Episode 2

Villains Camp (Day 3)

After Tribal Council, the tribe felt astonished that Phillip is now gone, particularly Abi, who was getting very tired of his antics. They did get a flint, which they immediately used to make fire and overall the tribe was feeling joyful. But not everyone was happy about the vote.

Sophie was a little disappointed that her plan to get Tony out didn't work out, that Kass and Abi didn't go with the plan, but it's alright since they got rid of his closest ally and Tony does not have much else to go anymore.

Tony was blindsided that he caught three votes, his heart jumped when Jeff read them out, he thought he was a goner... but his ally Phillip went home instead, but now he knows that the Game is definitely now on, and he is going to play it and he went out in the middle of the night to go look for an Idol.

Kass noticed that Tony was missing... and figured he was going to find an idol, and now she regrets voting Phillip over him. She knew he would be dangerous to keep around, but she goes think if he does get the idol and then play it... she would rather be on his side. Now she is debating within herself whether to join him or vote him out next.

While Marty was gracefully watching in the background, he was about 80% sure that he himself was going home earlier, but after that vote, and seeing everything unfold after, he thinks that Tony will bring havoc into this tribe and he is going to take advantage of that.

(For your information... This is happening at Night 3, right after tribal council, that's why it's still Day 3. This is going to happen for every Tribal Reaction posts in Mondays. Which will mainly serve as set up for events to come.)

(And just a heads up for the whole week, so you know what is coming...)

Tuesday: Heroes' Camp (Day 4)

Wednesday: Villains' Camp (Day 4)

Thursday: Reward/Immunity Challenge (Day 5)

Friday: A commercial break (nothing happens here)

Saturday: Losing Tribe's strategy (Day 5)

Sunday: Tribal Council (Day 5)

(We hope you'll enjoy the second episode of Dream Season: Heroes vs Villains)

Heroes Camp (Day 4)

The Heroes were enjoying their camp life, people were doing their camp duties, they were still upbeat from every challenge so far, it was peaceful and happy for the tribe. That is... until Aubry, Lauren and Wentworth decide to go to the water well.

While over there, the three of them discussed some strategy, if they ever go to tribal, they think they could get David and Keith on board with them along with Malcolm, Andrea and Denise, to vote off either Fabio, Devon or Janet for being too likable and that no one could beat them if they were able to sneak past everyone else into the final three.

As they were about to leave, but Aubry spotted something attached on the bottom part of the well's lid, it a folded up piece of paper, that was now very wet and soggy. She decides to show it to the other two, they open it up... and it reads:

"Toiling under the sun,

Running over the sand, your

Idols before you, shining

Bright amidst smoking torches,

Ever lost, game after game

Flickering through the years.

Lines drawn among the trees,

Again we play, evil and

Good, 'till one remains"

They figured that this was an Idol Clue, it was very nonsensical even for Aubry, but they decided to go look it, as it would be amazing to have in their alliance, they searched for Lines in Trees, anywhere in the woods, every nook and cranny, but it was taking them a lot of time.

Meanwhile in the shelter, Devon noticed that the women were taking an unusual long amount of time in the water well... and then everyone was filled with Paranoia. David figured that they were out looking for idols or something, everyone was discussing a lot of things about them. And then Mike told the group that there's 3 of them, 9 of us, let's make an alliance, split our votes if they do have it. But if they don't, then let's go look for it right now and keep it off their hands.

And so they did, everyone went off to the woods to go and try stop them by looking for the Idol as well.

David desperately figured he could help out a lot by showing his Idol Clue from the marooning to his alliance members; Devon and Malcolm, and they still couldn't figure that out, agreed to keep it a secret between them, and they went to try to go look for it anywhere.

Denise was with Janet and Mike, trying to teach them how to look for idols, like how Ben taught her in WaW.

Andrea managed to find Aubry and Lauren, and she warned them that everyone is against their alliance now, and is trying to make sure they don't find the Idol. Both Aubry and Lauren were worried, and decides to look for it harder, while Andrea goes to play double agent within the majority.

After a few long hours... everyone returned to camp.

(For your Information... someone already has the idol... but for the sake of storytelling... and fun, we'll be keeping it a mystery for now. The same goes for the Villains' Idol hunt tomorrow. So, who do you think found it? What do you think the clue/s means? What should this mean for the Heroes tribe?)

Villains Camp (Day 4)

As the villains settled in their camp for a new day , a few people noticed that Tony has been missing ever since they got back from Tribal Council, no has seen him since then, not even when they were sleeping.

People were of course wary of his antics, they knew that he was out looking for idols or building spy shacks or climbing ladder or something chaotic. A ten-person majority was now formed to get him out for these antics of his. But of course, in case if he did pull something out of his bag of tricks, there needed to be a plan B.

Brad and Rodney, tired from all the drama, decided to make a majority six, with Jason, Chrissy, Kass and Natalie, to oust everyone else who has been causing Chaos in camp, Marty for being the weak link, Abi for causing drama, Tony for his antics, and Sophie and Victoria for pulling the trigger on Tony too soon and making him go out in his ways in the first place.

Soon enough, Chrissy, Kass and Natalie met up with Abi, in the water well to have an alliance meeting, now knowing that Brad and Rodney are out to get her and the others. They could play it two ways... they could go with that majority, vote the others out, while smartly keeping Abi safe with them, or join up with the misfits, and turn the tables on Brad or Rodney. But as they were talking and getting water. Chrissy found a folded up, wet, piece of paper on the bottom of the well's lid. She took it and showed it to the others around around, to gain a little more trust and position herself better in her alliance. It reads:


The difference between

Right and wrong

Is paper thin, if not

Blurred. For even with

Enough good, and enough

Fairness, who are we but

Layered creatures of sin

And horror? Yet here we

Grin, even as we fall"

The women were stumped as they read the passage, this does not look like an idol clue or does it even make much sense at all. But Natalie quickly picked up the hidden message as if she's seen that before: Tribe Flag. They knew that their Tribe Flag was reasonably close to their shelter, so they couldn't get it with everyone else around. So they figured that they could get everyone else out into the woods, by showing them this idol clue, and pin it on Tony that he must have dropped it at some point and get everyone out to look for it before he could, while someone stays at camp to get the real idol. They agree and set off to do this.

But little do they know... Tony was actually a few feet away hiding in a brand new spy shack. Now with the knowledge of what the women were planning... and he makes a run for the Tribe Flag.

(I'll leave it at that... So who do you think will get the Villains' Idol? Will the witches coven be able to execute their plan? or will Tony beat them to it? or will somebody else figure the clue out and be another contender for that idol? Or will something different happen entirely?? Stay tuned to see what happens next.)

Reward / Immunity Challenge (Day 5)
Shoulder the Load

Heroes, getting your first look at the new Villains tribe, Phillip voted out at the first tribal council. Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? Firsts things first, I gotta take it back. Once again immunity is back up for grabs, for today's challenge:

Three men and two women from each tribe will have a pole on and across their shoulders. Each player will be matched against someone from the other tribe. Each round, weights of 20 lb. increments will be added to that pole. The decision about which tribe member gets the weight will be made by remaining members of the other tribe. When the weight becomes too much to bear, the castaway will drop and lose the challenge. If a castaway outlasts their opponent, they score a point for their tribe, first to three wins the challenge.

In addition, you're also playing for reward; a deluxe Survivor Fishing Kit, complete with nets, traps, lure, hooks, snorkel, a little bit of bait, and a Hawaiian sling. These should help you be able to catch fish around camp and be able to fill your bellies. Worth playing for?

Alright, no need to sit anyone out, just decide on who will be carrying the weights. I'll give you a minute to strategize, we'll get it on.

We now have our match-ups;

Malcolm vs Brad

Natalie vs Lauren

Denise vs Chrissy

Jason vs Devon

and Mike vs Rodney, these two go back from season 30, both from the blue collar tribe.

It will be interesting to see how all of this will play out.

This challenge in on!!

Match A: https://strawpoll.com/yfdqvvrjr

Match B: https://strawpoll.com/sy4j3j4r2

Match C: https://strawpoll.com/uro54p1pg

Match D: https://strawpoll.com/eyou8cohv

Match E: https://strawpoll.com/db2jc73wh

(these are the polls for the five match-ups, whoever wins the poll, wins the point)

Heroes: https://strawpoll.com/gduxvuydw

Villains: https://strawpoll.com/q9vbpw18w

(and these are the polls for the strategic, decision making portion of the challenge. You will be deciding who will be carrying more weight in this challenge. For every 20 votes a player receives in this poll, they will lose 5 votes in their main poll. You can vote for multiple people, and the results are visible.)

(the reward is worth 5 Advantage points. And from all the previous challenge results: the Heroes currently have a - 5 disadvantage. And because of that all their representatives in the five match ups will automatically lose 5 votes in tallying. Please vote wisely, these polls will end at 12:00 mn EST. Good Luck!!)

Reward/Immunity Challenge Results (Day 5)

It has been 45 minutes since the challenge started, no one has dropped out yet, Denise and Chrissy both at 80 lbs. Both women are wearing out, it seems that we will have our first causality in this challenge, and Chrissy drops!! Denise score a point for the Heroes. Now it's been a full hour, since the challenge started, Heroes in the lead. But the challenge is far from over. Devon is struggling, he has 140 lbs. while his opponent Jason has 180 lbs. who is still looking good, will this be the end for Devon, or can he dig deep? He can not, Devon drops! Jason puts the Villains on the board, we are tied 1-1.

Lauren getting weight, she is now at a 100 lbs. now everyone is over a 100 lbs. everyone is showing fatigue, this should make the challenge quick. And just like that, Lauren drops, Natalie at 140 lbs. scores another point for the Villains, they now lead 2-1. We are down to four, Mike vs Rodney and Malcolm vs Brad. Mike and Rodney have a lot of weight on them both have over 200 lbs. It seems like both men are digging deep and not giving up really showing the blue collar mantle. But all of a sudden, Rodney drops, Mike evens it out 2-2.

It all comes down to Brad and Malcolm both carrying 180 lbs. on them, now there's no one else to give weight to, now they are at 200 lbs. Both men struggling to stay up. You have to Dig deep, loser goes to tribal council, do not give up. And in an hour and 30 minutes, Malcolm drops. Brad wins it for the Villains!!

Alright, Villains, your first win this season, who wants the immunity idol? It is yours, no one going home from your tribe. You also win reward, a Survivor Fishing Kit, come grab it, congrats, you can now head back to camp, enjoy the night off. Heroes, I'll be seeing you tonight at Tribal Council, where somebody will be the second person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, you have the afternoon to figure who will it be, grab your stuff, head back to camp, good luck.

(And this puts the Villains on the board, they receive a 5 vote challenge advantage, which will cancel out the 5 vote disadvantage that they would've received from winning this challenge. So, the Heroes still have that - 5 net total, it'll be interesting to see how this will play out in future challenges.)

Heroes Camp (Day 5)

(flashback to Day 4)

While in the midst of everyone going out and about in the woods, Wentworth was able to quickly get back to camp, as she was able to properly decode the idol clue was pointing toward the Tribe Flag. She saw that no one was around and hastily dug under the flag, she spent a few minutes digging, only to find nothing. Soon enough her tribe mates were coming back, she cleaned up the evidence, and pretended that she just went for a walk and definitely not looking for a idol.

(flashback to Day 2)

While going about in his day, Fabio came up with a small idea, to make a small board game of sorts, just so that he and his tribe have something to play, they wouldn't be bored, and it'll be fun and good for morale. He noticed that there were a few large Buttons attached and scattered around the frame of the Tribe Flag, and he thought that they look cool and will probably work great as pieces for the board game he's making, so he took the buttons out, one by one, until he noticed that something was written behind one of the buttons... the words were small, but it reads: "Congratulations, this is the Hidden Immunity Idol." Fabio was petrified upon reading those words, people were around, so he couldn't react, so he kept on taking the buttons out as if nothing just happed, until all of it were in his bag, but the idol was now on his pocket, and he has no idea what do to with it.

(now at the present)

After losing the challenge, failing to find the idol, and Andrea warning them about the rest of the tribe aligning to take them out... Wentworth, Lauren and Aubry needed to scramble. They started by talking to Malcolm and Denise, who is part of their six-person Power Duos alliance, their plan was to take out Janet for being a small challenge liability and too much of a social threat because of her story arc. The alliance thinks that they could get Keith and/or David to help get the majority for this vote.

Soon enough, Mike, Fabio, Janet and Devon who all stayed at camp, began to notice that people were going out with the girls to strategize or something and they became paranoid, when the plan was to split their 9 votes between Wentworth and Lauren to flush the idol, but a simple flip of a vote could be devastating. Devon realizes that everyone has a connection with each other because of past seasons, and they might be going by that logic to get numbers. So, he initiates an Outsiders' alliance between the four of them, as they have the least amount of connections in the Tribe, they already have good feelings with each other and so they all agreed to join.

Denise and Malcolm came back to camp, to warn Janet that she may catch a votes tonight, but she doesn't have to worry, but they aren't going to vote for her. Denise smartly deflects her and Malcolm's allegiance with the women and other insider knowledge, she does still want to work with them, just not to get Janet out. And so these six planned to blindside David instead of the three women, but still play it off so that the idol could still be flushed, but Mike and Devon would prefer Andrea instead as they feel like she's just as untrustworthy, but more dangerous than David is.

Malcolm, knows that getting Andrea out would just spell out trouble for him and Denise in their alliance. And so he goes to have a chat with Wentworth and Lauren that the majority has "changed their mind", and they now want to blindside David instead, for his untrustworthiness and challenge liability. And the women should just vote him out to keep it simple. But they aren't completely sure if they should actually do that or use that opportunity to make a bigger move...

And so after a few more conversations, things are still up in their air, their time to scramble has run out, the sun has set, and the Heroes now have to go to their First Tribal Council.

(Idols this season are hidden in plain sight, they look like small buttons, about the same size as a Fire Token, with the tribe insignia on them; an Island surrounded by waves for Heroes and a Flaming Skull for Villains, there are about twelve of these things attached to the frame of the tribe flag, but only one is a real idol, as confirmed by a writing on the back of it, the other eleven can be used as fakes however. And as we said before... this season will not have any Advantages, only Idols. But since these are hidden in plain sight... they will not be put back in the game if they are used... so use them wisely.)

Tribal Council #2 (Day 5)

The Heroes started off this game with every high spirits, winning the first two challenges and everyone being nice and working well together in camp. But everyone still had their own agendas.

Wentworth and Lauren decided to make a 6-person "Power Duos" alliance with Malcolm, Denise, Aubry and Andrea, so that the big threats could stick together to prevent anyone else from taking them out. While David was outcasted because of a misunderstand while trying to look for an idol, he tried to remedy it by making an alliance with Devon, Malcolm and Fabio, and putting a target on Wentworth.

Later on, while they were at the water well, Lauren, Wentworth and Aubry stumbled upon an idol clue and began searching for it. While the other nine at camp began suspicion on them, and agreed to collaborate to take them out. Everyone set off into the woods to look for that idol, but Fabio already beat them to it a few days earlier.

Now facing Tribal Council, the women needed to scramble, and after getting information from double agent Andrea, they now knew that the majority were splitting the votes, and they could pull a blindside using a plurality vote with their six-person alliance, and in case anything happens they looped David and Keith in as well to get a majority eight. They decided to target Janet for her huge social threat level.

Soon, Mike, Janet, Fabio and Devon realized that everyone else are leaving camp to strategize, and so decided to make a 4-person outsider alliance. Malcolm and Denise soon arrived to warn Janet about a few votes coming their way, and so the six of them decided to turn the tables on David or Andrea instead. But Malcolm did not want to jeopardize his relationship with his alliance, and so told them to switch their votes tonight to David. But Wentworth and Lauren consider making a bigger move than that.

With everything that is happening, the Heroes are headed to a collision course, will this vote make a huge impact? or will they be able to stay strong for days to come?

It is time to vote:

Andrea: https://strawpoll.com/3bxx47257

Aubry: https://strawpoll.com/9da3hk45o

David: https://strawpoll.com/7o3jbf46a

Denise: https://strawpoll.com/q74wr12sw

Devon: https://strawpoll.com/6pqwrohj6

Fabio: https://strawpoll.com/qxd6usfss

Janet: https://strawpoll.com/c3gfu8vx4

Keith: https://strawpoll.com/ru2jdu7jz

Kelley: https://strawpoll.com/ew4f2w316

Lauren: https://strawpoll.com/cusdqsu31

Malcolm: https://strawpoll.com/69uakr4cs

Mike: https://strawpoll.com/82h6q3p5c


Fabio - Idol: https://strawpoll.com/1b8zw1s82

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #2 Results (Day 5)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.


Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, David.



David (that's 3 votes David, 1 vote Janet)



David (that's 6 votes David, 1 vote Janet)

The second person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains; David.

That's 7, that is enough, you need to bring me your torch.

David, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

This tribe seemed strong and united, you showed it by voting unanimously, but the nature of this game is unpredictable and ever-changing, so we shall soon see if this tribe can stay united for long. You can now head back to camp, good night.