Episode 11

Post Tribal Veitavalu Camp (Day 22)

When the whole tribe returned to camp, the tribe was mostly feeling happy now that Mike is gone, there's no one to go win all the Immunity Necklaces, and it's gonna be an even playing field from here on out.

Natalie was glad that she won the battle tonight against Mike, slightly disappointed that Abi wasted an Idol, but it was fine for now as she's now in the Majority, and they have four other people to get through, but of course, it is never that simple as Rodney and Lauren mention to her that Fabio should not be trusted in the long run, as he was willing to vote of a close ally of his. And they should consider other options as well.

Fabio was really happy about the results of tribal council, he's very much on top of the hierarchy right now, leading the Covu five and the Cagi four, and also having two idols at his disposal. It feels too good to be true, so he will need to put his guard up, in case anybody wants to do something about it, which he feels is imminent at this point, but the question is... when?

Sophie and Andrea, were both surprised that during tribal council, Mike let it be publicly known that Fabio had two idols, and he gave one to Marty. Further establishing them to be on the bottom of the Covu group, and maybe they should put themselves in a better standing, by flushing out one of those idols in the next tribal council.

Meanwhile, Devon, Janet, Victoria and Malcolm were now all on the bottom. Devon feels particularly disgusted that Fabio would turn on them, and so they set out to get revenge the next time they could do so, but for now, they'll keep their eyes and ears open, and figure out how to get themselves out of this mess. It's going to be a long battle, but it's one that they're willing to wait on.

(Quite an interesting Tribal we had yesterday, now we have a majority nine and a minority four, both having two idols in their grasps, how should this all play out? We shall see in this next "episode".)

(Also there will be no Dream Season post tomorrow. We'll be returning on Wednesday and head straight to the Reward Challenge.)

Reward Challenge (Day 23)

Survivor Auction

Welcome to the Survivor Auction, it has been a while. You guys did not have a merge feast, you guys are hungry aren't you? This Auction should somewhat make up for the missing calories. You each received $500, bidding will be in $20 increments, no sharing of money or items, and the Auction will end without warning, so if you see something you like, bid on it.

Shall we get started?

Item #1: https://strawpoll.com/8evar1ea4

Item #2: https://strawpoll.com/d6jsj546z

Item #3: https://strawpoll.com/r3hgvddyr

Item #4: https://strawpoll.com/ocbrbdghx

Item #5: https://strawpoll.com/uxzqy2e3f

Item #6: https://strawpoll.com/36fesk96e

Item #7: https://strawpoll.com/oj9xqqaq2

Item #8: https://strawpoll.com/wqdu7w1hy

Item #9: https://strawpoll.com/44o8syqxc

Item #10: https://strawpoll.com/v3qz75da8

(Alright, so here's how it will work in a Poll Format. Each item has a set price and a poll, that will decide who will purchase that item for that price. These items are in a set order of 1 to 10, so if a player purchases an earlier item, they may not have enough money for a later item, and it will go to the next player who does have enough money.)

(There are no Bidding Wars, Monty Halls or Moral Dilemmas, as it will be really tough to implement in a poll format. There is one Advantage for the next immunity challenge, and that's it, no secret advantages hidden in the food for people to find. Mystery items are already set in stone. And each food item is worth some Challenge Advantage points in all future individual challenges.)

(You can vote for as many players as you want for each item, these polls will end at 12:00 mn EST. But it will take us a while to tally up all the votes and write the results post, so that will be coming a little late. Good Luck!!)

Survivor Auction Results (Day 23)

First Item, we have a tall glass of Hot Fudge Sundae. Immediately $100 to Fabio, okay, going once, going twice, Sold!! to Fabio for $100. How does it taste?

Next Item, a Bowl of Nachos. $40 to Devon, $60 to Fabio, $80 to Devon, $100 to Fabio, $140 to Devon, going once, going twice, Sold!! to Devon for $140.

Next Item, we have a Burger, a side of Fries, and all the fixings. Marty at a $100, Fabio at $120, Marty at $160, and Malcolm out of no where, bids $200 of the burger, going once, going twice, Sold!! to Malcolm for $200.

Next item, let's keep it covered this time, Victoria is in on it for $80, Malcolm snatches with a $120, Abi goes for $140, and Andrea bids for $160, going once, going twice, Sold!! to Andrea for $160. Alright, take a look, it's a small bowl of Rice. Tough luck, you can take it back with you over there.

Next item. Spaghetti and Meatballs, with some Garlic Bread. Sophie at $140, Andrea at $200, Janet raises it to $240!! Going once, going twice, Sold!! to Janet for $240.

Next up, I know you want this, Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Victoria at $100, Abi at $140, Sophie with $160, Lauren goes for $200, Natalie at $240, going once... Andrea bids $300, going once, going twice, Sold!! to Andrea for $300.

Next Item, will remain covered, Keith at $40, Victoria at $100, Lauren snatches it with $160, Keith goes for $200, Lauren at $240, Malcolm at $300, everything he's got, Victoria goes for $360... going once, going twice, Sold!! to Victoria for $360. You just bought... a hell of a meal, Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and some veggies. Take it back with you.

Next item... an Advantage in the Next Immunity Challenge. Malcolm goes for $300 again, that's everything he's got. Bunch of whispering going on... Abi bids $320, Fabio at $360, Abi at $380, Fabio $400, that's all he's got... going once... Abi with $420... going once, going twice, Sold!! to Abi for $420. Keep this sealed, until the next immunity challenge.

Next item, will remain covered, Fabio at $200, Natalie goes for $240, Fabio at $280, Natalie... $300... going once, going twice, Sold!! to Natalie for $300. Open it up... you got, Pig Brain, leftovers from our earlier gross food eating challenge. Yeah, you can just leave it here.

Next item... will also remain covered, Devon goes for $60, Fabio raises it to $100. Malcolm goes for $140, Natalie at $200, going once, going twice... Fabio doubles it up at $400!! okay, going once, going twice, Sold!! to Fabio for $400. Fabio, you just bought this whole, gigantic Chocolate Cake, and it comes with this note, read it out loud. "You and five other tribemates have 60 seconds to eat as much of this cake as you can. I pick Marty, Sophie, Natalie, Abi and Devon. Alright, you have a bite first, then take it back. 60 seconds... starts now.

Alright, with that, the Survivor Auction. Is over, finish up what on your mouth, grab your stuff, head back to camp.

(This was a new experience... and... these are the results of the Auction: )

Sundae = $100 1 CA Fabio

Nachos = $140 1 CA Devon

Burger = $200 1 CA Malcolm

Rice = $160 0 CA Andrea

Spaghetti = $240 2 CA Janet

PB & Chocolate = $300 2 CA Andrea

Chicken Meal = $360 3 CA Victoria

Advantage = $420 ?? CA Abi-Maria

Pig Brain = $300 0 CA Natalie

Chocolate Cake= $400 2 CA (each) Fabio

Bringing the Challenge Advantage points to:

Abi = +2

Andrea = -3

Devon = +3

Fabio = +3

Janet = +2

Keith = 0

Lauren = 0

Malcolm = -4

Marty = +2

Natalie = +2

Rodney = 0

Sophie = +2

Victoria = +3

(It will be interesting to see how this will all affect the game. Thank you for participating in our own little Survivor Auction.)

Veitavula Camp (Day 23)

The tribe returned from the auction, mostly happy and well. But wont stop the game as people goes off to the water well.

Fabio reveals to his group of Marty, Natalie, Keith, Abi, Sophie, Andrea, Lauren, and Rodney, that he chose them to have the cake and left the rest out because they already had something in the auction, so that they would all have the energy to beat Malcolm in the next immunity challenge, and take him out once and for all. He later talks to Devon and Janet about their alliance and apologizes for turning on them yesterday, Devon appreciates the apology, but knows that the cake is just a ruse, he's going to get his revenge soon.

Meanwhile the minority group of Victoria, Malcolm, Devon and Janet are greeted by Sophie and Lauren who both wanted to work with them to take out Fabio's idols. And they should start planning something, by trying to get the majority to split their votes, while the six of them attempt to spook either Fabio or Marty into playing an idol, while they go blindside Keith, who has been loyal to them and is showing no signs of flipping any time soon and they would never see it coming towards him.

Immunity Challenge (Day 24)

Bermuda Triangle

Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First's things first, Malcolm, Andrea, I have to take it back, today, only one immunity is up for grabs, for today's challenge:

Castaways have to balance on a Triangular Platform on the water, with their bare feet perched on narrow footholds, in regular intervals, you will move up the triangle making it even more difficult to balance. If you fall on the water, you are out, last person left standing, wins immunity, cannot be voted out in the next tribal council and a one in twelve shot in winning this game.

One more thing, at the Auction, Abi, you purchased an advantage in this challenge, go ahead, open it up and read it;

"You must now pick one tribemate to sit out of this challenge, he/she will not participate and will not have a chance to win immunity. Choose wisely."

It means what it means, whoever you choose will not be part of this challenge, they cannot win immunity, and increasing your and everyone else's chances of winning, 1 in 12. Big decision to make, who is it going to be?

Choose: https://strawpoll.com/wbrosv261

Alright, ______, go take a seat on the bench, everyone else get in position, we'll get it on.

This Challenge, is on!!

Challenge: https://strawpoll.com/qrogkq9hu

(Who Abi chooses, their votes will not count in the final tally. You can vote for as many players as you want, please vote on who do you think should realistically win this challenge, challenge advantages points will be listed in the poll, this poll will end at 12:00 mn EST. Good Luck!!)

Immunity Challenge Results (Day 24)

Alright, everyone is in their positions, Malcolm has been chosen to sit out, no chance of winning immunity. Let see how everyone else does. This challenge is about balance, how much can you balance while on those footholds, while the ocean is unstable, the wind is blowing, and Marty drops in less then 3 minutes, we are down to eleven.

It has been 15 minutes, you are about to move up, you can sit down for a second, you have to move your feet up step up to the second foothold, alright, I will count you in, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Keith can't do it, he's out, Rodney can't make the transition, he's also out. Janet is losing her balance, she falls, she is out, and just like that we are down to eight.

Abi, Andrea and Victoria looking calm, Devon is having trouble, but has a great save, he's back it in. Sophie is losing her balance, she falls, she's out, and out of no where, Abi drops, despite looking good for most of this challenge, she is now out. And we are now down to six.

Alright, we're now at thirty minutes, you are now going to move up the last position at the top of the triangle, I'll count you in, 5, 4, Natalie drops, she's out, 3, 2, 1... alright everyone else has transitioned nicely, this challenge will be played out like this from here on out. Devon is losing his balance, and he drops, he's now out. And we are down to four, Fabio, Lauren, Victoria and Andrea.

Andrea has won this challenge before in Caramoan, can she do it again? And as I saying that, she loses her focus and drops, great effort from Andrea. But we now have three people left... and Fabio falls, we are now down to two. Lauren vs Victoria, who can pull it off?

Both women are looking strong, as the wind blows harder than before. Both women are now showing signs of movement, trying to find balance, as the wind is trying to push them off, who can endure it longer?? And Lauren drops!! Victoria wins immunity!!!

Victoria come on over, you just won individual immunity, it is yours, you are safe in tonight's tribal council, cannot be voted out of this game, congrats. As for the rest of you, tribal council tonight, where somebody will be the twelfth person voted out and the second member of our jury. Big stakes, grab your stuff head back to camp, I'll see you all at tribal.

Veitavalu Camp (Day 24)

Victoria was really happy to have won immunity, now that she's very much on the bottom, losing Mike, and having her former allies turn on her, it was rough, and could've gone home tonight if it weren't for this necklace, she is safe for at least two more cycles, now that she wont have to use her idol tonight.

The majority set their eyes on Malcolm as their target, as he is a really big threat that needs to be taken care of immediately . And have done everything they could to make sure he did not win immunity today, which turned out to be a huge victory as Abi was able to simply use her challenge advantage to guarantee he could not win immunity. And it was a plan agreed upon by everyone, until they realized that, they forgot to consider if the minority had any idols in their pockets. And they chose to split their votes 5-4 between him and Devon.

Which was both great and awful for Lauren and Sophie, whom have earlier made a deal with the minority to blindside Keith, a physical-social threat down the line and a really likable guy that without him around, things at camp would be a little more chaotic. They can do it by making the majority split their votes and using it against them. They originally made this plan so that they could save Victoria, whom they saw as a mutual ally and could work with in the future, but now that she's immune, should they still go ahead with the plan?

Devon and Janet soon speak with the girls, if they are good with the plan, and they answer that they are (but aren't quite sure yet) and that the majority was already splitting their votes between him and Malcolm. However Devon does not quite trust them, he likes Keith and wants him to stay a little more, and having his name on the chopping block is not really a comfy situation to be in, and so he conducts a plan of his own to blindside Natalie, whom he sees as one less physical and strategic threat to deal with, it would separate Abi from the majority group, making her a free agent and as vengeance for Mike. Knowing that Malcolm's their primary target, he considers using his idol on him, possibly spooking Fabio or Marty into playing one of theirs, getting him, Janet, Malcolm and Victoria to pile their votes on Natalie, taking her out and then letting all hell break loose when they return at camp.

(Sorry, I didn't post anything earlier, but here's the strategy for the vote, and Tribal Council will be in a Few Hours. Thanks.)

Tribal Council #12 (Day 24)

The Merge proved itself to be a massive and chaotic battle, as everyone scrambled to save themselves and get their targets out. It ended with a victory for the new majority of Fabio, Natalie, Marty, Abi, Keith, Andrea, Sophie, Rodney and Lauren and a devastating loss for the minority of Malcolm, Devon, Victoria and Janet, as Mike became the first member of the jury.

Fabio used the Auction to get all his allies some much needed substinence to be able to perform well in the challenge, to make sure Malcolm did not win it, luckily for them Victoria was able to clutch the win. And they decided to split their votes between Malcolm and Devon to make things sure if there was an idol at play.

But that is exactly what Sophie and Lauren wanted, as they wanted save Victoria from certain elimination, by using the split vote plan against their alliance and blindsiding Keith. But now that Victoria was immune, should they still go forward with that plan?

However, Devon doesn't quite trust the girls, and made his own plan to use his idol to blindside Natalie, whom he hopes will dramatically change the game in his favor.

Things are always changing in the game of Survivor, and Tribal Councils are the catalyst for these changes, how will this one change the course of the game? We'll find out.

It is time to vote:

Abi-Maria: https://strawpoll.com/gp4hyhv5d

Andrea: https://strawpoll.com/dvrvchpcz

Devon: https://strawpoll.com/g6zqx4dvq

Fabio: https://strawpoll.com/ah9f3dgwe

Janet: https://strawpoll.com/f195bc2g6

Keith: https://strawpoll.com/5gpx6hsop

Lauren: https://strawpoll.com/qaw3arpzx

Malcolm: https://strawpoll.com/jq7p64y2g

Marty: https://strawpoll.com/jsud1b6zh

Natalie: https://strawpoll.com/w9fbv8d4a

Rodney: https://strawpoll.com/g2bwfhcso

Sophie: https://strawpoll.com/d327ahj2w

Victoria: https://strawpoll.com/csz29c3w2


Devon - Idol: https://strawpoll.com/bj966w6py

Fabio - Idol: https://strawpoll.com/583yr7hyr

Marty - Idol: https://strawpoll.com/vzdawh828

Victoria - Idol: https://strawpoll.com/2h9557d6y

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #12 Results (Day 24)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Devon: Welp, I've nothing else to lose at this point, this is for me.

This is a hidden immunity idol, any votes cast against Devon will not count.

Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First Vote, Devon (does not count)

Devon (does not count)

Devon (does not count)

Devon (does not count)

Devon (does not count)

Devon (does not count)


Keith (that's 1 vote Keith, 1 vote Natalie)

Malcolm (that's 1 vote each for Malcolm, Keith and Natalie)

Natalie (that's 2 votes Natalie, 1 vote Malcolm, 1 vote Keith)

Keith (we're tied, 2 votes Keith, 2 votes Natalie, 1 vote Malcolm)

Natalie (that's 3 votes Natalie, 2 votes Keith, 1 vote Malcolm, 1 vote left.)

Keith. We are tied.

Alright, we are going to have a revote, Natalie and Keith, you will not vote, everyone else, you can only vote for either Natalie or Keith. Whoever has the higher amount of votes, will be voted out.

Come Grab the Urn:

Abi-Maria: https://strawpoll.com/9gb26ebkz

Andrea: https://strawpoll.com/7djdvefu9

Devon: https://strawpoll.com/7zc8u72wp

Fabio: https://strawpoll.com/8qv1fsyzk

Janet: https://strawpoll.com/7c4gfo3zu

Lauren: https://strawpoll.com/1vbjz5p2r

Malcolm: https://strawpoll.com/pj6vgckff

Marty: https://strawpoll.com/pepd8kcub

Rodney: https://strawpoll.com/fv6cgh3cj

Sophie: https://strawpoll.com/kh2fwbyb9

Victoria: https://strawpoll.com/y4vwz773u

These polls will close at 3:00 am EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #12 Tiebreaker Results (Day 24)

I'll go tally the votes.

Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Natalie.

Keith (that's 1 vote Keith, 1 vote Natalie)

Natalie (that's 2 votes Natalie, 1 vote Keith)

Keith (we're tied, 2 votes Keith, 2 votes Natalie)

Natalie (that's 3 votes Natalie, 2 votes Keith)

Keith (we're tied again, 3 votes Keith, 3 votes Natalie)

Natalie (that's 4 votes Natalie, 3 votes Keith)

Keith (we're tied again, 4 votes Keith, 4 votes Natalie)

Keith (that's 5 votes Keith, 4 votes Natalie)

The twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains and second member of our Jury; Keith.

That's 6, tonight that is enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Keith, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well, tonight was certainly a crazy vote, tribal line are very much blurry, not much people you can trust, but one thing is for certain, you still have a long way to go. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night.