Episode 8

Bumalik, Higanti & Pagbawi Camps (Day 17)

After yesterday's surprise One World and Join Tribal Council twists, the Higanti and Pagbawi tribes now return to their respective camps.

Higanti was happy that they all made it out alive, that they were able to masterfully slip in through the cracks of Pagbawi, and they all feel strong as a tribe, except for Kellee who is still in the outside of their camp, she knows that the other four are just dragging her along, try to make her feel that she belongs, and the moment they go to tribal council she's still the one going home. So she's disappointed that her plan to blindside Hayden or Terry didn't work out. She decided to flip toward the Pagbawi women's alliance when they inevitably merge, but for now, she'll try to survive in Higanti.

Pagbawi was even more happy that Shane is finally gone, they we're finally able to have some peace at camp. But Domenick knew that with Shane gone, Natalie and her alliance will be able to just steamroll through him and Greg, so now he has to be even more careful about what he'll do in camp. Natalie, Michelle and Jaclyn were ecstatic about Shane leaving and now having the numbers advantage for once and they can be sure, Dom is going home next time.

While in Bumalik, Christian tells Jay and Reynold about his advantage and it's conditions, they knew that they'll have to make sure he survives their next tribal council without Christian receiving any votes. Reynold elected himself to become a decoy vote, to become a nuisance at camp, so that Cydney and Sabrina would vote for him (the two women still think that they have a 4-person alliance with Christian and Jay) and Christian and Jay would also "throw him under the bus". While they also get Trish to go along with their plan to vote out either of the other two women. Cydney and Sabrina both wanted to know what Christian got from Ghost Island, and they become suspicious of what the men were doing, so they hatched a plan to get Trish and maybe blindside Christian with a 3-2-1 if they ever lose immunity.

Reward Challenge (Day 17)

Challenge: Angry Chair

Bumalik, getting your first look at the new Higanti tribe, no one voted out, but the new Pagbawi, Shane was voted out at last night's Tribal Council.

You guys ready to get to today's reward Challenge? For today's Challenge:

Four tribemates, one at a time, raced through a series of obstacles to a chair, where they will use a pulley system to lift their fifth member across a vertical structure to retrieve thrity puzzle pieces. Once all thirty pieces were retrieved, the three retrievers used them to solve a word puzzle. The first two tribes to do so wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for? First tribe to finish, 8 boxes of Pizza, complete with Garlic Bread, softdrinks and all the fixings, Second Tribe to Finish, one box of Pizza, should be good, and the last tribe to finish, nothing.

Bumalik, you have one extra member who are you sitting out? Sabrina, okay, take a seat in the sandra bench, I'll the rest of you a minute to strategize, we'll get it on.

Who will the Winning (first place) Tribe send to Ghost Island?

Bumalik: https://strawpoll.com/7jpka5uk6

Higanti: https://strawpoll.com/4z5yjvw5k

Pagbawi: https://strawpoll.com/7jg5k38qs

Survivors Ready?? Go!!

(Higanti has a +9% advantage and Bumalik has +5% from their previous rewards, Pagbawi needs to get 9 or 5% more to beat either Higanti or Bumalik in this challenge, the first place tribe will get +5% advantage, while the second place will get +2%)

Reward Challenge (Day 17)

Pagbawi wins Reward!! Bumalik comes in second!!

Alright, Pagbawi, you finally won a reward challenge, before we get to that, you still have to make a decision... who from the other two tribes will be going to Ghost Island?

Kellee? Okay, Kellee, pick up your bags, head out to Ghost Island, boat's waiting. You will return at the next immunity challeng, good luck out there.

Pagbawi, come grab your reward, head back to camp, enjoy your Feast. Bumalik, here's your prize, a single box of Pizza, not much but a win is a win, head out. Higanti, I've got nothing for you, you can head back to camp.

(Pagbawi now gets a +5% advantage, Bumalik's increases to 7%, and Higanti still has 9%, that should even things out a bit.)

Ghost Island (Day 17)

Kellee felt only relief as Pagbawi called out her name in the challenge, as now she can finally get something to possibly save herself from her outsider position in her tribe. She knew that her connections with Natalie and Jaclyn paid off as she knew that they're the ones who sent her here.

She arrived at the Island, admiring the Survivor Artifacts upon her, and she makes her way to the row of urns, she smashes her own urn and follows what the note inside told her to do, and she finds a table with a chest on it.

She opens it up and finds nothing but another note; "This is a clue to both of your Hidden Immunity Idols from Season 39: Island of the Idols, after pulling off a great idol play, you were able find two idols in different camps, and when it was time to vote, you believed you had the numbers to get rid of Dan, you played neither of your idols and you were promptly blindsided. You now have a chance to get both of your idols back, but it will require you to be daring, one idol is hidden underneath the tribe flag of Higanti, and the other is hidden underneath the tribe flag of Pagbawi. A boat will arrive later at night to get you on either camp, where you will have to sneak in, get to the flag, dig up the idol, cover it up, and get out before anyone notices, once you do that, the idol is yours. And then you will have a choice do that all over again and get your second idol from the other camp. Both idols can only played in your next three Tribal Councils. It will be very harsh and very difficult, but is it going to be worth it?"

Kellee was exasperated for what she will have to do tonight for these idols... she has no choice but to just do it, she needs those idols. She readies herself, mentally and physically, as those idols aren't going to find themselves.

(Let's face it, she'll get both idols, I don't think we need a poll to decide if she gets both or just one or gets caught, it will be getting both by a landslide, and it will be devastating if she gets none, so yeah, 2 Idols for three Tribal Councils, she's going to be overpowered, let's see how you'll make her play)

(and No. She can't just go to Pagbawi now, get that idol, then when she inevitably goes back to her home at Higanti, get that idol then, or in the merge or somewhere else down the line. No. both idols are only available to be found tonight)

Immunity Challenge (Day 18)

Challenge: Block in a Hard Place

We'll now bring in Kellee returning from Ghost Island.

Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? Firsts things First, Bumalik, I'll take it back. Immunity is back up for grabs, for today's challenge:

The tribes will race through a series of obstacles while collecting sandbags. At the end of the course, they will have to knock off blocks on top of a ledge using sandbags. They will then have to stack the all 30 blocks on top of each other without toppling it over. The first two tribes to successfully stack their blocks and have it stand for 3 seconds wins immunity.

Bumalik, you have one extra member, who are you sitting out? Trish, you can take a seat on the Sandra Bench, the rest of you have a minute to strategize, we'll get it on.

Survivors Ready? Go!!

(Bumalik has a +7% advantage, Higanti has +9% and Pagbawi has +5% from all their previous rewards, looks pretty even, let's see how it will play out)

Immunity Challenge Results (Day 18)

Bumalik wins immunity! We're looking for second place and Higanti has it!! Sending Pagbawi to Tribal Council!!

Alright, Bumalik, you have been undefeated in challenges, good job, immunity is yours no one going home from your camp. Higanti, second place is not bad, you still won immunity, you are all safe. Pagbawi, once again I'll be seeing you at Tribal Council where somebody will be the ninth person voted out of this game, you have the afternoon to figure out who is it going to be, you can head back to camp, good luck.

Pagbawi Camp (Day 18)

After losing the Immunity Challenge, Dom immediately knew that his head was on the chopping block, Natalie's alliance of three outnumber him and Greg, and he doesn't have any advantages with him, so he needs to scramble to save himself. He comes up with a plan, to throw Michelle and Greg under the bus and let Natalie and Jaclyn decide on which one would go home. He goes up to the two women and tells them that Greg is a social threat, everyone loves the guy, and that he's also a physical threat and he'll probably get an immunity streak and make it to the final three and win with a lot of jury votes. While Michelle is a flipper, is somewhat unreliable, she can find idols and you wouldn't know it until she plays it, she will be under all our radars and she will slip by, she could possibly win with how she's playing right now.

Natalie and Jaclyn knew that Domenick was just trying to save his own skin, and they don't really buy it. Dom will be going home in their eyes. He has good connections within his original Higanti Tribe, and is an all around huge strategic threat. Now is the perfect time to get rid of him. But what he said about Greg was a concern for the two of them, they do like him enough and see him as a potential ally in the merge, but his strength and social game was indeed terrifying.

Domenick saw the women giggling from far away, and thought that his plan didn't work. So he came up with plan B to try and get Greg and Michelle to stay Higanti strong, because if they blow this lead, Pagbawi could go and Pagong them all out of the game, they should go and try voting off Jaclyn tonight, as she's been flying under Natalie's wing for too long, and they wouldn't see it coming. Michelle and Greg were conflicted as they both like the other two women, and don't really want to vote them out, Michelle likes these two way more than any of her old Higanti tribemates, and Greg knows that he shouldn't really mess with them, or else he'll get in trouble and could get voted out.

The whole tribe were fixated on tonight's vote, and everyone knows that the merge is on the horizon, who they eliminate now is going to be a big deal moving forward.

Tribal Council #9 (Day 18)

After voting off Shane in their last Tribal Council, Natalie, Jaclyn and Michelle were able to finally take control of the Tribe. Greg was able to socialize with them and put himself in their good graces, this left Dom to be completely on the outs and desperate to stay alive.

He scrambled, he first went to Natalie and Jaclyn, to try and throw Michelle and Greg under the bus and get them voted out, while if approach with Michelle failed, he was still able to put doubts about Greg. Later on, he gets paranoid and sets up plan B, which is to get Greg and Michelle to stay Higanti strong and vote off Jaclyn. Both of them doesn't necessarily agree, but if they have to have that move, they will do it.

Dom's life in the game is now up to the other four, can he survive this Tribal Council? If not, who wouldn't?

It is time to vote:

Domenick: https://strawpoll.com/ux9krq6vj

Greg: https://strawpoll.com/7byjzfg6c

Jaclyn: https://strawpoll.com/7d4qgvprh

Michelle: https://strawpoll.com/2gw8x95j1

Natalie: https://strawpoll.com/xf27ou181


Greg - Legacy Advantage: (not yet usable)

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council Results (Day 18)

I'll go tally the votes

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.


Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Domenick.



The ninth person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance; Domenick.

That's 3, that's enough you need to bring me your torch.

Domenick, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

For the first time, in 18 days, a unanimous vote, what could this mean for the tribe? You can head back to camp, good night.