Episode 5

Post-Tribal Villains Camp (Day 9)

After blindsiding Kass, the tribe felt a bit of uneasiness as the power and dynamics of the tribe quickly flipped on its head as fast as it was formed.

Natalie, Abi and Jason were shocked by the vote, Jason in particular was at fault for putting a vote on Victoria, that could've easily tied it up and guarantee Rodney went home in the revote. Natalie and Abi were a little mad at Victoria and Sophie for flipping on them, but they recognized the good move they did, and made amends to get them back to their side and have the majority again, but at the same time, Abi and Natalie are now more wary of them, and they readied the Idol, so they could use it against them if they needed to.

Victoria breathed a sigh of relief that the blindside worked, she was extremely worried it would not, but it did and it put her and Sophie in a position of power, which neither of them really wanted, but now they have some control over the Tribe and they will use it to get themselves far in this game.

Chrissy concealed her involvement in the plan, even though she backed out of it, she knew that this is the result she wanted. She confirms Jason's membership into the "Witches" Coven alliance, and gets her even more sway in the alliance dynamics. But she is still worried, how will Wentworth fit into all this in the future?

Rodney and Brad were extremely glad that the blindside worked and now they able to stay in the game, they of course know that they are still on the bottom, there's still two of them, and four of them in the majority, Victoria and Sophie may flip back to them, and Marty's unpredictable, they didn't even know he was a part of the plan, yet he came through to pull this plan. But they'll take it one day at a time, hopefully they could power through the next immunity challenge and win it so they don't have to go to Tribal again.

Tribe Swap!! (Day 10)

Heroes, getting your first look at the new Villains tribe, Kass voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Alright, for the past 9 days, you have been working together and competing as Heroes and Villains, that will no longer be the case.

Heroes and Villains are no more, everybody, Drop your Buffs, we switching tribes.

Come grab a buff, don't open it until I tell you to... Alright, everybody, reveal your new tribes.

You will soon realize that there is not only a third buff, but also a fourth buff... because we are switching from 2 tribes to 4 tribes.

If you have blue head to blue, red go to red, white and black just find a spot in the middle.

Let's take a look at our new tribes.

Blue Tribe, you are now Cagi, we have 3 former Villains, Abi-Maria, Rodney and Chrissy and then 2 former Heroes, Malcolm and Wentworth.

Black Tribe you are Vura, we have 4 former Heroes, Denise, Janet, Devon and Lauren, and one lone Villain; Brad.

Red Tribe you are now Vaka, we have 3 former Villains, Victoria, Natalie and Jason, and 2 former Heroes Aubry and Mike.

White Tribe you are Covu, we have 3 former Heroes, Andrea, Keith and Fabio, and 2 former Villains Marty and Sophie.

This game just got a bit more interesting. Vura and Covu, here are your maps to your new camps, start building your shelter. It is brand new game, you can all grab your stuff and head back to camp.

Cagi, Covu, Vaka & Vura Camps (Day 10 - Part 1)

At Cagi, the newly formed tribe went back to camp, and the three former villains complemented the former heroes' shelter. But with a 3-2 numbers disadvantage, Malcolm quickly tried to figure out the dynamics and where he stands in all this, considering that the only ally he has is Wentworth, whom he does not really trust, he knows that he cannot let her get far in this game, but now she is reunited with Abi, a close ally of hers in a past season, and another person he does not trust from his past season. And he kind of hates how this swap turned out.

Wentworth later has a private conversation with him and reaffirms him that they will stick together, and they'll attempt to flip Abi to their side, much to Malcolm chagrin, but he'll take what he can get. While those two were gone, the other three also confirms that they'll stick together as villains, owing that they are they'll use the numbers advantage while they can to strengthen the villains power in the long run.

At Covu, the new tribe quickly got started with their shelter, and worked well together to make a pretty decent shelter. Later on Sophie, goes to talk to Marty about how to get through this swap, Sophie tells him to go try and flip Fabio to their side, while she goes to work on Andrea, and together they can oust Keith for being a social threat if ever they have to go to Tribal Council.

Both Marty and Fabio were happy to reunited, Marty mostly for being on the outs the whole time and now he can finally have an actual ally to work with. He spills the beans about the villains, and tells him that he really wants to work with him from here on out. Fabio too is glad to have Marty around, although now he knows better to not fall for his lies, but he does like and trust him a lot better than most of his friends in the heroes, and so Fabio goes to tell him about what idols are like in this season, and then when no one as around, he retrieves the Covu Idol from the tribe flag, and gives it to Marty to gain his full trust and lock this alliance to the end. Marty was surprised on how quickly his luck turned out, and reassures Fabio that he won't lie to him anymore.

At Vaka, the two former heroes knew that they were on the bottom and they really have to scramble to save themselves, the three former villains are planning to stick to stick together, however after last night's blindside, both Natalie and Jason know better to not trust Victoria, and Victoria is also aware that her 'allies' may not trust her completely either...

And so... the tribe became a mess, because of their past seasons, Jason does not trust Aubry, Aubry does not trust Victoria and vice versa. And after Victoria reveals to Mike that Natalie lied to them about a target on winners back when she was kidnapped, Mike no longer trusts Natalie.

Conversations were happening, lies are being told, people are being thrown over and under buses, all of it occurring throughout the first few hours on when that the tribe just arrived at camp.

At Vura, the new tribe arrived at the camp, and hit the ground running in building the shelter, Brad took the leadership role, primarily to boost his reputation in camp as someone that is useful, because he was already screwed in the original villains, but now he's also screwed in the new Vura without anything he could call allies. And so tries to get some sympathy and unity toward the four heroes, by telling them about all the villains dynamics and how he's on the bottom and he's done with them and wants to go on this game as Vura.

The former heroes were quick to not fall for anything Brad is saying, they know that they should simply just stay Hero strong, keep an eye on him so does not do anything, watch out for advantage he may have and let him go if they go to Tribal.

However, Denise has plans, after what happened during the kidnapping, she is now aware of what idols are in this season, and after catching Fabio off-guard, Fabio tried to carry favor toward her and Mike to these information a secret, and so gives her and Mike one of the other eleven "fake idols" so they could use it somehow if they are in trouble in the future. And so, when Janet and Lauren leaves to go get some water, she makes her move, and with a fake Cagi Idol and the real Vura Idol on her sights, she's just about ready to become the Queenslayer once again. But there is one thing standing on her way, both Brad and Devon are sitting near the flag talking about something...

(that will do for now, this is only part 1, part 2 of these tribe camp stories will come tomorrow)

Cagi, Covu, Vaka & Vura Camps (Day 10 - Part 2)

At Cagi, Abi reunites with Wentworth and tells her about what happened to Kass last night, and officially welcomes her back into the Witches Coven. Abi plans to enact revenge on Rodney for Kass' blindside, through a simple 3-2 vote with the other Witches, then leaving Malcolm on the outs, to be picked off the next time they go to Tribal.

Although Chrissy is in a good position at the tribe right now, she is constantly being reminded how Wentworth is very close with Abi, how she has too many connections toward the Heroes and how she is probably on the bottom of their alliance and both Jason and Devon are somewhere else right now. So she thinks about if it is better for her to stick to the witches and hope that something will happen or side with the men and blindside Wentworth out of this game for good and risk being hated by the other witches.

At Covu, Sophie goes to talk to Andrea about possibly taking out Keith, whom they both considered as a physical-social threat. Andrea liked Sophie, and really wanted to work with her... but at the same time she genuinely likes everyone in this tribe right now and really wanted all of them to stay in this game, and so, she initiates that all five of them just form an alliance, and take it all the way to the final five, they all seem to trust each other well and they all agreed. They all knew that this alliance will not work if they had to go to Tribal... and so they all hope that they could win all the immunity challenges from here on out.

At Vaka, the vibe at camp is razor thin, that people so untrusting of each other, it is really hard to tell what is going on. Mike figured that with everything that is going on, he has to save himself somehow, and so conducts a villainous plan, hiding the fake idol that Fabio gave him at the shelter for anyone to find, and then hopefully put a target on them and unify the rest of the tribe to vote them out. And so... he planted it at the frame of their shelter, and sat down next to the fire as he "tended" to it... and waited for someone to take his bait.

And someone did, Aubry returned to camp to go rest her head after having a conversation with Jason... and then she noticed it, a weird button at the shelter... she took it and read the back of it as her eyes widen... An Idol. Mike was at camp too, she called him over and then the two of them moved to a more private location, as they plan on what to do with it. Mike felt incredibly sorry for her... but he was planning for her to go home anyways.

At Vura, Denise was aiming to go get the Vura Idol from the Tribe Flag, but both Devon and Brad were nearby and she needed to get them away from there, and so she joined the conversation... both men fell quiet... as they were actually discussing about possibly blindsiding Lauren, owing to the deal Brad made with Devon when he was kidnapped, to take out Wentworth and her closest ally; Lauren. Both pretended that they were just talking about what kind of fish they could catch in this beach, and then went out to go grab their fishing kit and go try to catch some... but as they went to their shelter, they noticed that Denise stayed behind, and became suspicious of her. And so, Devon went to go try and fish to trick Denise, while Brad goes to "finish building their shelter", when in reality he's hiding behind a bush near the tribe flag to check on Denise.

Denise makes her move to get it, and she does, and she senses that something is wrong... and so she walks way... putting the idol on her pocket, and "drops" her fake idol on the beach... Brad notices it, and once she's gone, goes to get it. And believes that Denise just straight up dropped her idol, for him to get, and based off how things are going... things are looking up for Brad.

(Note: to add to the authenticity, Fabio, Mike and Denise carved the writing "This is a Hidden Immunity Idol" to the back of their fake idols...)

Reward/Immunity Challenge
(Day 11)
Lock, Load & Light

Alright, are you guys ready to get to first immunity challenge as new Tribes? Firsts things first, I gotta take it back, once again immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge:

The tribes must race to assemble their puzzle boat using unique braces to hold it together, then they must row out to a buoy and dive down to retrieve a key and row back to shore. Then they will disassemble the boat and use the braces to make a ladder and climb a wall. Once everyone is on top, they must untie a knot to get a ring, and everyone will then slide down and race to a chest that the key will open and it reveal another ring, and then they must untangle and maneuver a third ring through some rope on a post. Once they have all three rings, they will throw it and land them at three targets. First three tribes to land all three rings, wins immunity.

In addition, you're also playing for reward; First tribe to finish, a deluxe Survivor kitchen set, pots, pans, knives, spices, a grill... and so that you could put it all use: Burgers to grill and some ingredients to feast on tonight. Second tribe to finish, not as much, a smaller kitchen set and a spice rack. Third tribe to finish, an extra pot, a knife and salt and pepper. Last tribe to finish, gets nothing but a date with me at Tribal Council.

Big stakes, I'll give you all a minute to strategize, we'll get it on.

Survivors Ready?? Go!!

Challenge: https://strawpoll.com/or1yzesuh

(Because a swap happened, all advantages and disadvantages are reset. But the reward for this challenge will be +6, +4 and +2 advantage points respectively, and all three winning tribes will be disadvantaged with - 5 points in the upcoming challenges. Please vote on which tribe do you think should realistically win this challenge, these polls will end at 12:00 mn EST. Good Luck!!)

Reward/Immunity Challenge Results (Day 11)

Cagi is in lead, they are on top of the wall, they've got the ring, now slide down. Vaka made it back to shore, they are now dismantling their boat, Covu on their way back, Lauren is still underwater retrieving the key for Vura. Cagi has their chest open, now they have get their third ring from the post, Chrissy working on it, its a tricky part for this challenge, the ropes are so long that you might even get yourself tangled up. Vaka having trouble with the wall, giving Covu a shot to get ahead, both tribes got it at the same time, they are now climbing up, remember you can't get started on the knots unless everyone is up there. Vura bring in the rear, as they row back to shore. Cagi having trouble with the post, as Vaka and Covu catch up to them, while Vura is right behind, they're all up the wall, start working on that knot. Cagi finally have their third ring, Vaka also has their ring, Covu close behind, we have a challenge!!

Malcolm throwing for Cagi, Natalie throwing for Vaka, Vura finally on the post, Covu finally through it!! Natalie connects for Vaka, she's got two left, Malcolm just misses, Keith throwing for Covu, and he connects on his first shot!! Vura still working on the post, Malcolm connect he's on the board, Natalie connects again for Vaka, she's got one left, and she gets it!! Vaka wins Immunity!! and Reward!! We're looking for two more!! Vura finally done with the post they have Devon on the ring toss. It is Malcolm, Keith and Devon, all tossing rings to stay of Tribal Council. Malcolm connects, Devon connects, Malcolm in the lead now he's got one more left, Keith connects he's just as close, Malcolm... for the win... he gets it!! Cagi wins Immunity and Reward!! It is down to Keith and Devon, and Devon ties it up, both have one target left, Keith just misses, Devon... can he win it right here?? Ohhh In and Out, Keith takes his shot... and it connects!! Covu wins Immunity!! Sending Vura to Tribal Council!!

Alright, Cagi, Covu, Vaka, immunity is yours no one going home from your tribes, Vaka, you get this kitchen set and burgers to go along with it, come grab it and head out, enjoy the food. Cagi, second is not bad, you get a smaller kitchen set, and this spice rack, come grab it and head out as well. Covu, third is not bad either, although you'll only get this pot and knife and salt and pepper, a win is a win, you can now head back to camp, enjoy the night off. Lastly, Vura, I'll be seeing you tonight again at Tribal Council, where somebody will be the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, you have the afternoon to figure who will it be, grab your stuff, head back to camp, I'll see you at Tribal.

(Now the challenges are as follows: Vaka with +1, Cagi with -1, Covu with -3 and Vura at 0. With the votes for this challenge being a 30-29-27-20, it is as close as it gets... it will be interesting to see how these numbers play out in the next few challenge.)

Vura Camp (Day 11)

After losing the immunity challenge, Vura returned to camp in despair. And then the former Heroes just figured that they should just make it a simple vote tonight and vote Brad out 4-1.

But Devon was hesitant, because the day before, Brad showed him his "idol" that he got earlier, Devon believes him and they made a deal that they'll use this idol to work together and vote Lauren out, as foretold by their deal back at the kidnapping. But of course, now that they actually have to vote somebody out, Devon grew wary on whether or not he should flip. So he went to his close ally Janet to warn her that Brad has an idol and the Heroes will have to cannibalize each other now. And the two of them decided to target Lauren because of how she is still on the bottom of the group and Wentworth and Aubry aren't here to save her now.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Brad both remained at the shelter to finish construction. And soon Lauren strikes up a conversation with Brad, talking about how she's on the bottom back at the Heroes, she's probably going next and maybe she and Brad should form an alliance to save themselves. Brad knew that he needed as much options as possible, and so he took it. They decided to target Denise because of how dangerous she is, and how suspicious she has been this past few days. Lauren remarked that they'll need a third vote, but Brad tells her not to worry, because he has an idol, and she should focus on getting the other Heroes to vote for him and he can negate them, as he idols out Denise.

Denise manages to find Devon and Janet talking in the woods and they inform her that Brad has an idol, and how they should flush it out and put some votes on Lauren instead. But Denise tells them the truth, that Brad's idol is a fake that she made and put out there for him to find, and they shouldn't worry about him negating any votes tonight and they should just stick to plan A. But this only alerts Devon and Janet about how malicious Denise has been playing in this game.

And with that, the sun begun to set, as the Vura Tribe head out to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council #5 (Day 11)

A game-changing twist that swapped the castaways into four new tribes, proved to be a difficult task for everyone to manage, particularly Brad Culpepper, a former Villain who was swapped into a huge 4-1 numerical disadvantage into the Vuravura camp with four other Heroes.

He tried really hard to scramble to save himself, he worked hard at camp, made deals with people, but no one was budging. His luck turned up when Denise dropped a "hidden immunity idol" right in front of him to get.

And the tribe lost the immunity challenge, the Heroes wanted a simple vote against Brad, but Devon wasn't sure because Brad showed him his idol, and assumed he'll play it to save himself. So he and Janet planned to blindside Lauren instead. But Lauren had plans of her own, knowing that she's on the bottom of the four, she made a deal with Brad to oust Denise.

Denise then reached out to Devon and Janet and told them that Brad's idol is fake and they should proceed with the original plan. But both of them were now left unsure as Denise was playing way too hard for their comfort.

Can Brad survive tonight's vote? or will the Heroes stay together? We'll find out.

It is time to vote:

Brad: https://strawpoll.com/zj3ufszkd

Denise: https://strawpoll.com/wqbbq9v28

Devon: https://strawpoll.com/u549psbra

Janet: https://strawpoll.com/7j863jgyb

Lauren: https://strawpoll.com/g217461r7


Brad - Fake Idol: https://strawpoll.com/hqoy8h63s

Denise - Idol: https://strawpoll.com/ypzgke947

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #5 Results (Day 11)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Brad: Jeff, I am definitely am on the bottom of tribe... so now... I'd like to keep myself safe.

This is... NOT a Hidden Immunity Idol, any votes cast against Brad will still count.

Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Brad.

Denise (that's 1 vote Denise, 1 vote Brad)


Denise (we're tied, two votes Denise, two votes Brad, one vote left)

The fifth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains; Brad.

That's 3, that is enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Brad, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well... in a small tribe of five, there was little place to hide. Now you are down to four former Heroes, there is now nowhere to hide. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night.