Congratulations to our Winners from Survivor Season 28: Cagayan — Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty!

Tony Vlachos | Brains/Outwit - Social game, game strategy, being smart/inventive in challenges or at camp

Tony Vlachos | Brawn/Outplay - Challenge performances, camp life, survivor skills, physique

Morgan McLeod | Beauty/Outshine - Beautiful people inside and out: physical appearance, personality, life story

To be honest, I am a little confused about Tony being selected in the Brawn category for this season. I used his picture from Winners at War, because I believe this is the Tony that the votes went to 😜 If you disagree, and you feel like the Tony from Cagayan stood above and beyond in the Brawn category, let me hear why in the comments. 

These would have been my picks for the season:

Brains/Outwit: Tony - primarily for putting himself in a great position and then for convincing Woo to take him to the end.

Brawn/Outplay: Hard call between Woo, Tasha, and Spencer. I could be swayed in any direction here.

Beauty/Outshine: Jefra - Morgan would win in physical appearance alone for me, but Jefra also has a fun and sweet personality going for her.