Episode 13

Pinili Camp (Day 27)

As the Tribe returned from Tribal Council and everyone was telling everyone about what happened in their respective Tribal Councils. Kellee, Michelle, Natalie and Jaclyn all celebrated their success in tonight's votes, they masterfully played their advantages and made it out all alive and they also found cracks in the Majority Alliance that they would need.

Carolyn was utterly devastated with what happened to her, she lost both her closest allies, used up her idol and pretty much broke her bonds with everyone in the Tribe all in the same night. She knew that she was in the bottom socially and since everyone but her voted for Terry or Trish, she knew she can not trust anyone right now. So she proceeded to stay up at night and go and try to find an Idol, because four of them have been played and there's got to be one out there, she spent hours looking for an Idol and eventually she stumbled upon a wrapped object... "Congratulations, you have found a Hidden Immunity Idol", Carolyn nearly screamed for joy, as she found the medallion that could secure her a few more days in this game and possibly lever herself into a prime position, this time, she will keep it all for herself.

Jay on the other hand, knew that his wishy-washiness for the past few votes was going to get him in trouble sooner or later, and now without the security of an idol, he would be toast if he doesn't win immunity. So he comes up with a plan to form a four-person alliance consisting of him, Greg, Natalie and Kellee to take to the final 4, and planting themselves in the middle of the tribe strategically and picking off everyone else. Greg agrees to join, but Natalie and Kellee were a little hesitant, but if it's going to allow the Black Widow Alliance to have power in the game, they're in.

Meanwhile, Reynold, Christian and Teresa were discussing how do they get the majority alliance back together so they could pick out the minority once and for all, Jay and Carolyn weren't going to make up soon and Greg is way too close to the women to properly discuss strategy with him. But what if they could get the women to target each other instead? Teresa went to work sewing distrust between the women, she told Michelle that she's on the bottom of that alliance, since Kellee and Jaclyn were awfully closer to Natalie than Michelle is. She made Reynold go and try to make a "Fans" alliance with Natalie to make the other women suspicious of her. And she made Kellee consider making a move on Jaclyn as she was being considered a Jury threat by everyone because of her social connections and her big move yesterday. These moves did put paranoia within the minority alliance...

And believing there was an idol out there somewhere, Reynold went out to try and look for it spends a decent amount of time looking, but just went he was about to give up... he spots something wrapped in purple string... "Congratulations, you have found a Hidden Immunity Idol". He knows that he does not need to tell anyone about it, and since everything has been so intense and unpredictable, he is going to need this idol to keep himself safe.

(There will be no reward challenge for this round, but tomorrow we'll have an Immunity Challenge and a Tribal Council, see you then.)

Immunity Challenge (Day 28)

Challenge: The Game is Afoot

Alright, are you guys ready to get to Today's Immunity Challenge? Firsts things first, Kellee and Jaclyn I need to take both Immunity Necklaces back, thank you, once again immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge:

Using only their feet, contestants must unwind a rope to release blocks that they will use to assemble a three-tiered tower. Once the tower is assembled, they must place a flag in the middle of the tower and the first contestant to do this wins immunity.

Survivors Ready?? Go!!

Challenge: https://strawpoll.com/2x7qw49bg

(Same rules apply as last time, you can vote for many players as you want, but please keep in mind to vote for who you think should realistically win this challenge. The challenge advantages will be listed in each poll.)

Immunity Challenge Results (Day 28)

Christian has only two blocks left, Jay and Reynold close behind with five, Christian finishes the final layer, the only thing left is his flag, he needs to be careful or else he'll have to start over... and he's got it! Christian wins Immunity!!

Christian, come on over, immunity is yours, you are safe from tonight's vote. As for the rest of you, Tribal Council tonight where after 28 days, somebody will be the fifteenth person voted out and the fifth member of our Jury, you have the afternoon to figure out who it's going to be. Good Luck, I'll see you at Tribal Council.

Pinili Camp (Day 28)

After securing the immunity necklace, Christian, Reynold and Teresa went straight to work to try and make sure that one of the girls would go home. They went to try regroup with Jay, Greg and Carolyn to form a majority six against the girls' four, and simply vote off either Jaclyn or Michelle, knowing that they are the least likely to have found the rehidden idols.

However Jay now wanted to play the game with his newly formed 4-person alliance with Greg, Kellee and Natalie. Since their primary target Christian was now safe with his immunity win, they switch it up, Jay wanted Carolyn gone, but Natalie wanted Teresa gone, so they met in the middle and brought Michelle and Jaclyn along to split their six votes between Teresa and Carolyn 3-3, while Kellee would then try to get Carolyn to throw away her vote to Jay and have it be 3-3-3-1 with them having the choice on who goes home in the revote.

But when Kellee went up to Carolyn to discuss their plan, she was reminded (through Teresa's scrambling yesterday) on how Jaclyn was being too much of a Jury threat, since she has genuine connections with people like Greg, Natalie and Cydney, her incredibly subtle and impressive gameplay, and overall not ruffling too much feathers. Kellee thought that taking her too far in the game would be too risky for her own game and she also wants to get closer to Natalie who she perceives is a "power goat", so she would want to take out her second-in-command; Jaclyn. So, she comes up with a plan to blindside her tonight, she knew that she could get a plurality with only five votes, since her alliance was already splitting theirs, so she talks to Carolyn about voting Jaclyn and bringing in Christian, Reynold and Teresa, who all agreed, despite some suspicion at first.

Christian and Teresa knew that their plan was working and the girls were now targeting each other, so they decided to fan the flames a little and tell Natalie (through Reynold and their "Fans" alliance), about Kellee's plan to blindside Jaclyn, and he tells her that the three of them are open if she wants to turn the tables on her. Natalie was a little hesitant when hearing about it, but time is ticking, she will have to make the choice as they are arriving at Tribal Council.gger target than she is, and taking out the middlewoman is going to be ideal

Tribal Council (Day 28)

After the double elimination twist, the Pinili Tribe is down to 10 members, and with Carolyn losing both her closest allies, she declares herself as a lone wolf that would take everyone else out of the game. Jay sensing he's in hot waters, makes a four-person alliance with Greg, Kellee and Natalie. While Teresa, Christian and Reynold would try to pick up the pieces of the former majority alliance and try to get the game back in their favor by getting the women to target each other.

Christian won the immunity challenge, prompting Jay, Natalie, Kellee, Greg, Michelle and Jaclyn to switch up their plans and split their votes between Carolyn and Teresa, while Kellee decides to try and blindside Jaclyn for being a huge jury threat by bringing Carolyn, Reynold, Christian and Teresa together for a plurality. However Teresa rats out her plan to Natalie and offers them a chance to turn the tables on her.

Can the women stay together for this vote? or will someone be blindsided?

It is time to vote:

Carolyn: https://strawpoll.com/yy5czr1fx

Christian: https://strawpoll.com/hpb779v8r

Greg: https://strawpoll.com/s69j99ju4

Jaclyn: https://strawpoll.com/6aq1zbbjj

Jay: https://strawpoll.com/2og826ba6

Kellee: https://strawpoll.com/c66egf3dy

Michelle: https://strawpoll.com/sya3vc5k6

Natalie: https://strawpoll.com/b21g8h5s1

Reynold: https://strawpoll.com/y8fcqe4hv

Teresa: https://strawpoll.com/8cppzcka5


Carolyn - Idol: https://strawpoll.com/gdf9sh5zk

Natalie - Idol: (still not activated)

Reynold - Idol: https://strawpoll.com/d4c4y96kj

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #15 Tiebreaker (Day 28)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.


Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Carolyn.





Jaclyn (we're tied, 3 votes Carolyn, 3 votes Jaclyn)


Jaclyn (tied again, 4 votes Carolyn, 4 votes Jaclyn)



We are tied. We are going to have a revote, Jaclyn and Carolyn, you will not vote, everyone else, you can only vote for one of those two.

Come grab the urn:

Christian: https://strawpoll.com/3xe6od6yu

Greg: https://strawpoll.com/8y37ka92z

Jay: https://strawpoll.com/jwhk2qpqq

Kellee: https://strawpoll.com/j4fyp8gys

Michelle: https://strawpoll.com/xjz53u71d

Natalie: https://strawpoll.com/v61spb1xh

Reynold: https://strawpoll.com/9dzjacskv

Teresa: https://strawpoll.com/p6cocjhq4

These polls will close at 2:30 am EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #15 Tiebreaker Results (Day 28)

I'll read the votes.




Jaclyn (we're tied, 2 votes each)


Jaclyn (we're tied again, 3 votes Carolyn, 3 votes Jaclyn)

Carolyn (that's 4 votes Carolyn, 3 votes Jaclyn, 1 vote left)

The fifteenth person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance and the fifth member of our jury; Carolyn.

That's 5, that is enough, you need to bring me your Torch.

Carolyn, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

This game is getting more and more intense, you guys are now the final 9, there is still plenty more of this game to get through, we'll see how you do. You can now head back to camp, good night.