Pinili Camp + Announcements (Day 35)

Reynold and Teresa felt betrayed when Jay and Kellee flipped on them and blindsided Christian, they understood their motive, but now they'll have to stay on alert as it's truly everybody for themselves at this point. Natalie was glad that the majority alliance is now showing their cracks and she now wants to exploit them as much as she could, she ain't wasting her second chance now that's she's so close to the end.

Kellee and Jay felt troubled for their move tonight and felt a little, they went to go and reconcile with Reynold and Teresa, saying that they just needed to take Christian out now for being too much of a threat in the end, but they are willing to work together again to take out Natalie and Michelle.

Of course, later on Kellee and Jay were approached by Natalie if they want to try and make another move against Teresa or Reynold, saying that they won't win in the final three against them and they just tried to vote Kellee out. Kellee was conflicted at this point, she knows she has burned many bridges, and she doesn't want to burn more, so does should she and Jay take the swing position again and have control or should they stick with Teresa and Reynold and be a little more loyal?

Meanwhile, Michelle sneaked off somewhere private to open up the package she found earlier, it is in fact, a real idol, and she feels blessed that she found another one and just in time to make a move with it to gain respect from the jury and possibly win in her second chance.


With that... it is time for the Finale, we have five days left, before somebody from these six will be crowned the Sole Survivor of our Dream Season.

These are what will be store for our Final Six:

Day 35

- Reward Challenge: Coconut Juice (from Season 9)

- Final Ghost Island Visit

Day 36

- Immunity Challenge: Broken China (from Season 15)

- 19th Tribal Council

Day 37

- Immunity Challenge: Step on Up (from Season 22)

- 20th Tribal Council

Day 38

- Immunity Challenge: Hands on a Hard Idol

- 21st Tribal Council

(From here on out, all challenge advantages will be discarded, everyone will be competing in these challenges equally.)

And of course... Day 39 will be the Final Tribal Council.

Allow me to explain how the FTC would work; you guys will NOT be voting for the winner. I want it to end exactly how the game was intended and as Jeff Probst would put it:

"You have gone as far as you can go in this game, the power now shifts to the jury, people you had a hand in voting out, they now hold your fate in their hands."

I will be analyzing each jury member and see how they would look at each of the three finalists, and decide in their eyes, who would they vote for in this scenario, I will be taking into account, their social capitol, how they treated them, alliances, challenge performance, strategic gameplay and actions throughout the season.

If I think a jury member would be inclined to vote for two or all three finalists, that's when you come in, you will be answering a "cryptic" Jury Question, and that will decide who they vote for. Of course, not every jury member will be asking a question, some will change their vote based how they answer the other jury questions, and some questions may not be even relevant to their vote, so this is a very delicate event that could make or break the castaways' game.

Oh and here's a complete list the Ghost Island Advantages that I have thought of:

Comment below and say who you are rooting for, who do you think will win it all?

And let us all enjoy the show!!!

Reward Challenge (Day 35)

Challenge: Coconut Juice

Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge? Okay, for today's challenge:

The Castaways must hurry to open coconuts, then race with the juice through a wood crawl, seesaws, wood hurdles, and a grid box to deposit the juice into the receiving jar. they'll have to go through the obstacles until the jar is filled, which then they must carefully carry it to the finish line. The first castaway to cross the finish line with a full jar wins reward.

Want to know what you are playing for? Today you are playing for this Menu, which will be waiting for you back at camp and for you to enjoy. In addition, you will also have the right to send someone to Ghost Island, for the last time.

Worth playing for? Alright, we'll draw for spots we'll get it on.


Ghost Island:

(Same rules apply as last time, you can vote for many players as you want, but please keep in mind to vote for who you think should realistically win this challenge. However, now that we are in the Finale, all challenge advantages will be discarded, and the winner of this challenge will effectively not gain anything, but just some social favors from whoever they pick to join them. This Challenge will only be for three hours.)

(And to make this into a poll... should the winner of this challenge be able to share their reward to one or two people? or... completely give it up so that the other four?)

Reward Challenge Results (Day 35)

This challenge is a tiring one... but Natalie and Jay are both in the lead, neck and neck... they are on their third trip over the obstacles, and they both made it to their vase at the same time. Will it be enough to fill their vases? It is!! it is now a race to get that vase back to the starting line, Natalie and Jay are both booking it over their obstacles, who will get there first? And Jay wins Reward!!

Jay come on over, you just won reward, but before you guys go back to camp, you will have to decide which of these five will be heading to Ghost Island, keep in mind that will be the last time that somebody will visit it, so you better make it count.

You're sending Reynold? Alright, Reynold, pack your stuff and head out, boat's waiting for you.

So Jay, you're still not done here, you will get to pick someone from these four to come with you in your reward. Teresa? alright, Teresa come on over. Jay, pick one more person, to join you. Michelle, alright, you three will be going back to camp with a whole table of food waiting for you to eat and enjoy. As for the rest of you I've got nothing, you guys can all head back to camp. Congrats, enjoy your reward.

Ghost Island (Day 35)

Reynold was excited about heading to Ghost Island, with Christian, Natalie and Teresa all getting pretty good advantages from it, he wondered what would get for himself. And with Jay and Kellee flip-flopping on their alliance at their last tribal, he knows that he will definitely need this advantage to gain little more security in this game.

He arrives at the island, admires all the survivor relics and decoration plastered all over the island, and even eventually found the row of urns, by which at this point, only had three urns un-smashed; Jay, Michelle and Reynold, he smacks the Reynold urn wide open and retrieves the note inside and follows it's instructions to a table with a chest on it.

He opens it up and reads; "This is your second Hidden Immunity Idol that you effectively wasted by playing it on Malcolm, when you could've played it for Michael, or saved for a future Tribal Council. This Idol play was regarded by many fans as one of the worst moves ever made. But now you have a chance to change that, this idol can only be played for yourself to prevent you from misplaying it, but you can still figure out how it use it effectively and use it's power make a move and impress the jury. Will you get it done? or will you tumble once again?

Reynold knew that with this idol, he now has two; and he could definitely do some massive move in the game, that is hopefully enough to make him worthy of getting enough jury votes to win, this is the final six, no more room for mistakes.

Pinili Camp (Day 35)

The five castaways returned to camp, Jay, Michelle and Teresa immediately went off to their reward, and left Kellee and Natalie behind in the shelter. Kellee was supposed to be throwing Natalie off and distracting her, while Jay and Teresa formulate their plans to vote her or Michelle out while at the reward.

Jay quickly initiated the strategy by telling Michelle that he wants to get rid of Natalie and will need her help with it. Teresa adds that Kellee is also dangerous, aside from her turbulent gameplay, she might have also found the idol yesterday, and they would probably need to flush it as soon as they can. And so, the three of them along with Reynold, would split their votes between her and Kellee. And everyone agrees to it.

Even Michelle, who is suspicious that Jay picked her at all, is glad that she's now part of this plan, as it gets the target off her back in this round, get rid of Natalie and own this move for herself, she can then play her idol in the final five, leaving the herself in the final four where she could hopefully weasel her way into the final three somehow and win the game.

Immunity Challenge (Day 36)

Challenge: Broken China

We'll now bring in Reynold, returning from Ghost Island, Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things first, Michelle, I got to take it back. Once again, immunity is back up for grabs, for today's challenge:

The contestants will stack porcelain dishes on a long, wobbly balancing arm. The more dishes they stack and the longer they must hold them, the more difficult it is to keep them stable. Once a dish falls off of the balancing plate, they are out of the challenge. Last person left standing, wins immunity. Guaranteed a spot on the final five, one step closer to the finish, we'll draw for spots, we'll get it on.


(Same rules apply as last time, you can vote for many players as you want, but please keep in mind to vote for who you think should realistically win this challenge. However, now that we are in the Finale, all challenge advantages will be discarded)

Immunity Challenge Results (Day 36)

We are down to three, Michelle, Natalie and Jay all fighting for immunity, all your stacks are now very tall and very hard to keep balance, let's add a small bowl, Michelle's got it, Jay's losing some balance, he made a good recovery, but Natalie drops her dishes, she is now out, we are down to two, Michelle and Jay, time to place another item, and place a large plate... both have placed it, Michelle is losing her grip on the rod, her stack is wobbling, Jay is also having trouble balancing his dishes... looks like this challenge will be over in a second, who will drop first? And Michelle drops!! Jay wins immunity!!

Jay, come on over, after a long time immunity is yours once again, you now have a one in four shot of winning this game. As for the rest of you, Tribal Council tonight where after 36 days, somebody will be the nineteenth person voted out and the ninth member of our Jury. Grab your stuff, head back to camp, I'll see you tonight at Tribal Council.

Pinili Camp (Day 36)

Jay was delighted about winning immunity once again, especially because it was the final 6, where he was voted out before. He now knows that in a game this crazy, whatever happens in the vote tonight, whether people will flip and flop, idols or advantages would be played and the hundreds of plans everyone has and been telling each other... he knows that he will be safe.

Reynold, Jay and Teresa gathered together to discuss some strategy, Reynold told them about his new advantage, and tells them that he can only play tonight and for himself, and he will be using It. Jay and Teresa didn't doubt his decision, the more people safe on their side the better. Reynold was briefed about their plan to split the vote between Kellee and Natalie, and bringing in Michelle to help, Reynold agrees and they all walk off.

Teresa then gets to Reynold alone to talk about what's actually going to happen, she doesn't trust Jay as much anymore, especially after flipping on them in previous vote, she was originally going to try and blindside him tonight, but he won immunity, so tonight the two of them will go with his plan, but on the revote, they'll go and vote off Kellee instead of Natalie. But if he ever loses immunity in the next two rounds, he's going home.

Kellee and Jay strategized too, Kellee was only aware that she and Jay were the swing votes once again and they have to decide which faction they'll swing to tonight. Kellee was concerned about what advantage did Reynold get, and she tries to get Jay to join the girls and vote out Reynold. Jay tells he to not bother, since Reynold did get a idol for himself. And besides, they need to stay on the good side of the jury, so they need to stick with him and Teresa on this vote.

Later on, Reynold approached Jay if he could truly trust Michelle, and maybe they should just blindside her while doesn't see it coming, while she think she's part of the majority, they could grab Kellee and get Michelle out in a 3-2-1 vote. And this would be a big move for the two of them, knowing that they'll have to stick together being that they're the last two men standing.

Meanwhile, Natalie was worried about Reynold's advantage, so she gathers Michelle and Kellee to see if they could pull a fast one on him or Teresa, through a 3-2-1. Kellee was hesitant to join this voting block, and says that she'll think about it since she knows that he did get an idol, and they should just blindside Teresa instead, whom is a huge jury threat in her opinion, and should go home, but is worried that this move would risk her standing with the jury.

Everyone ponders about their plans for tonight's vote, as they all head to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council #19 (Day 36)

After Christian was blindsided at the last tribal council, the majority alliance was left splintered, Jay then tries to patch things up, by sending Reynold to Ghost Island, giving Teresa and Michelle a spot on the reward and strategized with them to split their votes 2-2 on Kellee and Natalie to possibly flush an idol and ultimately get Natalie out.

Once Jay won immunity and Reynold revealed his advantage, they briefed each other about the plan. Once Jay left, Teresa told Reynold that they will be switching gears in the revote to get Kellee out instead of Natalie, since she doesn't trust him anymore.

Meanwhile Natalie wants to get Reynold out for his possibly good advantage, and gathers Michelle and Kellee to try and pull a fast one on him. But Kellee knows that Reynold is technically safe, and opts to target Teresa instead for her jury threat and likability.

Later on, Reynold approaches Jay to try and blindside Michelle while she still thinks she's safe within the numbers as a big move for them to try and impress the jury.

Who is truly safe at point in the game? Will Idols be played tonight? and in the end who will get their torch snuffed?

It is time to vote:








Michelle - Idol:

Reynold - Regular Idol:

Reynold - Ghost Idol:

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #19 (Day 36)

Tribal Council #19 Tiebreaker (Day 36)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Reynold: Jeff, I would just like to say, that this is the advantage I got from Ghost Island, it can only played at the Final 6, and only to myself, so I am going to do that, here.

This is a Hidden Immunity Idol, any votes cast against Reynold will not count.

Michelle: Alright, I feel like something big is going to happen tonight, and I would like to be here tomorrow...

This is also a Hidden Immunity Idol, any votes cast against Michelle will not count.

Anybody else? Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Natalie



Teresa (we're tied, 2 votes Natalie, 2 votes Teresa)

Natalie (that's 3 votes Natalie, 2 votes Teresa, 1 vote left)


We are tied. Here is what is going to happen, we are going to have a revote, Natalie and Teresa you will not vote, your votes cancel each other out, Jay, Kellee, Michelle and Reynold, you can only vote for either Teresa or Natalie. Keep in mind, if it ends up deadlocked, those two will become immune, and because Jay won immunity, Reynold and Michelle both played idol, all five of you will be safe tonight and Kellee will go home by default. Understand?

Come grab the urn:





These polls will close at 2:30 am EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council Tiebreaker Results (Day 36)

I'll read the votes.


Teresa (that's 1 vote Natalie, 1 vote Teresa)

Natalie (that's 2 votes Natalie, 1 vote Teresa, 1 vote left)


This means we are deadlocked, which means we would be drawing rocks. But since Natalie and Teresa are now immune, Jay won immunity, and Michelle and Reynold both played idols, there is only one person who could draw a rock in this situation; Kellee.

No need to draw anything, you become the nineteenth person voted out of this game and the ninth member of our jury, you can come bring me your torch.

Kellee, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well, you guys all made it to Final 5, the question now is, what do you do next to survive the next two votes? Should be an interesting finish for all five of you. You can now head back to camp, good night.

Immunity Challenge (Day 37)

Challenge: Step on Up

Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things first, Jay, I got to take it back. Once again, immunity is back up for grabs, for today's challenge:

The remaining castaways would race to assemble 18 puzzle steps in a staircase. Each person could only carry one step at a time and must place all the steps correctly from bottom to top. Once they reach the top they will complete a slide puzzle. The first person to finish wins immunity, guaranteed a spot on the Final 4, one step closer to winning this game, we'll draw for spots, we'll get it on.

Survivors Ready?? Go!!

(Now we are in the Final Five, we no longer have to use StrawPolls. It will now just be a simple YouTube poll between the Final Five contestants. So, who should win this challenge??)

(But please keep in mind to vote for who you think should realistically win this challenge, and that this poll will "close" at 12:00 nn EST.)

Immunity Challenge Results (Day 37)

Jay and Reynold, both with their last puzzle piece to complete their staircase. Jay and Reynold are now working on their slide puzzle. Michelle is right behind them, she only has 3 pieces left on her staircase, Natalie and Teresa both not too far behind either. And both men are somewhat struggling with the slide puzzle... you can still catch up, don't give up! Michelle finishes her stair case, she's now working on the slide puzzle can she still pull through and win? Jay making progress on his slide puzzle, Reynold is completely lost at this point, Michelle is making up a lot of progress on her puzzle, but Jay's puzzle isn't looking bad either, it is neck and neck... and Jay gets it done, and wins Immunity!!

Jay, come on over, immunity is yours once again for the fourth time this season, you now have a one in four shot of winning this game. As for the rest of you, Tribal Council tonight where after 37 days, somebody will be the twentieth person voted out and the tenth member of our Jury. Big stakes, grab your stuff, head back to camp, I'll see you tonight at Tribal Council.

Pinili Camp (Day 37)

Flashback at the Tribe reaction from last night; Jay, Teresa and Reynold were all shocked that Michelle and Kellee both flipped on their plan. And then everyone began to argue about their motives from targeting each other and it led to Natalie putting all hands on deck to take them all out, Jay pledging his allegiance to his alliance, Michelle now feeling bad about wasting her idol, Teresa declaring Natalie and Michelle to be the next people to go home, and Reynold now understanding the threat that Teresa has been this whole game...

Now in the present... Jay won immunity once again and now feels confident that he could tie the record and win his way to the final three and possibly winning, but to do that, he would need to get rid of his competition in the challenges, which would be Reynold and to his surprise; Michelle, who also has been doing well in challenges. He would want to get rid of either of them, while it would be ideal for him to take Michelle out, but if the challenge comes and it is one that Reynold could win... he's toast, if he doesn't win immunity tomorrow, he is almost guaranteed to go home in that point. So does he blindside Reynold to increase his chances or stick with his alliance and vote out Michelle?

Michelle is scared that she is now without an idol and after betraying the majority's plan last night, she doesn't have a leeway to stay in this game. She goes out and tries to find an idol, but there was nothing to be found. She is not sure if people would keep her around due to her sudden and surprising good challenge performance. But she accepts her fate if the majority chooses her to go tonight, she will remain open if someone was willing to use her vote tonight.

Natalie is does not want to go home yet and she goes to scramble to save her life. She throws Michelle under the bus, talks to Reynold about blindsiding Teresa, talks to Jay about blindsiding Reynold, talks to Teresa about blindsiding Reynold, and she throws in some lies to try and get them paranoid and ultimately save her skin and get one of them voted out, she came back to win, not to be voted out at day 37 again.

Teresa was ultimately done with the game, and just wants to get Natalie and Michelle out, and get herself, Reynold and Jay in the final three, whom she sees as all equally viable to win against each other. She just wants to keep it simple, and if the other girl wins immunity tomorrow, then good for her. Even if she considers Jay to be a bigger threat to win than she is... but because he won immunity again and likely would win immunity again tomorrow, she just wants to get one of the girls out now, as it is the best move for all three of them moving forward.

Reynold, was now skeptical about his alliance with Teresa, as the girls did make a point about her being a huge jury threat... while it would be a big move that guarantee himself the win in the final three, it could just as easily hurt him right back. He does have an idol that no one even knows he has, and he will definitely play it for himself, that makes it easy for him today, but what about tomorrow or the day after? He has yet to make a game changing move, so should he risk it and blindside his closest ally? or would it get him to lose in the end?

Everyone wonders about their endgames, as they all arrive at Tribal Council.

Tribal Council #20 (Day 37)

With Kellee going home by default at the last Tribal Council, everyone got extremely paranoid and skeptical of each other, and they made their deals to get to final three in their own ways:

Jay was determined to win his way to the end, tonight he wants to take out his biggest competition in challenges, can he get it done?

Teresa wanted to keep it simple and vote off Michelle and Natalie out, and bring herself, Jay and Reynold to the end whom she think all stand a fair shot at winning the game.

Michelle felt hopeless when she used up her idol last time, and couldn't find a replacement nor win the challenge, she accepted her fate, but not quite yet as she is open to make a move on someone.

Natalie was going guns-a-blazing, not wanting to go home and waste her second chance, he threw her allies down the bus and told other people lies and deceptions to try and get them to target each other, will it work?

And Reynold, knew he couldn't win if he doesn't make a big move, tonight he has a clear shot on Teresa, will be take the shot? or will it backfire on him?

Everyone at this point were aiming to win the game, but somebody will have to lose it tonight, Who will it be?

It is time to vote:







Reynold - Idol:

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #20 Results (Day 37)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the last time you can do so.

Reynold: Yep, I've actually had this one for a long time. So... I'm going to be here tomorrow.

This is a Hidden Immunity Idol, any votes cast against Reynold will not count.

Anybody else? Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Reynold (does not count)


Teresa (we're tied, 1 vote Natalie, 1 vote Teresa)

Teresa (that's 2 votes Teresa, 1 vote Natalie, 1 vote left)

The twentieth person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance and the tenth member of our jury; Teresa.

That's 3, that is enough, you need to bring your Torch.

Teresa, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

You guys are now in the Final 4, tomorrow will await you your Final Immunity Challenge, one last chance to guarantee yourself a spot on the final three, I urge you to get some rest. You can grab your stuff, head back to camp, good night.

Final Immunity Challenge (Day 38)

Hands on a Hard Idol

Welcome, to your Final Immunity Challenge. Jay, I'll take back immunity for the Final time. Today, the challenge is simple; while standing on a pedestal, put your hand on the immunity idol, as long as you can. This will be it, the final step to your goal of making it to the Final Three. One of you will guarantee yourself a spot there, right here, right now. There are no more Idols, no more advantages, no Fire Making unless there is a tie. This is it, how much do you want immunity? Take your spots, we'll get it on.

This challenge is on:

(Someone alerted me that Challenges would be better at StrawPolls, since it keeps the winner a mystery until the deadline, and I agree. So StrawPoll it is. This challenge, will last 6 hours, let's see who will win it.)

(And to make this into a poll... I just want to ask: In your eyes, who from the Final Four of this Season... should win the title of Sole Survivor??)

Final Immunity Challenge (Day 38)

After three hours, all four of you are still up there, no one has yet to lose this challenge, it seems like all four of you want this immunity so badly... under all this heat, your body is running out of fuel, how bad do you want this? Alright no one dropped, now we will have to start rotating, while in the middle of rotating, if you take your hand off, you're out, we'll stay here for five minutes then we'll rotate again. And all of a sudden, Reynold falls over, are you alright? Okay, but unfortunately, you are out of this challenge, you can sit over there and rest up. Just like that we are down to three. Jay, Natalie, Michelle, which one of you wants it most?

Five hours have elapsed, all three of you are still standing, really shows how dedicated you guys are to winning this game. Alright, it is time to rotate again. Natalie, loses her balance, she is now out of this challenge. We are down to two, Michelle and Jay, one of you will win. Oh, and the deals are coming out.

Michelle: If you give this to me, I promise I won't vote you out, I'll vote with you, I don't know about the others, but you can at least make fire tonight, trust me.

Jay: No way, I'm getting win number five, I want to join that elite group of people, please just let me win this man.

Three hours has passed and still, both players are standing, in the face of exhaustion, both of you are still fighting. Wow.

Jay: Are you still good with that deal?

Michelle: Yeah, you're bailing out on me now?

Jay: I don't know, will you actually vote with me tonight? You know what, I'll give it up.

Michelle: Huh?

Jay: I'll take my chances at fire. But just know... If you screw me over, I'll tear you to shreds tomorrow.

Michelle: I know, its a risk I'm willing to take. Will you?

And with that, Jay is out of the challenge, Michelle wins Final Immunity!!


Michelle, come on over, immunity is yours, with this you are now in the Final Three where you will have the chance to plead your case to the jury, to try and convince them why you are deserving to have the title of Sole Survivor. Congrats.

Alright, so since you guys spent over 8 hours in this challenge... it is now the middle of the night, you guys will not be going back to camp, we will be heading straight to Tribal Council, sound good? Alright get your stuff, let's head out.


(I'll get the elephant out of the room now... Jay did win the challenge, why on earth did you circumvent it and give it to Michelle? Well... here me out... you guys have been making questionable decisions throughout the season, that I had to go along with and continue the story, despite how stupid it is... so now, you're facing a questionable decision of my own.)

(In all seriousness... Jay winning... is bland. I did not have the enthusiasm to write the scenario of which he won. So... screw it, I am giving this win to Michelle, because I think this scenario would be much more interesting... as I explain it.)

(But not to worry, Jay will not be entirely screwed over. Michelle WILL keep her deal with him. So, Jay will only appear as an option for Natalie and Reynold's votes, meaning the maximum vote he'll get is 2 and he can't be unanimously voted out with 3-1, which means he's at least guaranteed to be making fire against either Natalie or Reynold. And knowing him... the second most voted Man on the ballot... you guys wont give him up easily. But... you can still vote him normally out with a 2-1-1 spilt... if that's even possible)

(And how would Fire Making work? Well... I'll use a mechanic someone suggested a while back; after the votes are confirmed as a tie, you guys will vote on a one hour StrawPoll between the two fire makers (let's say it's Tony and Sarah), if Tony gets 48 votes, and Sarah gets 45, I will put Tony's name on a randomizer 48 times, and I'll put Sarah's name 45 times, and then... the randomizer will draw one... and that will be the winner of the Fire Making Challenge.)

(And Tribal will be at 5-11 pm, instead of the usual 6-12 am, so that you don't have to wait as long.)

(So yeah... with Jay being a Challenge Beast, Reynold being a Jury Threat, Natalie a very scrappy underdog and now Michelle pulling a Sophie Clarke... this should be... an awesome Final Tribal Council.)

Tribal Council #21 (Day 38)

After blindsiding his closest ally Teresa, Reynold, Natalie and Michelle were now determined to get Jay out next. But Jay knows very well that he on the chopping block if he does not win immunity, but after putting in a valiant effort, he made a deal with Michelle and dropped out of the challenge, opting to make fire to survive.

Will Michelle hold out on her deal? Will there be a fire making challenge tonight? And who will be the Final Three?

It is time to vote:





These polls will close at 11:00 pm EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council Fire Making Tiebreaker (Day 38)

Once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jay


Jay (that's 2 votes Jay, 1 vote Reynold, 1 vote left)


We are tied. This means, we will be having a Fire Making Challenge. Fire is an essential part of this game, so if you can make a fire strong and high enough to burn through that rope first, you stay in the game as part of the Final Three. Loser becomes the last member of our Jury.

Big Stakes, pick your spots, we'll get it on.

Fire Making Challenge:

(I have explained how Fire Making would work, but I'll explain it again; you guys will have one hour to vote on that poll, in the end of it, the results of that poll will determine the probability of either of these two winning the challenge in a randomizer. Both Jay and Reynold will each get their respective amount of votes put up on a randomizer, which will randomly pick one, and that person will be the winner of the Fire Making Challenge, and the Final Member of our Final Three.)

The poll will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council Fire Making Tiebreaker Results (Day 38)

And begin.

Reynold already scraping up his magnesium, Jay working on a teepee... which tactic will prevail in this challenge? Reynold is bringing some husk into the mix, he's got a spark going, Jay is still build his structure, making sure at his fire would be high enough, but will it work? Both men are working hard to get their fire going, both are striking their flints as hard as they can. One only of you will be in the final three, this is your last chance to get yourself in that final seat. Jay's got a flame, it's looking strong, can he keep it up? Reynold also has a flame, now this is a challenge. Reynold's flame is looking strong now, while Jay's flame is swaying away from the rope. You know what is at stake here, you need to step it up right here, right now. Both flames are very large... both ropes are slowly burning away, who will burn first?? And Jay gets it done, he is now in the Final Three!! Reynold is now the Eleventh and Final Member of our Jury.

You can bring me your Torch...

Reynold, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

38 days, of non-stop, eccentric and turbulent gameplay... brings us to you three. Michelle, Natalie, Jay. You three have made it as far as you can go in this game, the power now shifts to the jury, eleven people you had a hand directly or indirectly in voting out, they will now decide which of you is the most deserving of the title of Sole Survivor. Tomorrow you will have the chance to plead your case on why you deserve to win this game. I'll see you tomorrow, for your Final Tribal Council. Grab your torches, head back to camp, congrats.

Pinili Camp (Day 39)

Natalie, Jay and Michelle all woke up at camp, for the last time. They all congratulated each other for making it here, and all agree to just relax all day, eat their Day 39 breakfast, not worry about anything, and enjoy their last day here on Survivor.

Michelle was surprised about how she even made it here, she was expecting herself to be a booted out early, but here she was at Day 39. It was an incredibly long journey for her, from being on the bottom of Higanti, accidentally Idoling out her closest ally, flipping toward the BWA, voting people off with them, winning three immunities, giving up one of them, finding another idol, and ultimately standing here as one of the Final Three. Even if she doesn't win tonight, she can say that she played one hell of a game, one that she is proud of, and will never forget.

Jay was incredibly happy that he made it to Day 39, to him it was a long two-season journey, he came close in his first time around, and now not only is he in the Final Three, but he thinks he actually has a good chance of winning it all. To him, this game was not only about redemption, but he was also here to have fun with the other twenty-three people, he now hopes that the relationships he has built, the challenges he won, his alliances that he worked with to make big, awesome moves, well... he might burned a few bridges along the way, but it was ultimately part of the game and he hopes that they forgive him enough to write his name down to win the game he waited years to finish.

Natalie was ecstatic about being here in the Final three, her second chance was not about redemption, or improvement, it was about recognition. That she was a force to be reckoned with, just like her Black Widow buddies in Micronesia, she came in to this game, Guns-a-Blazing, Swords-a-Swinging, and it worked out for her as she took leadership role in her alliance, and guided them toward key events and blindsides, that put them on top until the Final nine where it all fell part, but her and Michelle managed to maneuver their way to where they are now, through exploiting the cracks of the majority and making the moves they needed to do. She knows that she did rub a couple people the wrong way, but she hopes that her game was good enough for her for them to give her the win she was aiming for since Day 1.

All three finalists have made tremendous journeys to get here, now only one thing stands in their way... The Final Tribal Council... and the 11 members of the Jury that will judge them for every action they took, every achievement they accomplished, every relationship they made and determine which of those three is the most deserving of the title of Sole Survivor.

(the Final Tribal Council, is going to be a long, grueling, somewhat complicated and delicate event, as I have explained before, all of you will answer the eleven jury questions, and if you answer correctly, you may earn a certain finalist a jury vote. It will start at 4:00 pm and end at 12:00 mn, you have 8 hours, it should be an interesting final twist in this game... and I have nothing else left to say. I'll see you in the Reunion.)

Final Tribal Council (Day 39)

Natalie, Jay, Michelle, welcome to your Final Tribal Council, this is where you can plead your case, on why your game is more deserving than the other two people sitting right next to you.

Jury, for the first time, you'll have a chance to address Natalie, Jay and Michelle, you're looking for information to determine a which of these three deserves the title of Sole Survivor.



So, Natalie, you and I have been rivals from the get-go, we both wanted to seize control of Pagbawi, and it was honestly fun, trying to outwit each other and getting our troops in check, and you ultimately beat me in the merge vote, congrats, you have my respect. My question for you is: How were you able to pull it off? Can you explain to us, how did you survive vote after vote, and scraping by very opportunity you have.

Michelle, right now, you are a little behind, some of us think that you are just a follower behind Natalie and Jaclyn... so I want to help you out. Can you explain to us, why you aren't a follower, that you did get yourself in this position, and not through the help of others.

Jay, you and I haven't really hanged out much, but to me you are a cool dude, and everyone else seems to think so too. But my question for you is, what was your strategy behind the social aspect of this game? How did you get everyone to think you are cool, even though you were stabbing them in the back?

Okay, thank you, I wish you all the best of luck tonight.



Good evening guys, so to me, the social game is the most important, and in a season where people were being blindsided left and right and you three being key parts of those blindsides... can you all tell me... How genuine were you toward everyone in this game?



Hey, so right now, I am torn, I was originally going to vote for Jay tonight, knowing that he won 4 immunities, you were so close from getting five and tying the record that I too tied for, I respect the hell out of you. But then out of nowhere Michelle came along and took that fifth win away from you. Michelle, you took me by surprise after snatching that final immunity right under Jay's nose, and you colored me impressed.

So my question for the two of you is how is your physical game better compared to the other?



Alright, let's make this quick, this game made all of us do all sorts of crazy things to vote each other out, some we are proud of, some we are not. So now I would like to ask, if you weren't sitting here tonight, who do you think should've been here in final three instead of you?



I'm just going to say it, I don't like any of you here, you all tried to vote me out multiple times, relentlessly. Most of these people have forgiven you in some way for voting them out, but I am not going to forgive any of you that easily. So, if you want my vote, you're going to have to earn it.

Back at my season, Shirin labelled me as a stingray, something that'll sting you to death if you get close enough, I will be delivering that sting right now. So, what kind of animal would you compare your game as? And oh, don't try to BS your way through this one.



I believe you all saw this coming... Pick a Number, between one to ten.



Natalie, you and I are besties out here, so tonight I will be your ally. Right now, the rest of the jury thinks your social game is garbage, you were rubbing people the wrong way throughout the game, and the only thing keeping you from absolutely losing, is that you played a strong strategic game, that most of these guys seem to respect. So, as your ally, I want you to defend your social game, and prove you aren't as bad as they think.



Hi guys, so... here we are... I'm not going to mess around either, I only have a question for Jay. Jay, you and I were idol buddies back at Bumalik, and we swore take each other to the end... but I'd just like to ask, what changed? Why did you blindside me at Final 7? And if you have anything else you want to say, I'll hear you out.



As a student of the game, I'm very interested to see how players find new creative strategies, and use them to their advantage, and clearly all of you showcased that ingenuity in this season. So, tonight, I will simply ask, what was your biggest, ingenious, strategic move in this game? And how did you pull it off?



Let's face it, this game will make us do things that we would eventually regret, either for the rest of the game, or forever. So my question for all of you is, what would be your biggest regret in this game, and how do you think you could change that?



Looks like I'm last, so lets make it a big one, Michelle... you and Natalie helped me blindside my closest ally Teresa. We then agreed to vote together again to take out Jay in the final 4, in the event he lost immunity, and he did. So Michelle, why on earth did you diverge from our plan? We were good to go to be in the final three. So why did you do it?



(This is a Questionnaire for the Jury Questions.

You can answer them all in this google form. These will determine the Winner of the Season. It is up to you how you want to answer these, you can answer it properly, write 100 word essays, leave them blank if don't know what to answer, or even sabotage a player's chances by intentionally giving a "bad" answer.)

(This is the Final Twist of this Dream Season, you get to actually face the jury and try to plead a player's case to them, in hopes that they would give them their vote. After 38 days of the season being a quantitative numbers game, now it is a qualitative QnA, that will help determine the winner of this season. I will be analyzing each answers and how I think the jury would respond to it and determine the votes from that, this will be up until12 mn EST, that is 8 hours, good luck.)


There is one thing left to do, and that is to vote. Jury I'm going to give you a moment to let you take in everything you just heard. And then you will go and make the single biggest decision in this game.

Jury, tonight you are voting for a winner, the person you think is the most deserving of the title of Sole Survivor. For the last time, It is time to vote.


THANK YOU!! For a great season of Survivor, I will see you all in a few hours for the reading of the votes.

And the Winner is... (Day 39)

This has been... an amazing season of Survivor, all twenty-four of you came out here to play, and it showed, blindsides after blindsides, the amount of strategy you guys implemented into this game is enormous, but now it comes down to you three: Natalie, Jay, Michelle, tonight one of you will be crowned the winner of this season and the title of Sole Survivor, we will now read the votes:

First vote, Natalie.

Jay (1 vote Natalie, 1 vote Jay)

Natalie (2 votes Natalie, 1 vote Jay)

Jay (we're tied again, 2 votes Natalie, 2 votes Jay)

Natalie (that's 3 votes Natalie, 2 votes Jay)

Jay (we're tied again, 3 votes Natalie, 3 votes Jay)

Natalie (now that's 4 votes Natalie, 3 votes Jay)

Jay (we're tied again, 4 votes Natalie, 4 votes Jay)

Jay (that's 5 votes Jay, 4 votes Natalie, it takes 6 to win..)

The winner of Survivor: Second Chance; Jay!!

(Celebration Music)