31 - Cambodia
Second Chance

Survivor: Cambodia!!!

It's time to kick off another poll series. This time we will determine who our favorite player was during Season 31: Cambodia!!!


Here's what to expect: This season has 20 players. We will be doing the Play-in Rounds, containing 5 players of the same tribes in 4 polls, the 4 players with the lowest amount of votes will be eliminated.


Once there are 16 players left for the season, we will proceed as we normally do: Each round we will have 4 players to vote between. 2 players will advance each round. In the final round we will vote for our very favorite player from the season.


Play-in Rounds: 4 polls on the same day. 1 player from 2 tribes will be eliminated.

Final Round

Congratulations to

Kelley Wentworth

Second Chance Poll

Second Chance Winner:

Terry Deitz