Dream Season: Behind the Scenes, Announcements and What is Next??

First of all... THANK YOU!! This has truly been a wonderful season of "survivor"... I never really expected that this would turn out to be as big as it was, I did not expect that you guys would be as invested in the season and actually playing along the story, the strategies, the players and all that. This was really just an experiment... like how Borneo was... This was meant to be a short-lived, one-off thing, until we find another (easier) poll series to do... but nothing came up... and you guys really REALLY enjoyed it and I think we can all say it was a huge success. So, Dream Season #2 is confirmed, and on it's way.

But before we move on... I'd just like to explain a few things about this entire channel, it is run by two people; Ryan, who is the real owner of the channel and is the one editing and making the videos and all that. And then there's me, Evan who has been running the polls and community tab ever since the Micronesia Favorite poll, I also made the second channel: Survivor Geek Extras, I made the resources playlist and a bunch of other things. But most importantly... I am the one who made and did everything in Dream Season: Second Chance.

I won't deny Ryan's help in pre-production, he did suggest a bunch of mechanics and twists. But almost everything was because of me, from thinking of the mechanics, storylines, challenges, twists, strategies, and then making all happen... it was a lot of work... and I am only a 17 year-old, high school student from the Philippines... so... It was really a lot of work for me to do alone... and frankly, I did get tired a couple times, felt burnt out, and honestly was just not in a good place in a few instances during the season (because life is hard sometimes, you know?) but, your positive, caring and encouraging comments did motivate me to continue on and finish the season.

I am pretty sure I was only able to do all of this because It was summer vacation... and I had nothing better to do... but my classes are starting again literally tomorrow... so I am afraid that I wont have as much free time to work on season 2, and if I did... it probably wont be as good as season 1 was... so I will be making changes to the format on how dream seasons work. Instead of 39 straight days... we'll do 16 weeks, 1 "episode" per week, and every event will fall on certain days. I have yet to work out the details, but yeah, this will help me spread out the workload instead of just... do it day after day after day.

But there is another I want to say... clearly all of this is still a lot work for one person, even if I spread the work out during my free times... I still would have other things to do in life... so... why not get some help??

Discord: QuickArcher270#8726

Here is my discord, if you are interested in helping me out for future dream seasons, hit me up, let's chat a little. You don't really need any creative skills or writing abilities, you just need to be a huge fan of Survivor, but looking at some of your comments during the season, I know some of you have potential. I'll then assemble a few of you and form a team that would be working with me on these dream seasons. I look forward to working with you guys.

But that's about it... I would like to reintegrate myself into school first and then get that team before working on anything... but if you really want something, here are three themes that I would like season 2 to be:

1. Heroes vs Villains (but now for all 40 seasons)

2. David vs Goliath (the greatest underdogs vs the most dominant players)

3. Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty (the best strategic players vs the strongest challenge beasts vs the most alluring social players)

We will be picking the cast members like how we did for Second Chance, and there might be a fourth or fifth theme coming... but for now... let's just calm down, rest up, enjoy the off-season, and get ready for what's next.

Dream Season is back!!

Alright, after a few days... I have rested enough and gathered a team of remarkable, creative and genuinely great Survivor Super-Fans to help me out in making Dream Seasons. We have come to a decision and it looks plenty of you guys want it as well... so, we would like to officially announce our next Dream Season will be: Heroes vs Villains 2.

With that, the first step we would need to do is determine the cast. Of course... it'll be a 24-person cast, divided into 2 tribes of six men and six women, one tribe will be the Heroes, people who played heroically, valiantly or honestly, and the other tribe will be the Villains, people who played deceptively, duplicitous and manipulative.

So here is how casting will work: with the original HvV being a celebration of the first 10 years and 20 seasons of the show... we wanted this season to celebrate the other half of survivor's life span. So this cast will only have people who first appeared in seasons 21 to 40, and all "old-schoolers" will not be applicable.

There are 40 polls in total, 20 for the Heroes, 20 for the Villains, you will go through each of the 20 seasons one by one, and you will be asked the question: "Who do you think are the 2 Heroes/Villains of Survivor: ______?" And then you will pick from that entire cast (minus the old-schoolers). And then by the end of the voting period... the 2 players from each poll with the highest amount of votes... will be entered into the Ballot.

And then... once we have that ballot of (roughly) 80 people (there might be some two-time winners, but that's fine) the team and I will break it down to the Final Cast of 24. With the criteria of does he/she really fit the hero/villain mantle? Do we want to see him/her again? and trying to maintain repeat characters to a minimum (those who also played in past Dream Seasons). And then we will announce the Final Cast in a few days after these polls have ended.

Other rules include: you can vote for as many people as you want... and the voting ends at August 29th, 12:00 nn EST.

If there's any problems with the polls or questions at all... let us know down in the comment section.










































The Ballot!!

The votes are in!! And the results is this HUGE cast of roughly 65 people, so many good choices to pick from...

And as we have explained before, the new production team will now be picking the final cast of 24 from this ballot. We will be as objective as possible to get the best cast possible for this Dream Season. But what does that mean exactly?

It means that we will go in-depth through of these castaways games to determine if they are truly a Hero or a Villain, and if they should be in this cast at all. There will be other criteria like: participation in previous Dream Seasons, connections with other castaways (ie. we wont pick all 4 DvG reps, just because they're all good players), we'll also include story potential, personalities, and of course... fan reception.

Oh and there's multiple winners too... either in the same category, which would just cement their role as a Hero/Villain... or they won in both Hero and Villain polls... well that just means that that player will be more interesting to cast as we would analyze and judge that player's overall game as either more heroic or villainous, and put them where they fit best.

But this doesn't mean that you guys are completely out of the loop for this decision, you can go and make a comment down below with your own picks and with your own reasons to try and convince us that that person should be cast in this season, we'll read them and try to consider it when making the final choice.

We will be back later this week with further announcements and updates for this Dream Season. Stay Tuned!!

Official Cast!!

The Team has spoken and these are our final decision on the Official Cast of our Dream Season: Heroes vs Villains.

The Heroes include:

- Andrea Boehlke

- Aubry Bracco

- David Wright

- Denise Stapley

- Devon Pinto

- Fabio Birza

- Janet Carbin

- Keith Nale

- Kelley Wentworth

- Lauren O'Connell

- Malcolm Freberg

- Mike Holloway

The Villains include:

- Abi-Maria Gomes

- Brad Culpepper

- Chrissy Hofbeck

- Kyle Jason

- Kass McQuillen

- Marty Piombo

- Natalie Anderson

- Phillip Sheppard

- Rodney Lavoie Jr.

- Sophie Clarke

- Tony Vlachos

- Victoria Baamonde

These are some lovable, awesome, strategic, entertaining Heroes and Villains, we can't wait to see how this Season would play out.

But what do you think? What do you think will be the dynamics in each tribe? Who do you think will make it far? And who do you think will win the game in the end?

The Season begins at September 9th, 2021, you better be ready...

Stay tuned for more details about the rules and adjustments.

Updated Rules and Mechanics

After an entire Season of learning on what a Dream Season is, how one would work and play out, (I absolutely had no idea what I was doing half the time in DS-SC) but I think now we all have a good idea on how these seasons would function. Of course, there will be changes, exclusions and refinements to the formula. And so, here is a small guide post on all the updated rules and mechanics toward Dream Seasons:

First of all... the biggest change we will have is 16 weeks; is the schedule, the season is no longer in a daily basis for 39 days... but now it will take place for 16 weeks, with each week... being an "Episode" in the season. The default format will be something like this:

- Monday: Tribe Reaction to the vote / Set-ups for some storylines in the episode.

- Tuesday: Camp stories (whatever the castaways are doing in camp, whatever they are thinking, etc.)

- Wednesday: Reward Challenge

- Thursday: More Camp stories (for post-reward shenanigans)

- Friday: Immunity Challenge

- Saturday: Camp stories (strategizing for the upcoming tribal council)

- Sunday: Tribal Council

We will be taking you through a entire episode of the show, for a whole week. Of course... there will be changes here and there depending on the events for that episode, there might be back-to-back eliminations, combined challenges, swaps, merges etc. Ultimately this season will be longer... not only to make it easier for the production team to work on it, but also to make it more accessible to you guys who will now know almost everything you need to make a clear and concise decision every Sunday.

Camps will still be like before... a normal post about what the players are doing at each camp, what is in their heads, who are they aligning with, what is their game plan, who is finding idols, and overall what is going on in their camps. We might throw in a surprise choice now and then to throw a few twists into the story, that would directly or indirectly affect a certain player's game, it could be good or bad, we won't know until it happens.

Challenges will have an big update however... all challenges will now take place in StrawPolls (in fact, everything will be in StrawPolls now) each challenge will now be from 6pm to 12mn EST (this may change depending on the challenge and/or it's accompanying twists) But the biggest change will be from Advantages and Disadvantages.

Each reward challenge will still give an additional X amount of votes, ranging from 1 to 5 per reward, and there will still be a maximum limit of 20, these will help Tribes or Players win more challenges. On the other hand however... are the disadvantages, if a Tribe or Player wins a challenge... they will receive a disadvantage in all their future challenges, giving the other Tribe or Players a better fighting chance. We will have it in increments of 5... so, for example; if the Villains win the first 3 challenges, they will have a 15 vote disadvantage in the 4th challenge, and if the Heroes win that challenge, they will then receive a disadvantage in the next... putting the tally as Heroes with - 5 and Villains still with - 15. (But through cancelation, it is now 0-10) it goes on and on until a Swap or Merge happens where everything will be reset back to zero (for both advantages and disadvantages) each time it happens.

And then Tribal Councils, these will still take place at 6pm to 12mn EST... we thought that the intensity of 6 hours is still good enough, but now with the added hours beforehand for you guys to think and strategize, it should now be more analytical than critical. But the voting polls will still be the same. But something I should explain is the three-vote mechanic, wherein Tribal Councils can only have up to 3 "votes"... the initial vote, the revote (for 2 hours), and the tiebreaker which would involve either fire making or drawing rocks, so we cannot delay tribal council for hours, someone is bound to go home in that third vote.

Lastly... here is something I think you should know... after last season failed to deliver well in the advantage department... this season will be less advantage-heavy and it will not have any advantages... other than Hidden Immunity Idols, and those idols won't be put back in the game after they are played. It should make things very interesting.

Well... that's about it. Some other things will be explained as the season goes on. But I hope this clear things up to everyone... but if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to say it in the comment section down below.

We hope you will enjoy this season just as much as we enjoy producing it!!

Final Announcements

Alright... here we go guys, our second ever Dream Season is upon us, and it will begin in exactly 24 hours!! I hope that you guys are just as excited as us in the production team, we really had fun simulating and thinking off all sorts of storylines and gameplay for all these wonderful players, but all that is left is to start the game.

Of course as we have explained before, this season will have some changes compared to the first... primarily in the scheduling department, wherein instead of 39 straight days of nonstop Survivor action... it will now be 16 weeks of stories, strategies and synergies between the 24 players we put in this season.

For more details about the other changes about the season and it's rules and mechanics, you can read about them here:

And yes, this very long season will overlay with our other content in our channel, like for Season 41, news, updates or fun stuff we'd like you to check out, other polls we will have, and general news about our channel. So, to separate the Dream Season crowd from our General Audience, Dream Seasons will have a specific "Airdate" wherein everything from Tribals, to Challenges, to Camps, they will all be posted at 6:00 pm EST, this will happen everyday, and all Dream Season related content will be marked with a DS-?? mark at the beginning of the post, this way hopefully we'll be a little more clear here on our community tab.

And that's about it, are you all excited about the season? Who are you rooting for? How do you think this season will turn out? And who do you think will win in the end?

See you all in the Marooning!!