Rest In Peace

Post for Survivor Players who are no longer with us 🕊

So sad to hear about Sunday's passing. She was such a kind soul and bright spot in the Survivor family.


Jeff Probst: Sunday Burquest had one of the brightest smiles of any person to ever play Survivor. She radiated kindness and understanding. She seemed to understand better than most, that life is for living, so say yes to life whenever possible. My condolences go out to her family and friends.

It was just brought to my attention that we lost a member of the Survivor family today. RIP Ralph, you are one of the most memorable the game has ever had 🕊

It's a good reminder to reach out to your loved ones. Life is short and you never know when it will end.

It's again with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to a member of the Survivor family. Angie may you rest in peace and we send love to your family and loved ones.

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It's always sad when we lose a member of the Survivor family. Stacy was a warrior through her battle with ALS and it was very endearing to see Jonathan's love for her through those hard times. I think I speak for the the entire Survivor Geek community as we send love and well wishes to the Penner family.

Community Board

It is with heavy hearts that we acknowledge the passing of NBA and Survivor legend Cliff Robinson. I would like to offer condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones. I would also like to suggest to each of us here in the community that we take a moment of silence to think upon his life and reflect upon the volatility of our own lives. If there is love or kindness that we've been suppressing, let's suppress it no more. Life is too short.

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