Favorites at War

It's time to kick off another poll series. This time we will determine who our OVERALL favorite player is during the first 40 seasons of the show!!


Here's what to expect: This poll has 40 players. We will be doing the Play-in Rounds, containing 5 players of the same tribes in 8 polls, the 8 players with the lowest amount of votes will be eliminated.


Once there are 32 players left for the season, we will proceed as we normally do: Each round we will have 4 players to vote between. 2 players will advance each round. In the final round we will vote for our very favorite player from the series.


Play-in Rounds: 8 polls on the same day. 8 players will be eliminated.

These are your Favorite Players:

01: Rudy Boesch

02: Colby Donaldson

03: Ethan Zohn

04: Rob Mariano

05: Shii-Ann Huang

06: Rob Cesternino

07: Sandra Diaz-Twine

08: Rob Mariano

09: Eliza Orlins

10: Tom Westman

11: Danni Boatwright

12: Cirie Fields

13: Yul Kwon

14: Yau Man Chan

15: Courtney Yates

16: Parvati Shallow

17: Ken Hoang

18: Taj Johnson-George

19: Russell Hantz

20: Parvati Shallow

21: Brenda Lowe

22: Rob Mariano

23: Ozzy Lusth

24: Kim Spradlin

25: Malcolm Freberg

26: Malcolm Freberg

27: Tyson Apostol

28: Spencer Bledsoe

29: Natalie Anderson

30: Mike Holloway

31: Kelley Wentworth

32: Michele Fitzgerald

33: Michaela Bradshaw

34: Cirie Fields

35: Devon Pinto

36: Wendell Holland

37: Christian Hubicki

38: Rick Devens

39: Janet Carbin

40: Tony Vlachos

As you can see, several players have won multiple seasons, as to keep my sanity of trying to figure out how to make a 35-person poll, I will just make it a 40 person poll (essentially just doubling what we normally do with 20-person casts) and replace the 5 repeat winners' seasons with the runner up that has not won yet. This allowed Amber Brkich (s08-2nd placer), Rupert Boneham (s20-5th placer), Andrea Boehlke (s22-2nd placer), Reynold Toepfer (s26-4th placer) and Sarah Lacina (s34- 6th placer) to join the rest of the favorites in this Finale Poll.

You may also check out this in-depth ranking I made of the first 40 seasons of poll:


Final Round

Congratulations to
Parvati Shallow