Episode 15

DS-HV: Post-Tribal Veitavalu Camp (Day 30)

Everyone returned to camp with mixed reactions. There are people happy with the result, while others are upset. Janet was the one most hurt about this vote, as everything was going well for them, they put their dinner plan into action, have a blindside on the works, she even found a hidden immunity idol, but suddenly everyone flips and now she's on the bottom of the tribe. She could've used the idol to save him, but it was too late, Devon's gone.

Janet then confronted Malcolm about his flip, and he rationalized himself by saying that she and Devon were always making a move together and leaving him out, how was supposed to trust them when they were always going behind his back, and now that she has an idol, the two of them hold a huge amount of power, that he needed to cut that out.

Janet was understandably pissed about this, but she had no one to blame but herself for not keep Malcolm close enough. But nevertheless, the game goes on, and she has to make sure she can get to the end and win this.

(Tough news... I have stuff to attend to in this next few days being preparation for the new years... so the dream season schedule will be hit as well. This week was supposed to be a "regular" episode, with a reward challenge and all. But i'll have to rearrange some stuff to help fit my own schedule. So this will be how it looks for this week: )

Tuesday (now): Post-Tribal Camp Reaction

Wednesday: none

Thursday: Reward Challenge

Friday: none

Saturday: Camp Reward and Immunity Challenge

Sunday: Strategizing and Tribal Council

(I hope that will explain everything, and I hope you will enjoy the next chapter of this Season. Btw, Happy New Years!!)

DS-HV: Reward Challenge (Day 30)

Challenge: Idol Hands

Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge? For today's challenge:

You will be divided into two teams of four. Each team will square off one on one, you will each be holding an idol, your job is to knock their idol off before they knock off yours. If you do, you score a point for your team, first to three wins reward.

Want to know what you are playing for? The winning team will have an afternoon trip on a yacht while you explore the waters of the fiji, you will also enjoy a Survivor Picnic full of Sandwiches and Hotdogs, with all the fixings, while you wash it down with a few bottles of beer. Worth playing for? Alright, we'll draw for teams, we'll get started.

For our teams, on Blue we have, Andrea, Fabio, Victoria and Janet, on Red we have Malcolm, Sophie, Lauren and Abi-Maria. On the bench, drawing the gray rock, Marty, he will be sitting out of this challenge, however is not out of this reward, because he can choose whichever of the two teams he thinks is going to win, and if that team wins, he will join them in their reward. Sound Good? What will be your choice?

Choice: https://strawpoll.com/y782fua3q

Alright, we'll begin our first match up... Survivors Ready?? Go!!

Match 1: https://strawpoll.com/yqbws9sw2

Match 2: https://strawpoll.com/2gewf8bg5

Match 3: https://strawpoll.com/d3337z558

Match 4: https://strawpoll.com/c56ps1yw4

(optional tiebreaker)

Match 5: https://strawpoll.com/5w8wdq6xk

(This challenge is for +3 challenge advantage points for each team member. Please vote on which team do you think should realistically win this challenge, these polls will end at 12:00 mn EST. Good Luck!!)

DS-HV: Reward Challenge Results (Day 30)

Marty, which team would you like to back? Red Team? Sounds good.

Alright, for our first match up we have, Lauren for the Red team and Andrea for the Blue team. Let's see who scores the first point for their team. Survivors ready?? Go!! Andrea heading straight for Lauren, Lauren approaching cautiously, both are eyeing each other out... and Andrea makes a move for it and scores!! Blue scores one - zip!!

Next up, we have the men, Fabio for Blue vs Malcolm for Red, this will be good showdown. Go!! Fabio and Malcolm slowly moving toward each other... And Fabio goes on the offensive, Malcolm with a nice save, now it's Malcolm on the offense... and he does it!! Malcolm scores, we are tied one - one!!

Now, for our next match up, we have Victoria for Blue and Abi-Maria for Red, interesting match up, let's see how it plays out. Go!! Victoria approaches Abi, Abi going for a defensive position, trying to swat Victoria away, Victoria, on the offensive, trying to find a spot to strike Abi's idol down, Abi goes for it, but so does Victoria... Abi's idol lands first!! Victoria scores!! Blue leads two - one!!

Finally, we have Janet for Blue and Sophie for Red, Janet could win it for blue right here, while Sophie could tie it up and go to a tiebreaker. Let's see what will happen... Janet slowly moving toward Sophie, Sophie is taking a defensive approach... Janet goes for the kill... it fails, Sophie with a nice save, Sophie now looking to attack and hits it!! Sophie ties it up!! We are tied two - two!!

Now we move on to a tiebreaker, let's bring the first match up again, Lauren vs Andrea. Winner takes the reward, big steaks, Survivors Ready?? Go!! Lauren and Andrea both playing aggressively, wanting a quick decisive victory. Both women trying to attack, but they are both are dodging each other well. Andrea with a nice save, Lauren still focused on her offense, and Andrea goes for it, Lauren goes for a counter attack... both idols are in the air... Andrea's lands first!! Red Team wins reward!! Wow, what a match.

Alright, Lauren, Malcolm, Sophie, Abi and now Marty as well, you five just won a wonderful yacht trip this afternoon, that yacht is waiting for you right over there, grab your stuff and head out, enjoy the trip. As for the rest of you, Fabio, Janet, Andrea and Victoria, I've got nothing for you, grab your stuff, head back to camp.

DS-HV: Veitavalu Camp (Day 30)

Victoria, Andrea, Fabio and Janet returned to camp quietly after losing the reward challenge, they congratulated Andrea for coming so close in the tie breaker match, that it was alright for them to lose.

Minutes go by and there was not much going on, they cooked some rice, but everyone was quiet and not up to much. Until Fabio decided to have a walk down the beach, while Andrea went to get some water at the water well. Leaving Victoria and Janet at camp to finish cooking the rice. The two of them knew that they were now on the bottom because of the previous vote, alongside Lauren. However they knew that Lauren would be able create new connections with others on the reward and plan something with them. So really, it was only just the two of them on the bottom and they needed to do something about it, so, Janet revealed to Victoria that she found an idol yesterday, and this will be their golden ticket to survive a few more days and wreck havoc on the way.

Victoria was surprised that Janet found one and was kind of relieved that she was the one to have it, as she did fear a second idol was somewhere out here and it was calming to see that it was with a trusted ally. And now with everything that is happening she can still save her idol for later, as they could just use Janet's, and still knock a peg on the totem pole. But she knows that she still needs to keep her idol close as anything could happen in this game.

Meanwhile, on a yacht, Sophie, Malcolm, Abi, Lauren and Marty were enjoying themselves as they witness the scenery while also enjoying some delicious food. A little later, the five of them went back into game mode, as they know that there is five of them right here that could take a majority in this upcoming vote. And the other four were all big threats that needs be taken care of sooner than later. They all saw Andrea and Fabio as the two biggest threats around for their strategic, physical and social abilities, Janet has become the underdog and her story is a sure win if she gets to the end, and Victoria is playing a great, subtle, under the radar game, that could be overlooked going forward.

The five of them could just pick them off, but they needed to make sure that this will be the best move for them. Marty vetoed Fabio as an option, while Lauren vetoed Victoria as an option, and everyone agreed to just target Janet as she was already on the bottom anyway. But Malcolm told them that Janet has an idol and they needed to work around that, and so a plan was concocted that the five of them alongside Fabio, Victoria and/or Andrea will split their votes between Janet and Andrea, in order to flush her idol, but still be able take out a big threat in this game.

DS-HV: Immunity Challenge (Day 31)

Challenge: Keep on your Toes

Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First's things first, Lauren, I have to take it back, once again immunity is up for grabs, for today's challenge:

You are going to balance on your toes with a wooden block wedged between your head and the top of the frame, the longer the challenge goes, the longer the challenge goes, the more fatigued your legs will become, and when they finally give out, your block will drop, you're out. Last person left standing, wins immunity, safe from the vote, loser somebody will be the sixth member of our jury.

Take your spots, we'll get started.

Everybody place your blocks, make sure it is wedged on tight, everybody looks good, we'll begin 3, 2, 1, this challenge... is on!

Challenge: https://strawpoll.com/g5k9e86w6

(You can vote for as many players as you want, please vote on who do you think should realistically win this challenge, the challenge advantages points will be listed in the poll, these polls will end at 12:00 mn EST. But the Result post will be a little delayed, because I have something to attend to at that time, it will be posted soon after. Good Luck!!)

DS-HV: Immunity Challenge Results (Day 31)

This challenge is all about endurance, you will quickly feel the pain on legs as you struggle to keep that pose and that block up there, there is not much room to make a mistake, if you do, you may be leaving this game tonight. A minute in, Malcolm, Janet, Sophie and Marty are struggling to balance, one mistake can send any one of their blocks falling down... and Janet's block drops, Marty right behind her, they are both out, we are now down to seven. It has only been over a minute, that's how quickly this challenge will take it's toll.

Five minutes in, everyone is looking uncomfortable... seems that everyone wants this immunity so bad, and I can concur, this game has been crazy and unpredictable, that this immunity necklace will be the only way to secure your safety tonight. Sophie drops, she is out, we're down to six. If you want that immunity you have to dig deep, that is something you all know. Andrea with a nice save, Victoria looking focused, Fabio is shaking but is digging deep to stay on that frame, Abi is trying to find that sweet spot... and it costs her, Abi is out... and out of nowhere, Victoria drops, she is out. Just like that, we are down to four.

Andrea, Fabio, Lauren and Malcolm, all four have won immunity before, all four want it back, but the question is; who wants it the most? Fabio is shaking, can he still recover? No, he touched the frame, sorry Fabio, you are now out, Malcolm also drops, and we now have a familiar showdown, Andrea vs Lauren. These two are always going toe to toe to each other in every challenge, and in the latest installment, Lauren came out on top, can she do it again? or can Andrea even things out? We shall see... both women are looking numb, this is all about endurance now, outlast the other and you win immunity. And suddenly, Andrea drops out!! Lauren wins Immunity!!

Lauren, come on over, not only did you win back to back immunity, but you also won the challenge where you fainted on last time, what a redemption story, but more importantly, you are safe in tonight's tribal council, cannot be voted out of this game, congrats. As for the rest of you, tribal council tonight, where somebody will be the sixteenth person voted out and the sixth member of our jury. Big stakes, grab your stuff head back to camp, I'll see you all at tribal.

(Sorry this took long, I had something to attend to earlier, so I could only make this post now... but the game continues, Tribal Council and the strategizing will be posted soon.)

DS-HV: Veitavalu Camp (Day 31)

The Tribe returned to camp after the challenge, they congratulated Lauren, and then everyone split off to do some strategizing. Sophie and Marty, went to talk to Andrea and Fabio to include in their plan to vote off Janet, but revealed that she may have an idol, so they along with Malcolm, Abi and Lauren will split their votes between her and Victoria, but in actuality, the second target will be Andrea.

Lauren then goes to talk to Victoria and Janet, to try and ease Janet into not playing her idol tonight, by saying that during the reward, the five of them concocted a plan to blindside Andrea tonight, so they shouldn't worry about anything. Victoria and Janet felt unsure about that plan, so they then go to talk to Malcolm to confirm if this was real, and he says it was. But the two of them still felt paranoid about that plan, maybe they should still use the idol tonight.

Meanwhile, Marty goes to have a private conversation with Fabio, saying that during the reward he noticed that many people, namely Lauren and Sophie were covering for Victoria when throwing out names. He feared that Victoria is too much of a social threat this late in the game and they may need to make a move about it now, and the two of them, with Andrea and Abi-Maria should vote her out instead of Andrea or Janet. Fabio agrees, but knows that this move will be super risky as it could ruin their relationships with others. But for now they will consider it as an option tonight.

But when still unsure of what is happening tonight, Victoria and Janet spill the beans to Andrea that she is being targeted tonight, and the three of them, with Janet's idol could make a move tonight against Lauren, but with her immune, they decided to target either Sophie, who is being perceived as the subtle ringleader of their new group, or Fabio for being another big threat, while not having won immunity. But with only a few votes to go around, they needed to be sure this plan will work.

Andrea is absolutely feeling bamboozled about everything, and is very unsure of who she can trust and what is going to happen tonight, and is betting that it will be another crazy night.

(Tribal Council is in a few hours!!)

DS-HV: Tribal Council #16 (Day 31)

The previous tribal council flipped the game on it's head once again, as Sophie and Andrea were able to unite the other outcasts into voting off Devon a figurehead in the majority alliance, leaving Lauren, Janet and Victoria on the bottom.

Fortunately for Lauren, she was able to get herself back into the dynamics when her team consisting of herself, Malcolm, Abi, Sophie and Marty won the reward challenge, and they were able to plan ahead of Janet's new idol, and set up a blindside against Andrea.

However Marty, noticed a larger threat in Victoria and her relationship with Sophie and Lauren, and he urged Fabio to make a move with him to take her out. But, they remained cautious of the possible consequences of the move.

Meanwhile Janet bonded with Victoria more when she showed her idol, and planned to use it to get themselves away from the bottom. Later on, Lauren tries to make Janet feel comfortable enough into not playing her idol, but it fails as it only stresses her and Victoria out, and they soon spill the Beans to Andrea and planned a late minute revenge plot against Lauren, but her immunity win, made them retarget to either Sophie or Fabio for their key roles in the tribe dynamics.

So many plans, the dynamics are all over the place, everything is crazy, how will this tribal turn out?

It is time to vote:

Abi-Maria: https://strawpoll.com/jk629rykh

Andrea: https://strawpoll.com/8fzhou3pq

Fabio: https://strawpoll.com/xo7v193ey

Janet: https://strawpoll.com/gko25qbc7

Lauren: https://strawpoll.com/yqqoxgsqq

Malcolm: https://strawpoll.com/bz5fzpwbb

Marty: https://strawpoll.com/ocaksd7sg

Sophie: https://strawpoll.com/vh18yud7g

Victoria: https://strawpoll.com/ys37bexp7


Janet-Idol: https://strawpoll.com/3f5vc7xyw

Victoria-Idol: https://strawpoll.com/zb2wa2b8e

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

DS-HV: Tribal Council Results (Day 31)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Janet: Well, last time a dear friend of mine went home, so... this is to make sure I won't follow, this is for me.

This is a Hidden immunity idol, any votes cast against Janet, will not count.

Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Janet (does not count)

Janet (does not count)

Janet (does not count)


Fabio (we're tied, one vote Fabio, one vote Victoria)

Andrea (we're tied, one vote each for Andrea, Victoria and Fabio)

Fabio (that's two votes Fabio, one vote Andrea, one vote Victoria)

Andrea (we're tied again, that's two votes Andrea, two votes Fabio, one vote Victoria, one vote left)

The sixteenth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains and sixth member of our Jury; Fabio.

That's 3, tonight that is enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Fabio, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well, tonight was certainly another blindside, now I think it is safe to say that you all really need to watch your backs, because in this game, there will be more blindsides to come. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night.