Episode 8

Cagi, Covu, Vaka and Vura Camps (Day 17)

At Vaka, Mike and Victoria were now the last two people standing in that Tribe, and both regret turning on Jason, making Natalie mutiny, and not mutinying themselves. But now that they are all alone, they really have nothing else each other. Mike offers a bit of a shining light to lighten their mood by showing Victoria his idol clue that he got from the reward challenge, and in return Victoria shows him her idol clue way back from the marooning. And they both realize that... an idol is hidden at the Tribal Council Podium... and they shall use it to their advantage moving forward as the underdogs.

At Vura, Devon and Janet were both pleased and frightened by Denise's idol play... as it puts them in a difficult situation now that Lauren is now in Cagi. Everyone set off to find to an the idol, which would be traditionally rehidden... Devon and Janet knew that Denise is a big threat and she's playing hard, as she gave Brad a fake idol, while having a real one of her own, she could easily find another one and make another move, so Devon shows Janet his idol clue in order to increase their chances, and they soon realize that that idol clue is not for an idol in camp, but for one in Tribal Council, which meant that an idol is still out here, and they have to find it before Denise does. But at the end of the day... no one has found it.

At Covu, Sophie was bummed that Victoria, did not mutiny to their side, as that would even their dynamics out for them here. But that was is fine as Fabio and Marty went to have chat with her and Andrea about possibly turning on Keith, as during their live Tribal Council yesterday Keith become a central piece of the tribal and he almost leaked their plan to vote Jason out, luckily their plan was still successful. But it puts Keith's loyalty into question... as he has connections to Natalie and Abi, the former being a good ally to him the past, and all the connections he has from the old Heroes, add that he is a Social-Physical threat and a possible Strategic liability to them. But they really do like like him that they really don't want to cut him now... so they are hoping that they keep winning immunity and stick together.

At Cagi, Abi immediately flamed up at Chrissy for her blindsiding Kelley, and the two of them now get into a heated argument regarding their alliance, Natalie gets involved as she scolds Chrissy for putting their alliance in jeopardy, and Malcolm soon joins and defends Chrissy as Abi reveals their plan to weaken him. Soon the tribe turns into pandemonium, as Lauren has no idea what she has gotten herself into and Rodney is just enjoying the fireworks.

(Okay so allow us to explain how idols work... the four idols found in the four camps can only be found once, and once it is used or taken out of the game... it is gone, It will be not be rehidden back into the game. While the Tribal Council Idol... is just sitting there... waiting for someone to pick it up and play it right then and there... so multiple people have the opportunity to use it... but only one can actually use it. There will be a poll to decide between the people who has access to it, "gets to it" first and they get to play it however they want, we'll just see it for ourselves once we get there.)

Immunity Challenge (Day 18)

Rock Block

Shall get to today's immunity challenge? Firsts things first, I gotta take back the individual immunity necklaces, thank you... we will see these again soon, right now it is tribal immunity that is up for grabs. For today's challenge:

All tribe members will race to a sand pit, where you will have to dig up three bags containing metal balls, once you have all three bags you will use the balls to throw and attempt to break five tiles. First three tribes to break all their tiles wins immunity.

Since Vaka is down to two members, only two people will run this challenge from all four tribes, Vura, Cagi, Covu who will it be? Okay, it's Malcolm and Natalie for Cagi, Denise and Devon for Vura, Keith and Andrea for Covu and Mike and Victoria for Vaka, everyone else is sitting out, take your spots we'll get it on.

Survivors Ready?? Go!!

Challenge: https://strawpoll.com/hru5gu43b

(since the mutiny mutiny happened, we will be resetting the challenge advantages back down to zero, to give everyone a fair chance. Please vote on which tribe do you think should realistically win this challenge, these polls will end at 12:00 mn EST. Good Luck!!)

Immunity Challenge Results (Day 17)

Everyone's off to a great start, everyone's on the sand pit now, those bags are buried deep beneath all this sand, you will have to dig those up. Malcolm has one for Cagi, Andrea has one, Mike has one, there are three bags in total you have to get all three before you move on. Keith has the second one for Covu, Devon gets one for Vura, everyone is neck and neck so far, Victoria has the second for Vaka, for a tribe of two they're not giving up easily. Devon gets his second, Natalie has her second, Mike has their final bag!! they can move on Vaka is in the lead!! Malcolm has their third bag, Cagi is right behind!!

Mike throwing for Vaka, Malcolm for Cagi, Mike connects on his first shot, Malcolm just misses there is a learning curve to this. Andrea has the final bag for Covu!! They're in it. Malcolm connects he's on the board. Mike breaks another tile, and another, he has two tiles left!! Keith throwing for Covu, just misses. Vura is way behind, they can't find that third bag. Malcolm connects, Keith connects, Mike just misses. Denise finds the final bag they need, they can move on. Mike connects he's got one left!! Malcolm and Keith giving it all they've got! Mike, for the win... and he does!! Vaka, the tribe of two, wins immunity!! Devon connects he's in it for Vura, Malcolm is leading with three tiles, to Keith's two and Devon's one. Who will get it first?? Devon connects, Keith connects, Malcolm connects. After such crazy tribals last time, the game is definitely on, you don't want to go back there, you want immunity. Macolm just needs one more... and he does!! Cagi wins immunity!! We're looking for one more!! Devon vs Keith who will get it first? Keith needs one more tile, Devon needs two, and he breaks one. We are neck and neck now four each, both have one tile left... and... Keith breaks it first!! Covu wins immunity!! Sending Vura to tribal council!!

Alright, well done Vaka, you proved that you two are a force to be reckoned with, Immunity is yours. Cagi, congrats as well, immunity back in your camp. Covu, still going strong, another win for you guys, no one going home from your tribe. As for you Vura, this tribe will soon become a tribe of two as somebody will be the ninth person voted out, you have the afternoon to figure out who is it going to be. Grab your stuff, head back to camp, good luck.

Vura Camp (Day 18)

After Lauren mutinied herself to another tribe, Denise, Devon and Janet were now the final three members of the Vuravura tribe. And without Lauren, these three were now forced to turn on each other...

After pulling out an idol and making a massive move in the joint tribal council, Denise became a huge target, fearing her strategic prowess. All three decided to go look for the idol, Devon shared his idol clue with Janet, of which they figured out it was for an Idol in tribal council. But in the end, no one has found it.

And because of that, Devon became paranoid that Denise has found it and he and Janet are now screwed, and in order to save himself... he would need to get that idol from tribal... but he knows that he would want to save it for the future. But his paranoia got the better of him as he went to talk to Denise, to try and vote out Janet.

Denise does not have any more idols, nor even a fake one to bluff, she had nothing and knew she needed to do something. So she remained calm and collected as she slowly lured Devon to become more paranoid by telling him some lies. And it came to a surprise that it worked and he's willing to go vote Janet in order to save himself.

Janet is already growing wary from Devon as she realized that he lied to them about the reward back then and he had an idol clue this whole time, but she was willing to forgive him, until Denise came along and had a chat with her that Devon is throwing her under the bus. Janet was unsure to believe her or not, but if it was true... she will have to cut him loose. So she and Denise come up with a plan to blindside him instead, but Janet became unsure if she should stick with him or work with Denise.

Everyone is now uncertain of what is going on and what they should do tonight. But one thing is for certain... one of them is going home, and they all have nothing to lose at this point in the game.

(Tribal Council is in 6 hours)

Tribal Council #9 (Day 18)

After two big back to back twists shook the game for everyone, the Vura tribe came down to three members:

Denise was now in hot waters after pulling the biggest move in the game so far as the others now see her as a huge threat. And after all of them frantically looked for the idol, all of them came up short.

Denise needed to break through Devon and Janet's alliance, and she did so by making Devon paranoid enough to begin targeting Janet, and broke the news to her. Whom was seeing some distrust, but now exemplified by his "betrayal" despite being close for the whole game.

This tribe of three will soon become a tribe of two. Can Devon and Janet stick together? or will Denise have another name to put on her resume? We'll find out.

It is time to vote:

Denise: https://strawpoll.com/qwg1y74vk

Devon: https://strawpoll.com/f376491hb

Janet: https://strawpoll.com/116g7kaf8


Tribal Idol: https://strawpoll.com/k3j3y8cos

Devon - T-Idol: https://strawpoll.com/ko4djs9r4

Janet - T-Idol: https://strawpoll.com/da4xgrx7z

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

(I think now is a good time to test out the Tribal Idol. The first poll is to decide if the idol is to be used tonight and by who. Then the second polls will decide what will be done with it. Should make this tribal interesting... but keep in mind... once it's used, it wont return into the game. Good Luck!!)

Tribal Council #9 (Day 18)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Devon: A little clue told me that there was an idol in Tribal Council, I believe it would be this thing right here (pulls it off the podium), Bingo! Oh, I'm not going to play it, I'm just going to get it before anyone else does.

Okay then, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Devon.

Denise (that's one vote Denise, one vote Devon, one vote left)

The ninth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains; Denise.

That's 2, that is enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Denise, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well, the return of the queen slayer, is a tale now cut short. Now it's the tale of the Vura two versus the rest of the game. We shall see how long that tale will last. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night.