Episode 1

Welcome to our Dream Season - Second Chance!!

You have been voting for the player most deserving of a second chance from 36 seasons, then you voted 24 of them to be casted away in this makeshift "island" in YouTube, to battle it out for 39 days to make their second chances count and become the sole survivor.

The 24 players have been divided into two tribes, Higanti and Pagbawi, both tribes mean the things you are out here to here to do, to have Revenge or get Redemption.

Many of you will have to play this game hard, this game just got tougher with 4 more people in the mix, you will have to adapt quickly or else the game will leave you behind, and only a few people do get a second chance, so I'm sure you will all do your best to make this second chance count.

So.. I think that It is only fair, that we would start this insane season with an insane reward challenge, and it will be the same challenge we opened our 20th season: Heroes vs Villains; By Any Means Necessary.

The tribes would face off in pairs. The four castaways would race along the beach to dig up a single bag in a designated lane. The castaways would then have to race back to their respective finish mat. The first person to be touching the bag and their finish mat would win that match for their tribe.

But here is the twist. There are six different kinds of rewards for this challenge: a Flint, a Tool Kit, a basket of Fruits, some Pots and Knifes, a Tarp and an Extra sack of rice. There will be six 2v2 matches between all of you, each match will be for one these rewards, win that match and you get that reward for your tribe, your tribe can get all six rewards or get nothing at all, I'll give time to strategize, we'll get started in a few minutes.

(This challenge will be decided by polls, each match will have it's own poll and will come out in the next hour (9 am EST), make sure to vote wisely in each of them)

Survivors Ready?? GO!!

Reward Challenge (Day 1)

Challenge: By Any Means Necessary

Read this post for more context: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqwHMKREQeq56nFcQiLPtSg/community?lb=UgyRbyG9XNgC_Qp-OVp4AaABCQ

Match A

Castaways would race along the beach to dig up a single bag in a designated lane. The castaways would then have to race back to their respective finish mat. The first person to be touching the bag and their finish mat would win.

This match will be for Fire in the form of Flint. And will end in 4 hours (1 pm EST)


Match B

Castaways would race along the beach to dig up a single bag in a designated lane. The castaways would then have to race back to their respective finish mat. The first person to be touching the bag and their finish mat would win.

This match will be for a Shelter Building Kit. And will end in 4 hours (1 pm EST)

Match C

Castaways would race along the beach to dig up a single bag in a designated lane. The castaways would then have to race back to their respective finish mat. The first person to be touching the bag and their finish mat would win.

This match will be for a Large Basket of assorted Fruits. And will end in 4 hours (1 pm EST)


Match D

Castaways would race along the beach to dig up a single bag in a designated lane. The castaways would then have to race back to their respective finish mat. The first person to be touching the bag and their finish mat would win.

This match will be for extra Pots and Knifes and cookware. And will end in 4 hours (1 pm EST)

Match E

Castaways would race along the beach to dig up a single bag in a designated lane. The castaways would then have to race back to their respective finish mat. The first person to be touching the bag and their finish mat would win.

This match will be for a Tarp. And will end in 4 hours (1 pm EST)

Match F

Castaways would race along the beach to dig up a single bag in a designated lane. The castaways would then have to race back to their respective finish mat. The first person to be touching the bag and their finish mat would win.

This match will be for an extra sack of Rice. And will end in 4 hours (1 pm EST)


Reward Challenge (Day 1) Results

This Challenge is for multiple rewards, each match was designated a different reward that will be won by the tribe who wins that match.

Match A: Domenick and Ian (Higanti) vs Hayden and Reynold (Pagbawi) for Fire in the form of Flint. Pagbawi won.

Match B: Carolyn and Sabrina (Higanti) vs Cydney and Jaclyn (Pagbawi) for Shelter Building Tool Kit. Pagbawi won.

Match C: Michelle and RC (Higanti) vs Lauren and Teresan (Pagbawi) for a large Basket of Fruits. Higanti won.

Match D: Greg and Jay (Higanti) vs Shane and Rafe (Pagbawi) for extra Pots and Knives. Higanti won.

Match E: Ken and Terry (Higanti) vs Sean and Christian (Pagbawi) for a Tarp. Higanti won.

Match F: Kellee and Trish (Higanti) vs Chrissy and Natalie (Pagbawi) for an extra sack of Rice. Pagbawi won.

Both tribes, showed their capabilities in this challenge, it seems that both tribes are truly even in challenge performance and won 3 matches each, so I think it will be interesting to see how you both perform in future challenges, where there will only be one winner, you can grab your rewards and your maps, and head to camp, get that shelter built, good luck.

Higanti Camp (Day 1)

After winning a tarp, some fruits and cookware from the reward challenge, the Higanti Tribe soon realized that they got the lesser half of the six-reward spectrum, they can't use the cookware without fire, they can only eat the fruits for a limited amount of time, and the tarp would be only useful if they are able to build a good shelter. So, they all took a piece of fruit each to celebrate and started building their shelter.

Terry and Domenick emerged the tribe leaders when it came to shelter building, and everyone seemed to like their display of leadership. The whole tribe was able to work together well to build their shelter, except for Ken and Michele who went missing for a suspiciously long amount of time, the other ten began speculating.

Domenick wanted to change up his game from last time, to become less aggressive and play more socially, as that was the main reason he lost the game last time. He started by forming a bond with RC, Terry, Carolyn and Ian, and hung out at camp for the rest of the day.

RC was also concerned about bonding with people this season, as in her past season her "alliance" with Abi was also her downfall. She must choose wisely on who to build an alliance with, but she does consider Sabrina and Terry to be trustworthy people.

Terry was a little anxious of his position as the "third chancer" in a cast of second chance... so he got up and tried to create trust with his tribemates by helping build the majority of the shelter, this was to a successful degree. Everyone seemed to respect his efforts.

Kellee was concerned of her position in this tribe as she thought that she would the biggest female threat, being able to find multiple idols, and making big moves in her (somewhat) short-lived game. She wanted to have meat shields around, and considers bringing Dom, Sabrina, Terry and Ian into an alliance.

Sabrina wanted to play a little more aggressive this time around, and play a strong, winning game, comparable to Kim's game in their first season. So she went to RC and made an alliance with her, she agreed.

Ian and Greg were a little bamboozled by the amount of

strategizing going on in Day 1, even though both men were strategic-minded players from their original seasons, they were having a harder time to keep up with all the everchanging dynamics of the game. Ian wants to play an even more respectable game this time around, and not let anyone make him think otherwise.

Jay doesn't just want to play better, he also wants to have fun with these people and make genuine connections with them, so he hung out with Greg and they goofed around a lot, trying to make fire and both of them agreed to work together, and include Ian to a three person alliance, which Jay names "Triforce 2.0".

Trish and Carolyn were mostly busy building shelter, and they became weary of all of the connections and strategizing happening at camp, and being left out. So they agreed to an alliance, and bring in the people who helped build shelter the most being Terry and Dom.

Meanwhile, Ken and Michelle got lost, trying to find firewood, but when they got back at camp, they seemed to notice that they're now the outcasts of this tribe. Both agreed to help each other get out of this mess. They started by trying to allign with Kellee and Jay, who they deem "smart players, who can use them".

Pagbawi Camp (Day 1)

After winning half of the reward challenge, the Pagbawi tribe got a flint, a tool kit, and an extra sack of rice, and the tribe rejoiced in the outcome that they accomplished. And went on to build their shelter.

The Pagbawi tribe had an easier time setting up camp, due to the rewards they have gotten, and they finished building up their shelter, and they have made fire and cooked some of the rice. The tribe felt confident in their living situation and that they can win more challenges.

Hayden wanted to play this game hard and with no regrets, learning from his previous season that someone can just slip by you and you can't do anything about it. So he went and started an alliance of 5, with Jaclyn, Chrissy, Reynold and Christian, people who are all strategically great and people he trusts.

Christian agrees with the Hayden's alliance, as he would need a group he could trust and make strategic moves with. As he knows that he would need create deeper bonds with these people, because he will come out as a big threat soon enough, and he'll need all the help he can get.

Chrissy, was keen to not let any player get too much power, as she was afraid of someone being totally untouchable until the end, so she agreed to join Hayden's alliance, but she will be cautiously watching everyone, and make a move if she has to.

Reynold made a lot of mistakes in his first season, and was determined to not make those same mistakes again, so he joined Hayden's alliance in hopes that these are people that he could trust and can get him far in this game.

Natalie wants to play a bunch more viciously than last time, and she is going to embrace the black widow mantle. So she gathered Cydney, Jaclyn and Lauren into a possible all-girl alliance, that could lay low for now and then dominate in the merge. The other women agree to this.

Cydney was just here to finish what she started, that is to win this game, but this time, she wont hold anything back, she bonded well with nearly everyone, but especially Natalie, Rafe and Lauren.

Lauren, was here to play and noticed Hayden's numbers being a little too big for comfort. So she tells Natalie that the "Black Widow Brigade 2.0" will have to assemble soon, and with Rafe on board, they can attempt to make a move.

Rafe was disappointed with his performance last season, letting himself be one challenge win away from winning it all. So he decided to play more aggressively this time around and not make those kinds of mistakes, so, he allowed himself to start looking for idols, while getting Cydney, Natalie and Lauren to cover for him.

Jaclyn, now without Jon, wants to play more strategically, and show that she is capable of playing well. And being stuck between two alliances was actually her forte, since she (with Jon) was the swing position for a couple votes in SJDS, but now without Jon she is truly alone, and worries if she can make the best decision for her game.

Teresa, doesn't really want to change up her game from last time, and she's even struggling to figure out how fast things play out nowadays, but she knows she has to adapt, she started by forming an "old school" alliance with Shane and Sean, and going to join forces with Hayden to get the majority.

Higanti and Pagbawi Camps (Day 2)

You know how normal Survivor sometimes skips or fast forwards through a whole day, usually because something interesting doesn't happen? Yeah, that'll happen here as well. Some days will have few things happening in them and others a whole lot, I have already planned out the 39-Day Schedule of Events, so I already know what happens in Day __ , however I did plan to have something today, an idol hunt, but recent rule changes (and laziness) made me decide that can still happen tomorrow in Day 3. So today will have nothing. I have already said everything that needed to be said in each tribes' respective Camp posts in Day 1, those will be the tribe dynamics, and both tribes are pretty much ready to go for the first tribal council, and nothing really needs to be updated yet.

But for what today lacks, tomorrow will make up for, Day 3 will have an Immunity Challenge at 8 am (EST), the First Tribal Council at 8 pm, and the losing tribe strategizing at camp in between. So, hopefully you guys can all be here to play along and make the right decisions tomorrow.

Immunity Challenge (Day 3)

Challenge: Quest for Fire

Good Morning Guys!!!

Alright, are you guys ready to get to your first immunity challenge?

I figured it would only be fitting to have your first immunity challenge be also the first immunity challenge we ever had on Survivor; Quest for Fire.

Tribes must swim out and guide a raft as they light a series of torches along the way. Throughout the challenge, tribe members must have a hand touch the raft at all times. Upon reaching shore, the tribe must light the remaining torches before setting their side of the fire spirit ablaze. The first tribe to set fire on their side of the fire spirit wins immunity.

This challenge dates back all the way to Season 1 and it has been used a couple more times in subsequent seasons, Greg and Teresa, your tribe won this challenge, while Sean and Terry yours lost. So, second chance story for you two to redeem yourselves. I'll give you a few minutes to strategize, we'll get it on.

(This challenge will be decided by poll, which will close at 12 nn (EST), make sure to vote wisely)

Immunity Challenge Results (Day 3)

The votes are in!

Higanti wins Immunity!! Sending Pagbawi to tribal council!!

Alright, Higanti, here's the immunity idol, you can head back to camp, no tribal council for you. Pagbawi, I got nothing for you but a date with me at tribal council, where somebody will be the first person voted off Survivor: Second Chance, you have the afternoon to figure out who is it going to be, you can head back to camp, good luck.

Tribal Council will happen at 8 pm to 12 mn, while strategizing will happen in between.

Tribal Council #1 (Day 3)

After losing the first immunity challenge, the Pagbawi tribe now has to go to tribal council and vote someone off.

The tribe has a Majority Alliance of 8, with Hayden, Christian, Reynold, Chrissy and Jaclyn as the core five, and Teresa, Sean and Shane as extra layers, and then a minority alliance of 4 with Natalie, Cydney, Rafe and Lauren. But it seems that the tribe as whole has come to a term that one of Sean or Shane would leave tonight, for their antics that are rubbing people the wrong way.

However, a scheme has emerged that the minority could make a big move to blindside Chrissy, a member of the core alliance and a physical-strategic threat come the merge, although this move might cause a massive disruption in the tribe dynamics and it could possibly sabotage the whole tribe going forward.

Do they risk it? or should they stick to the plan?

It is time to vote:


Chrissy: https://strawpoll.com/21fvskr1u

Christian: https://strawpoll.com/br915xc2r

Cydney: https://strawpoll.com/efdve8z3z

Hayden: https://strawpoll.com/cjwfr9yr3

Jaclyn: https://strawpoll.com/zbsquek9f

Lauren: https://strawpoll.com/fv5e3x7qa

Natalie: https://strawpoll.com/2v488zpxf

Rafe: https://strawpoll.com/ajj89hera

Reynold: https://strawpoll.com/x466w4ra5

Sean: https://strawpoll.com/pfa7xe4hk

Shane: https://strawpoll.com/sydbqg8bg

Teresa: https://strawpoll.com/v2qv8e7yb


Christian - 1 Idol: https://strawpoll.com/kqsfxf17r

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #1 Results (Day 3)

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Shane





Shane (that's 5 votes Shane, 1 vote Chrissy)




Chrissy (we're tied 5 votes Shane, 5 votes Chrissy)


The first person voted out Survivor: Second Chance; Chrissy.

That's 7, that's enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Chrissy, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well, first tribal of the season, first blindside, we've got way more to go, you can head back to camp, good night.