one of the four of them sometime soon (after taking out at least one of the outsiders). And they also brought Kellee along to get a majority 6.

Kellee was a little hesitant to join, since she wants to keep Terry and Dom around as meat-shields, so she will have to convince the rest of the group to target Carolyn or Trish.

Ken and Michelle are still the outsiders, and after being rejected to join in any plans by anyone else, they decided to look for an idol to possibly use to flip this game around. Hours later, the two split off in opposite directions to cover more ground, and soon, Michelle finds something at a tree stump, she opens it and sees "congratulations, you have found the Hidden Immunity Idol". She hides it quickly, and decides to keep it a secret from everyone (even Ken), opting to play it for what's best for her game. She keeps "looking" until she meets up with Ken and they give up hunting for the day.

Reward Challenge (Day 5)

Challenge: New School

Higanti, getting your first look at the new Pagbawi Tribe, Chrissy voted out at the last tribal council.

Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?

Four tribe members would swim out and untie a net with fish puzzle pieces. After taking the net back to the shore, four other tribe members would untie the puzzle pieces from the net and hang them on hooks. They would then carry the log with the hooks to a puzzle station, where the last three tribe members would use the puzzle pieces to complete a puzzle, first tribe to finish the puzzle wins reward.

This challenge has been run 3 times and in all those times, there were only 14 puzzle pieces, now let's make it a little more difficult and make it double, 28 pieces. That should make it a difficult challenge for both tribes.

So, wanna what you're playing for?

A Survivor fishing kit, complete with bait, hooks, traps, nets, Hawaiian sling, all that good stuff that will allow you to catch some much needed food and raft to set sail on. Worth Playing for?

Oh. One last thing... Ghost Island, is in play. The winning tribe will not only get this reward, but will also have the right to send someone from the losing tribe to Ghost Island, where who knows what will be awaiting you over there.

You will choose which castaway will be paying a visit to Ghost Island:

Higanti: https://strawpoll.com/uj1owyzru

Pagbawi: https://strawpoll.com/szkrw29ad

So. Big stakes, I'll give you a minute to strategize, we'll get in on.

This Challenge will end at 12:00 nn EST.

Survivors Ready?? Go!!

(Note: From here on out, the Tribes who wins reward challenges will get a slight advantage in vote counting in all future pre-merge challenges, so make sure to vote wisely)

Reward Challenge (Day 5) Results

Alright, Higanti, you just won a bountiful amount of fishing gear, surely, you guys can use it well to catch some food. But before you take this reward, you still have a decision to make; who from the Pagbawi tribe is going to Ghost Island?

Lauren, go grab your stuff, head down to the beach, and head to Ghost Island, you'll be back before the next immunity challenge, good luck.

We'll see how your decision will play out. Higanti, you can grab your reward, head back to camp, enjoy the fishing gear. Pagbawi, I got nothing for you, you can head back to camp. Good luck.

(Higanti will now have a 2% advantage for every future pre-merge challenge, Pagbawi will now need to get 2% more votes in order to win)

Ghost Island (Day 5)

Lauren questioned Higanti's decision on sending her here, but she affirms herself that whatever happens here, she will make the best of it. She arrives at Ghost Island, and like last time, the island was decorated to the brim with haunting relics and artifacts of past survivor seasons. Torches, Snuffers, Idols, Advantages, and miscellaneous decoration all to remind the visitor "One bad decision can haunt you forever".

She walks up the path, and finds a sign that said "smash the urn with your name on it" and sees a row of 24 urns with all 24 players' names on each one, Chrissy's is already broken. She proceeds to smash her own urn, and finds a small note that said "follow the fire to claim your award" and she walks through a path of torches and sees a table with a chest.

She opens it up, and she reads the note in it; "This is your old Hidden Immunity Idol from Season 38: Edge of Extinction, that you foolishly played on Chris Underwood in final 6, allowing him to stay in the game and win 3 days later, when you could've saved it for the final 5 and made it further in the game and possibly stand a chance to win. However, you did a set a record for having an idol for the longest time without playing it, finding it in Day 2 and using it on Day 36, 35 days is a long time to wait, now you will have to wait again, this idol can only be played if you survive your next 3 tribal councils, afterwards you can use it up until the final 6, where hopefully, this time around, you wont make the same mistake again."

Lauren is shocked about her advantage, and feels a little blessed about being sent here in Ghost Island. And comes to the conclusion that everyone here has an advantage for his/herself, and considers telling her alliance about it, but for now she plans on how to keep herself safe for 3 tribal councils, with possibly now a big target on her back for just being sent here.

(I'll let you make this decision for her)

What does Lauren do when she gets back to camp?


She then gets settled in the shelter as she ponders about her decision...

Immunity Challenge (Day 6)

Challenge: Smash and Grab

We'll now bring in Lauren, from Ghost Island.

Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First's things first, Higanti give it up. Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge:

Seven castaways are chosen to goes through an obstacle, and then swim, one at a time, to a platform, grab a club, and leap off the platform to smash a tile that releases a key. The swimmer then retrieves the key and swims back to shore with it, allowing the next tribe mate to go out. Once the seven keys are collected, another castaway uses the keys to open a locked box containing a set of puzzle pieces, where the last four castaways will put that puzzle together, first tribe to finish, wins immunity.

This challenge has been used five times throughout the course of Survivor. Natalie, Reynold, Jay... surprisingly all from an orange tribe, you all lost this challenge before. You now have a Second Chance to win this.

Higanti, you have one extra member, who are you sitting out? Trish, alright take a seat in the Sandra Bench, I'll give you a minute to strategize, we'll get it on.

Survivors Ready? Go!!

(Higanti has a 2% advantage, Pagbawi needs at least 52% or above in order to win this challenge)

Immunity Challenge Results (Day 6)

Pagbawi wins Immunity!! Sending Higanti to tribal council!!

Alright, Pagbawi, your losing streak is over, come get the immunity idol, you're safe from tribal council, you can head back to camp, enjoy your day off.

Higanti, I got nothing for you but a date with me at tribal council, where somebody will be the second person voted off Survivor: Second Chance, you have the afternoon to figure out who is it going to be, you can head back to camp, good luck.

Tribal Council will happen at 8 pm to 12 mn, while strategizing will happen in between.

Higanti Camp (Day 6)

The Higanti tribe went back to camp a little uneased about going to tribal council. But they brushed it off by saying that "a lost is a lost" and accepted their defeat and gotten themselves ready for Tribal Council.

However, the outsiders of the Tribe; Ken and Michelle aren't as ecstatic about attending Tribal Council due to their position in the tribe and hastily made their moves to save themselves, they reached out to Kellee and Jay, to try and convince them about making a big move and pulling a blindside on Terry, who they perceived as the biggest threat in the game for his physical and social prowess.

Jay and Kellee both knew that this move would be a dumb one, and just humored the duo's attempt to do it. But Kellee especially was concerned about Terry, whom she wants to keep around as a meat shield, and she goes off to tell Terry about Ken and Michelle's plan to oust him.

Terry responds by putting his foot down and letting the rest of the tribe know about this plan and the Ten of them all collectively agreed that one of those two will be going home tonight.

The secret voting block of Sabrina, RC, Jay, Greg, Kellee and Ian, decided to go along with this majority plan first, and kept their plans for the future.

Ken and Michelle figures out that the cat's out of the bag, and their plan was foiled, there was nothing much else they could do but try to find the idol before they go to tribal.

Michelle had the idol, which no one else knows about, she does want to keep it for herself but is concerned about tonight's tribal where either one of herself or Ken could go, should she try and pull the idol out? can she even play it correctly? She ponders about how she'll go about playing this game as the Higanti Tribe arrives at Tribal Council...

Tribal Council #2 (Day 6)

After losing the immunity challenge, the Higanti tribe now pays a visit to tribal council to vote someone off.

There are lots of alliances within this tribe, an alliance of four with Dom, Carolyn, Trish and Terry, a TriForce alliance of Jay, Greg and Ian, a girl duo with Sabrina and RC, an outsider alliance with Ken and Michelle, and Kellee is in the middle of all of them. The outsiders, rightfully, are on the outs of this tribe, and made a desperate attempt to save themselves by trying to convince Jay and Kellee to make a big move to blindside Terry.

However this move blew up in their faces, as Kellee purposefully sabotaged their plan by telling Terry about it, so that she can keep him safe, they then got everyone else to form a coalition and put their 10 votes toward Ken or Michelle.

Ken and Michelle knew their time is up, and Ken accepted his fate, but Michelle had a hidden immunity idol that no one knows about, that she could use to turn this whole game on it's head. Does she take the risk? and pull off the biggest move thus far? or will she be voted out with an idol in her pocket?

It is time to vote:


Carolyn: https://strawpoll.com/f2q2dgw9b

Domenick: https://strawpoll.com/s5yxh647e

Greg: https://strawpoll.com/4fc8huz12

Ian: https://strawpoll.com/fz5pzjzwq

Jay: https://strawpoll.com/6f6fqs8g3

Kellee: https://strawpoll.com/7y565br7v

Ken: https://strawpoll.com/2wwu4vfwc

Michelle: https://strawpoll.com/91kj1dabb

RC: https://strawpoll.com/6g2jxc67x

Sabrina: https://strawpoll.com/pjjfhyuzr

Terry: https://strawpoll.com/wzzwcpu3v

Trish: https://strawpoll.com/3s72v7p31


Michelle - 1 Idol: https://strawpoll.com/82pa71o1z

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #2 Results (Day 6)

I'll go tally the Votes

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

"Jeff, I think I'll play mine, I don't know what's happening tonight, but I gotta keep myself safe"

This is a Hidden Immunity Idol, any votes cast against Michelle will not count.

Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Michelle (does not count)

Michelle (does not count)

Michelle (does not count)

Michelle (does not count)

Michelle (does not count)

Michelle (does not count)

Michelle (does not count)




Ken (we're tied, 2 votes Terry, 2 votes Ken, 1 vote left)

The second person voted out Survivor: Second Chance; Ken.

That's 3, that's enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Ken, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well, it is only Day 6, and idols are already popping out. It speaks to the nature of this game, unpredictable. You can head back to camp, good night.