Episode 4

Post-Tribal Villains Camp (Day 7)

The villains tribe returned to camp victorious, as they were able to get the King of Survivor out of the game.

But not everyone was happy, both Rodney and Brad were blindsided by the vote, they thought that it was Marty going home, with only a few throwaway votes toward Tony to flush a possible idol he may have. But now they know that what he was saying was true, there really is a 4-person alliance between Kass, Abi, Chrissy and Natalie, they've got everyone else in their hands, and now the two of them are on the bottom. They needed to do something, anything, to break that alliance apart.

Victoria, is also quite aware of the power that the witches' coven have right now, with control over Sophie, Jason and Marty, and a Hidden Immunity Idol as well, those girls have full control of this tribe right now, and she knows that she stands in the bottom half of this alliance of eight. She is torn on whether to make a move about it, or remain under the radar, not rock the boat and maybe something else will happen.

(And just a heads up for the whole week, so you know what is coming...)

Tuesday: Heroes Camp

Wednesday: Reward Challenge: Challenge Pitch (Day 8)

Thursday: Heroes and Villains Camps (Day 8)

Friday: Immunity Challenge: Sumo at Sea (Day 9)

Saturday: Losing Tribe's strategy (Day 9)

Sunday: Tribal Council (Day 9)

(We hope you'll enjoy the third "episode" of Dream Season: Heroes vs Villains)

Heroes Camp (Day 8)

After winning back to back challenges, enjoying a more comfortable life in camp, and not having to vote someone out, the Heroes were all in high spirits. But not everyone is enjoying themselves.

Aubry still feels like she, Lauren and Wentworth are on the bottom of this tribe... and even though they have Andrea playing double agent in the majority Alliance, their other alliance members Malcolm and Denise are hanging out with the others a little too much and aren't reporting back to her about anything... and she now feels distant toward them. And fear that they have turned, and she'll have to do something reckless now to save herself and her true allies.

Mike, Janet, Fabio and Devon were discussing some strategy regarding their majority alliance of eight, and what would be the the boot order if they go to Tribal again, they were suspicious of both Andrea and Keith, fully knowing of their swing vote position last time... and could be in the same position again next time, they still do believe that none of the women have an Idol in their possession, and are an easy boot, but now they are also wary of Malcolm and Denise as well, despite their reluctance to admit it, they were pulling the strings a little bit, being able to fully convince 11 people to vote David out is a huge feat... and they may be keeping something from them. So now the four of them need to figure out what exactly is happening in everyone's heads and maneuver themselves through this tribe and onward.

Reward Challenge (Day 8)
Challenge Pitch

Heroes, getting your first look at the new Villains tribe, Tony voted out at the last tribal council. Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge? For today's challenge:

Four people from each tribe will race through an obstacle course and then cross a balance beam while carrying bags with very heavy sandbags. Once all four tribe members are through. Another two tribe members will race to build a wall puzzle, then another two tribe member must knock it down with the sandbags, once all puzzle pieces have been knocked off, the last two tribe members must build it back up. First tribe to do all of that, wins reward.

Want to know what you are playing for? Normally, we would have a few live chickens, sometimes some eggs as well, up for grabs as a reward. But let's change things up a little. The winning tribe, will have something waiting for them back at camp: A Chicken Feast. Grilled, Roasted, Fried, Wings, Nuggets, all with a side of fries and dipping sauces and all the fixings. It should be a nice meal to fill your bellies after eight whole days without much food. Worth playing for?

Alright, Heroes you have one extra member, who are you sitting out? Aubry, take a seat on the Sandra sit out bench, the rest of you I'll give you a minute to strategize, we'll get it on.

Survivors Ready?? Go!!

Challenge: https://strawpoll.com/2j5q72yf3

(this reward is worth 5 Advantage points. And from all the previous challenge results: the Heroes currently have a - 10 net total, while the Villains are still at 0. Please vote on which tribe do you stick should realistically win this challenge, these polls will end at 12:00 mn EST. Good Luck!!)

Reward Challenge Results (Day 8)

It has come down to this, Malcolm and Fabio throwing for the Heroes, Brad and Natalie for the Villains, Heroes have 3 pieces left, while the Villains still have 7, Brad with a nice shot, followed by Natalie with another nice shot, now the Villains have take the lead, only 1 block left and Brad connects, Chrissy and Jason now working on the puzzle. Heroes lagging behind right now can they catch up? Chrissy and Jason got all their pieces, now they're starting to work on the puzzle. Heroes finally connects, they're down to go and Malcolm gets it, Heroes start working on the puzzle, it is Devon and Janet on the puzzle against Chrissy and Jason, which pair can work better? Heroes finally in it. Villains making a lot of progress, Heroes now struggling to figure out the puzzle, despite it being being solved moments ago. Villains with only a few pieces left, now only two, now just one, can they get it? They do! Villains win Reward!!

Alright Villains, first win for a long time, there will be a Chicken Feast waiting for you back at camp. But wouldn't it be more fun if you had some guests? Choose one person from the Heroes Tribes to join you. Wentworth, join the Villains on their mat. Alright, choose... one more. Devon, alright, step on their mat.

But we're not done here just yet, let's make things a little more interesting. Heroes, now you can choose two people from the Villains to not partake in the feast, and instead join you guys at your camp. Sophie and Natalie, alright, you two step on the Heroes' mat.

Allow me to explain what is going on, the four of you have the entire afternoon to spend time with the other tribe, you can feast, strategize, share information, do whatever, but you will all rejoin your respective tribes at sunset, this should makes things a bit more interesting. You can now grab your stuff, head back to camp, enjoy the feast.

(The Villains' win here is cancelled out by the disadvantage, the scores are still -10 and 0)

Heroes & Villains Camp (Day 8)

After winning the reward challenge, the Villains returned to camp, not only to feast on the Chicken Feast they won, but through the double kidnapping twist, they are also going to gather information.

Kass was surprised that her tribe went along with her choice to bring Wentworth and Devon. She wanted to alert Wentworth that she as place reserved for her in the Witches' Coven alliance if they ever swap or merge. As for Devon, Chrissy said she could regain his trust and get some information from him because of their previous season together.

The tribe went on to enjoy their feast and having conversations as well, both Wentworth and Devon were trying to not reveal as much information to them. However, once Abi and Kass decided to leave to have a private conversation with her away from everyone else, Wentworth started spilling the beans. She told them that she's on the bottom, her former allies were turning on her, and she still couldn't find the idol to save herself. To help her out, Abi shows her her own idol, so that she could look for it when she get backs to camp, Wentworth felt relieved that there is still hope for her in this game.

Devon on the other hand, remained at the feast table with Chrissy, Jason and Marty, Devon was really trying to keep leaking information to a minimum, but he soon noticed that Wentworth has been gone for too long, and decides to check in on her. While trying to find her, Rodney and Brad pull him aside, and they told him about the Villain's dynamics, that they were on the bottom, and that Kass and Abi are on top, now recruiting Wentworth into their alliance, and they tell Devon to get rid of her as soon as possible, before she could even have the opportunity to work with them. Devon returns to talk to Chrissy on what is really going on, Chrissy lies to him that that Brad and Rodney are in an alliance with her, Jason and Kass, and their next boot is Marty or Victoria. Devon is left confused about everything, and is unsure of what to tell his tribe when he gets back.

At the Heroes Camp... the Heroes apologized to Sophie and Natalie for taking away the feast from them. After a few small talk. Mike popped the big question "What happened to Tony??" Natalie decided to lie, and say that there's a target on the past-winners in the Villains camp, and then Sophie played along and added that Mike, Fabio and Denise may be in trouble too in the future. Natalie hopes by saying this, she would've put a target on the three Hero winners, because all three are huge physical threats that would weaken the Heroes' challenge performance and she have less competition for individual immunity. And even if they don't voted out, those three might consider her or Sophie as allies to work with in the future. Win-Win.

Soon enough when the Heroes settled to their respective places. Natalie plays onto her lie, and has a conversation with Fabio, Mike and Denise, to make a possible alliance in the future, and to gain their trust, she tells them about the idol clue she found days ago, to try and get them to find it in their camp. Fabio was caught off guard as he didn't want people to know that he had found it already, he still played along to keep his cover, but it is for naught, when the four of them reached the tribe flag, they noticed that the buttons were already missing, Mike and Denise realize that those missing buttons were being used as pieces for a game that Fabio made. In the midst of panic, Fabio yielded and told them to keep it a secret that he actually has the idol. Natalie smiles, as it was too easy to fool these unsuspecting Heroes.

Soon enough the Sun began to set, all four kidnapped players were escorted out of the camps, and back to their own... and they each have a lot to say.

Immunity Challenge (Day 9)
Sumo in Mud

Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? Firsts things first I gotta take it back, once again, immunity is back up for grabs, For today's challenge:

Each round, one castaway from each tribe, will use a sandbag to push against the other player. The first one to push the other one into the mudpit wins the round. The first tribe to six points wins immunity.

I'll give you a minute to strategize, we'll get it on.

Survivors Ready?? Go!!

Round 1: Andrea vs. Abi-Maria: https://strawpoll.com/aabrdw4f3

Round 2: Fabio vs. Brad: https://strawpoll.com/pbbug3y3r

Round 3: Lauren vs. Sophie: https://strawpoll.com/bhw8x8ezh

Round 4: Malcolm vs. Jason: https://strawpoll.com/hhhpyxzk7

Round 5: Kelley vs. Natalie: https://strawpoll.com/fez4byhfb

Round 6: Janet vs. Kass: https://strawpoll.com/wfkosfbsk

Round 7: Keith vs. Marty: https://strawpoll.com/32qwq87jk

Round 8: Aubry vs. Victoria: https://strawpoll.com/ujb61qpp5

Round 9: Denise vs. Chrissy: https://strawpoll.com/1cpzchoh3

Round 10: Mike vs Rodney: https://strawpoll.com/j5zvca7hg

Tiebreaker (if necessary): https://strawpoll.com/z9qhhw962

(And from all the previous challenge results: the Heroes currently have a -10 net total, while the Villains are at 0. But for this challenge, we'll be halving the disadvantage to just -5, it will apply to all ten rounds and the optional tiebreaker. Please vote on which tribe do you stick should realistically win this challenge, these polls will end at 12:00 mn EST. Good Luck!!)

(Oh... and one of your comments in the previous post intrigued us... and we debated whether to actually make it happen or not. So... we'll just leave it up to you guys: https://strawpoll.com/o468k5vr4 )

Immunity Challenge Results (Day 9)

First round, we have Abi-Maria for the Villains, Andrea for the Heroes, Go! We have a tough battle, and Andrea knocks Abi into the mud, Andrea scores for the Heroes!! Heroes lead one-zip!

Second round, we have Culpepper for the Villains, Fabio for the Heroes, Go! Culpepper comes out aggressive, Fabio trying his best to stay in the ring, but he cant!! Culpepper scores for the Villains. We are tied one-one!

Third round, we have Sophie for the Villains, Lauren for the Heroes, Go! Sophie going hard on Lauren, Lauren blocking everything Sophie's throwing at her, Lauren giving Sophie a push, and knocks her down! Lauren scores, Heroes lead two-one!

Fourth round, we have Jason for the Villains, Malcolm for the Heroes, Go! Both men going aggressive, pushing each other hard, Jason slips on the platform, Malcolm now trying to push him in. And he goes, Heroes score again! Heroes lead three-one!

Fifth round, we have Natalie for the Villains, Wentworth for the Heroes, Go! Natalie going strong, Wentworth trying to evade, Natalie going after her, Natalie strikes, Wentworth goes down. Natalie scores for the Villains!! We are now three-two!!

Sixth round, we have Kass for the Villains, Janet for the Heroes, Go! Kass going after Janet, Janet holding firm on her spot, Kass trying push her in, Janet retaliates and knocks Kass down and pushes her in!! Heroes score again, Heroes lead four-two!!

Seventh round, we have Marty for the Villains, Keith for the Heroes, Go! Both men, eyeing each out, waiting for the opportunity to strike, Marty goes first, Keith blocks it, we have a tough battle here. Keith pins Marty down, now trying push him in, He does!! Keith scores for the Heroes, Heroes lead five-two!! We are playing to six.

Eighth round, we have Victoria for the Villains, Aubry for the Heroes, Victoria needs to score to keep the Villains in, Go! Victoria going aggressive, Aubry tries block it and goes in the mud. Victoria scores!! We are now five-three.

Ninth round, we have Chrissy for the Villains, Denise for the Heroes, Denise can win it right here. Denise goes aggressive, Chrissy retaliates, both women going strong in this round, who can win this point? Chrissy knocks Denise into the mud, Chrissy keeps the Villains in!! Five-Four!!

Tenth round, we have Rodney for the Villains, Mike for the Heroes, Mike could win this for the Heroes, but Rodney could tie it up... this will be interesting. Go! Both men going strong, trying to push each other down, Mike slips, Rodney takes advantage, Mike stays on, he gets back up, Rodney goes after him. Mike blocks, and gets Rodney down, now he's pushing him out, And he gets it done!! Heroes win Immunity!!!

Alright, Heroes, immunity is yours no one going home from your tribe, you can now head back to camp, enjoy the night off. Villains, I'll be seeing you tonight again at Tribal Council, where somebody will be the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, you have the afternoon to figure who will it be, grab your stuff, head back to camp, I'll see you at Tribal.

(this brings the Heroes' advantage down to - 15, Villains still impartial at 0)

Villains Camp (Day 9)

(flashback to Day 8)

After Natalie and Sophie returned from their time kidnapped in the Heroes' camp. Natalie explained what what happened over there and how she was able to fuel distrust in them, she does keep most of the vital information to herself. The villains then had a full-blown discussion, as they tried to figure out what are the tribe dynamics of the Heroes, through what they learned from the Kidnapping, and how could they find maneuver them, now that the Villains are going down in numbers.

(now at the present)

After losing the immunity challenge, the tribe now feels burdened about having to vote another person out. A majority of Kass, Abi, Chrissy, Natalie, Jason, Victoria and Sophie had a discussion on whether to vote Marty out for being a liability in challenges, or keep him around as a vote, and stick with him to eliminate Rodney, because they would need Brad to be the leader in camp and in challenges.

Rodney and Brad on the other hand knew that they were in trouble tonight, and decided to come out swinging, they wanted to put a target on Natalie, for being able to manipulate the Heroes well. And before they could do anything, Victoria and Sophie comes along to talk to them. Victoria wants to weaken the core four alliance of Abi, Kass, Chrissy and Natalie, and she should probably make a move now, before it's too late. She plans that she could get "everyone" on board to split their votes between Marty and Rodney, while she, Sophie, Brad and Rodney use their four votes to blindside Kass, the perceived leader of the alliance, and because Victoria also knows that the idol is either with Abi or Natalie, and could bypass them. Brad and Rodney agree to the plan, but Sophie... is a little hesitant.

Chrissy, gave a thought toward what happened in the kidnapping, particularly about Wentworth, and her "place" in the alliance, she figured that Abi and Kass are much closer to Wentworth than they are with her, and she's probably going to be replaced in their ranking. And so she approaches Victoria and Sophie about making a move against Kass, Abi or Natalie. Victoria tells her about the plan to blindside Kass, and she agrees to help out, by confirming that her vote will be split for them to make that move. She does not want to write her name down, but she does want for her allies to be closer to her. And so she signs on, and goes to try and convince Jason to split with her.

Jason thinks that this is a bad idea, as they are currently in a good position in this tribe, and doing this may jeopardize that, especially since the merge is still far from now. And instead he suggests to blindside Victoria instead, tell Brad, Rodney and Marty to vote five on Victoria, blindsiding her for rocking the game too much. They decided not to tell Kass, Natalie or Abi about because, they might just settle for voting Marty instead, to finally get him out, they could come back in challenges.

Now, the sun as set, and everyone is banking upon each other to make their plans happen. Everyone is filled with uncertainty as they head to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council #4 (Day 9)

The Villains are on a downhill battle, barely winning any challenge against the Heroes, and now they have to vote another person out of their Tribe.

After their previous visit to Tribal, Brad and Rodney found themselves on the bottom, while the Witches Coven Alliance of Kass, Abi, Natalie and Chrissy are on top, forming a majority eight with Jason, Marty, Victoria and Sophie and they decided to vote Rodney out tonight. Or throw a bone and vote Marty out to strengthen the Tribe.

However, Victoria has ulterior motives, she wants to knock the Witches out of their power position. But without much numbers she scraps up a plan, make the majority split their vote, while she, Sophie, Brad and Rodney vote and blindside Kass, the perceived leader of the Witches, weakening them.

Chrissy wants to help out to secure her position in the alliance moving forward, and helps by splitting her and Jason's votes to make sure that Victoria could make her move. But once she tells Jason about it, he thinks of it as a bad idea, and prompts a Victoria blindside instead.

Which plan will come out on top? And what will it mean for the future of the Villains?

It is time to vote:

Abi-Maria: https://strawpoll.com/2a6fryu3f

Brad: https://strawpoll.com/kfjd24r1r

Chrissy: https://strawpoll.com/bw7rq9jko

Jason: https://strawpoll.com/7e6e4z68d

Kass: https://strawpoll.com/puaz6158o

Marty: https://strawpoll.com/2boqc9wss

Natalie: https://strawpoll.com/yea983ofq

Rodney: https://strawpoll.com/o24bukhyj

Sophie: https://strawpoll.com/esdrbradp

Victoria: https://strawpoll.com/xjhbx443r


Abi-Maria - Idol:https://strawpoll.com/bs9u4cd3r

These polls will close at 1:30 am EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #4 Results (Day 9)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.


Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First Vote, Rodney.




Rodney (that's 4 votes Rodney, 1 vote Victoria)




Kass (that's 4 votes Kass, 4 votes Rodney, 1 vote left)

The fourth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains; Kass.

That's 5, that is enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Kass, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well, just when you think you are safe... blindside. Such as the nature of this game, it truly is... unpredictable. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night.