Episode 10

Merge (Day 20)

Higanti and Pagbawi, you're taking your first looks at the new Bumalik Tribe, Sabrina voted out at the last Tribal Council.

So... today is Day 20, the exact halfway point of the game, and after what all of you have been through these past 19 days, I think today this is just the perfect time for the Merge, you can drop your buffs, we are merged.

This is where the first half of your journey ends, and where the rest of it begins, from now on you will be competing as individuals, everyone is susceptible to be voted out at any time, this is also where the jury begins, so every decision you make can be held accountable when you sit in that Final Tribal Council. It is a whole new game. You can all head back to Higanti Beach, your things and your feast will be waiting for you. Congrats.

(I would just like to take the rest of this post to just; say thank you all for actively participating in our little competition and showing your support in some of comments, I will also just announce that Dream Season will be paused for a few days, as I would be taking a few days to go and rest and take some time for myself, coming up with all of these storylines, strategies, scenarios and then playing them off your decisions and making sure everything works out properly, does take a lot of time and effort in my part. So will be taking the next few day to just rest, and then I will be back with Day 21 and we shall resume the rest of the season.)

While I am gone, I do have some questions for you guys;

1. What will be the merge tribe name?

2. Who will be aligned with who?

3. What will be the Tribe Dynamics of this 14-person tribe?

4. How do you think this will all play out? And who will win it all?

Dream Season will be back in a few days, I hope all of you have a good day!!

Immunity Challenge (Day 21)

Challenge: Get a Grip

So, you have chosen a new Merged Tribe Name: Pinili. So are you guys ready to get to today's Immunity Challenge?

For today's challenge: You must hang on to a pole for as long as you can, the last person standing wins immunity.

With everything going on in this game, the only thing that can keep you safe, is this, the Individual Immunity Necklace, with this around your neck, you cannot be voted and you will get one step closer to the end. Pick your spots we'll get it on.

This Challenge is on!

Who should win the First Individual Immunity Challenge?


(You can vote for as many players as you want, but PLEASE vote on who you think would realistically win this challenge, or would at least push themselves to win because of their position in the game. I will also add some rules: if someone wins 3 Individual Immunity Challenges in a row, the next challenge would be determined by a simulation/randomizer. All future reward challenges will still give small additional points to the winners than can help them win more challenges, but everyone will start off fresh in this one, and I'll give you an additional Hour)

(And yes, I did not give any further context on the Tribe Dynamics and who is being targeted right now, but everything will play off everything we've seen so far in the pre-merge, and several of those that commented in the last post... did get the right idea on who will be aligning with who... well... more or less, but you can still connect the dots based on the tribal dynamics in the game so far, so I hope you pick the right person to win immunity)

Immunity Challenge Results (Day 21)

After 5 hours, it is down to Cydney and Jay... and Cydney drops, Jay!! wins Immunity!!

Jay come on over, congrats, Immunity is yours, you are safe from tonight's tribal council, cannot be voted out of this game, and as for the rest of you, somebody will be the eleventh person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance. Grab your stuff, head back to camp, I'll see you all tonight at Tribal Council.

Pinili Camp (Day 21)

(Since I "skipped" Day 20, I will also include the "events" during that day as well.)

After the three tribes have been merged into one, the remaining 14 castaways arrive at their new home; the old Higanti Beach, where they all rushed to get to the scrumptious merge feast awaiting them there.

Once the feast has concluded, everyone went back to game mode. Terry and Carolyn gathered all of the remaining original Higanti members; Jay, Greg, Michelle, Trish and Kellee, to see if they are all still Higanti strong and since they all collectively knew from their experiences from the swap that Pagbawi is very much... a house divided. They should take advantage of all of that turmoil and steamroll through all seven of them. Terry, Carolyn, Trish and Greg all like and approve of the idea, however Jay, Kellee and Michelle have ulterior motives.

Jay had made an tight alliance with Christian and Reynold in their time in Bumalik, they have a collective two real idols and a defunct one to somehow use as a fake later on and they agreed to work together in the merge. Christian and Reynold also reunited with their old allies Teresa and Hayden, whom told them about their Ghost Island Alliance plan, and they all agreed to make that happen and keep the power of GI to themselves, Christian told them about his idol's condition that failed, but they didn't have to worry, as he can bring in Jay (who had an idol) into this alliance, but he wasn't the only one recruiting as Teresa and Hayden lured in Greg because he visited GI way back at day 11, Greg and Jay were happy to be reunited and they gladly accepted their invitation, however there is one more recruit who has not yet returned in her invitation.

Kellee, got her invitation when she got to camp after visiting GI, Hayden revealed to her the plan that they had and Teresa even revealed her advantage in order to carry favor, but Kellee lied and said she got nothing, she failed in what she had to do to, and she couldn't get her idol (but in reality, she had two that can be played in her next three tribal councils) Kellee "accepts" the offer, but she now knows that they will too powerful to defeat in the long run, so she knows that she will have to take them out before its too late. She goes to Natalie, Jaclyn, Cydney and Michelle to discuss how do they work to eliminate them, they know that Teresa has an extra vote, and Greg has a legacy advantage (Jaclyn got that information out of him since they are pretty close) but they don't know what Christian has, or if any of them have any regular idols. Kellee tells them she has one idol (she will keep the other one to herself) and that they should use it tonight, Jaclyn would then try to manipulate Greg into playing his advantage on himself (or Jaclyn if they get lucky), to keep their targets at range. But ultimately, they would go and try to get the numbers by joining forces with the Higanti members to get a 10-4 advantage, and split it between Hayden and Teresa.

Word spread among the Higanti members about the plan, Trish was in and convinced Terry and Carolyn to join, despite them feeling quite close with Hayden and Teresa, while Jay and Greg went ahead to warn their new allies about this. Christian was willing to use his idol to save either of them but instructs Jay to keep his, Greg was told to just play his legacy advantage on himself to keep himself safe, and Teresa decides that she should use her extra vote now, and try to get Terry, Carolyn and Kellee to get 10 votes to split between Natalie and Jaclyn.

Hayden tells the plan to the three of them. Terry and Carolyn are left as the swing votes, and Kellee now knows who to play her idol on, she made the last minute adjustment to focus all their votes on Teresa, for her likability that makes her a jury threat and actually thinking of that genius Ghost Island alliance idea.

(This... is definitely going to be crazy... good luck at Tribal Council)

Tribal Council #11 (Day 21)

Everything in the game thus far has been leading up to this moment, the merge Tribal Council.

The original Pagbawi was dysfunction to the point where it is really... a tribe divided, that division allowed the Higanti Tribe to slip in the cracks and vote them out once the swap happened, however several big and pivotal moves from some Pagbawi members evened out the playing field and both tribes made it to the merge evenly 7-7. However, with so much intertribal relationships and connections going on, it is not simply Higanti vs Pagbawi.

Hayden and Teresa have been assembling a "Ghost Island" Alliance, made of their previous allies Christian and Reynold, who brought along Jay, and Greg who arrived in GI a few days prior. This group means to keep all the Ghost Island advantages to themselves. They also tried to bring in Kellee, as she visited GI recently, but she doesn't want them to have too much power in this game, so she rallies Natalie, Jaclyn, Michelle and Cydney to try and stop them.

Both sides scheme against each other, and ears and mouths from all over would overhear and tell each other's plans, to the point where no one really knows how this vote will go, and with seven different advantages in play... this Tribal Council will be one for the ages.

(So... this vote is complicated... that I can't even bother to explain the dynamics properly for this post... so to keep it simple for all of us, some of these votes will be already determined, I'm only leaving the swing votes up for decision. Because truly... what matters here is who plays their advantages and who do they play it on. And 21 polls would so difficult to make and manage, so yeah...)

It is time to vote:

Carolyn: https://strawpoll.com/ed2qhpjjj

Christian: Jaclyn

Cydney: Teresa

Greg: https://strawpoll.com/vhwf61kpj

Hayden: Natalie

Jaclyn: Teresa

Jay: Natalie

Kellee: Teresa

Michelle: Teresa

Natalie: Teresa

Reynold: Jaclyn

Teresa: Natalie

Terry: https://strawpoll.com/abe8gsg6d

Trish: Hayden


Greg - Legacy Advantage: https://strawpoll.com/bw8f3fy5b

Christian - Idol: https://strawpoll.com/s4aj4yrer

Jay - Idol: https://strawpoll.com/wkcgaw9h2

Teresa - Extra Vote: https://strawpoll.com/z1qda9838

Kellee - 1st Idol: https://strawpoll.com/e65754566

Kellee - 2nd Idol: https://strawpoll.com/xzkjcxeeg

Carolyn - Idol: (doesn't really need to play it)

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #11 Results (Day 21)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Greg: "Jeff, when I ended up in Ghost Island at the swap, I got this immunity necklace, that's now a legacy advantage, and I can assign individual immunity to anyone in the merge Tribal Council. So... tonight, I'm giving it to Jaclyn."

That is a legacy advantage, any votes cast against Jaclyn will not count.

Christian: "Hang on, things are definitely going down tonight... so, I want to play this idol for Teresa."

Kellee: "Since we're all playing idols now, I might as well play mine as well... that's for Natalie."

These are both Hidden Immunity Idols, any votes cast against Teresa and Natalie will not count.

Anybody else? Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Natalie (does not count)

Teresa (does not count)

Teresa (does not count)

Natalie (does not count)

Jaclyn (does not count)

Jaclyn (does not count)

Jaclyn (does not count)

Teresa (does not count)

Natalie (does not count)

Teresa (does not count)

Natalie (does not count)

Jaclyn (does not count)

Natalie (does not count)

Teresa (does not count)

The eleventh person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance and the first member of our Jury; Hayden.

That's 1, in this Tribal Council that is enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Hayden, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well, tonight's vote was definitely one for the ages, I don't know what will this mean for the game, but you will have to figure it out if you want to make it far. You can now head back to camp, good night.