Episode 5

Higanti and Pagbawi Camps (Day 11)

The double elimination twist put everone's backs against the wall, as they all struggled to strategize and were forced vote someone out, plans after plans after plans were formed and when the dust settled, Sean from Pagbawi and RC from Higanti were blindsided out of the game.

At Higanti, Jay was a little furious about RC's attempt to blindside him, and was thankful to Trish for letting him know and getting rid of her. Sabrina and Kellee were left in the dark from all this, and they now felt a little paranoid about their position in the Tribe. Carolyn, Dom, Terry and Trish celebrated their victory as they were able to save the idol (they now know about the voting block's plan to flush it) and got rid of one of it's leaders. But Trish and Jay let everyone know that this is still a united tribe, and if anything happens, they will stick together, and Carolyn even offered her idol to the rest of the tribe, saying that they'll use it together to vanquish Pagbawi.

At Pagbawi, their reward of being able to listen in at Higanti's Tribal Council, allowed them to know 3 things; 1. Michelle is in the outs of the tribe.

2. Someone does have an idol in their tribe.

3. Terry emerged as their leader.

they couldn't really do much with these information, but it was better than nothing, and they got free food. But their tribal council left Shane completely on the outs and with no one to help him. Teresa and Christian decided to try and make him feel better and like a part of the tribe, as they fear that Shane would go and flip on them come a swap or merge, Natalie sees this, and fears that they're making a move on Shane, to get him into their alliance to get a 5-person majority, so she and Jaclyn went to 'help' Shane as well. Shane, notices that the tribe is still split in half, and he's in the middle being smothered in both sides, he smiles and says that he's going to enjoy this and but he will still cut all their throats off if he has the chance.

Tribe Swap (Day 11)

Pagbawi, getting your first look at the new Higanti Tribe, RC voted out at the last Tribal Council.

So, I think it's safe to say that yesterday's double elimination shook this game up for everyone. The theme of this season is second chance, a chance for you to change your game for the better and be able to win it this time, and you have been working hard to make bonds or alliances and strategizing with each other for the past 10 days, I think you know where I am going with this, it is time to put your work to the test...

You can Drop your Buffs, we are switching tribes.

Here's how it's going to work, we are switching from 2 tribes to 3 tribes of 6, there are 19 of you. 1 person will be without a tribe, he/she will be sent to Ghost Island to live alone until they return to the game at the next tribal council where they will join the tribe that loses a member. Alright, shall we get to it?

Grab one and don't open it yet... Everybody reveal your new tribes.

If you have Red head to Higanti, if you have Green head to Pagbawi, if you have Blue, you can stay in the middle. And Greg, has the empty one, you can stand here next to me.

Lets see our new tribes; amazingly, all 3 tribes have three members from old Higanti and three members from old Pagbawi.

Let's check the new Pagbawi tribe first, you have Domenick, Ian and Michelle, and Jaclyn, Natalie and Shane.

Now let's look at the new Higanti tribe, you have Carolyn, Kellee and Terry, and Hayden, Rafe and Teresa.

And in the middle, the all new Blue tribe; Bumalik. You have Christian, Cydney and Reynold, and Jay, Sabrina and Trish.

Alright, Greg, you can head to Ghost Island, boat's waiting, you will return in the game tomorrow as a member of one of these three tribes.

For the rest of you, It will be interesting to see how Tribal Councils will play out, will Tribal lines stay intact, or will it be a fresh new start? You can head to camp, good luck.

Ghost Island (Day 11)

Greg was feeling a lot of unsteadiness, as he is not really sure what going to happen to him, in fact, he's not really comfortable with everything that's been happening in the game, he fears about what will be waiting for him when he arrives, will it be something good? something bad? something that'll kill him? He is not sure, and feels a lot of pressure as the boat gets closer and closer to the island.

He arrives, and sets to hike up to the woods, through various Survivor relics and decoration, where he finds a row of urns with all the players' names on them, and that six of them have been smashed up, he smashes his own urn and finds a note that led him to a chest on a table.

He opens it up and he reads the parchment inside; "This is the Individual Immunity Necklace from the first ever season of Survivor, you made Survivor History by being the first ever player to win Individual Immunity, and you were also a small challenge beast being able to win two individual challenges in a row, but you couldn't keep it up and because of that the Tagi Four deemed you a target, and voted you out to become the first member of any jury. You were able to secure a legacy for setting many things for the lifespan of Survivor. So now, this Necklace is a Legacy Advantage, that will allow you to give any player (including yourself) individual immunity at only the merge tribal council. However if you ever get voted out before that point, you will give this advantage to another player of your choice and they can use it instead."

Greg got a small headache in reading all of this, and was not ready for it, he was not expecting to gain anything from this, but to get something like this? He is blindsided by the island. After spending a while thinking alone in this Island, he is now a little more confident about playing this game, and he awaits getting a call from Jeff to get to tribal council.

Bumalik, Higanti & Pagbawi Camps (Day 11)

(I'm gonna just... combine all three camp stories in one post, ''insert laziness reasons'' )

The new Higanti Tribe entered their new camp, and the newcomers were impressed on how nice they built their shelter and keep everything nice and orderly, that it's much better than their old camp. Everyone seems to be alright with each other, Hayden likes Terry, Carolyn likes Teresa, and everyone likes each other, and they feel like they'll do good enough at challenges to not worry about anything. Rafe although he does trusts Hayden and Teresa to an extent, wants to feel a little more secure so he went to talk to Kellee, who was worried about the same thing, she told him that Carolyn and Terry are tight, and Rafe returns the favor by telling her that Hayden and Teresa are also tight, the two of them they mutually agreed to work together and become the swing votes, if they are ever sent to tribal council.

The new Pagbawi Tribe arrived at their new camp, Jaclyn was happy that she was swapped with her ally; Natalie, but both Women were disappointed at seeing Shane come with them. And they moved to try and secure Shane's loyalty, as much as they would hate it, they're stuck with him at the time being. Shane 'agrees' with the women, but quickly went to Domenick, and tells him that Sean was his closest ally and he was just blindsided yesterday, so he is currently a Free Agent that wants to flip and vote Pagbawi out. Domenick, was honestly not expecting that finding a crack in Pagbawi would be that easy. Natalie feeling hopeless on Shane, also made her move to try and recruit Michelle into her alliance, as she knew about her outsider position, Natalie offers her a deal to join her all-girl alliance, and they can take out Shane first, then Dom or Ian. Michelle thinks about her offer, and goes to Ian and Dom to discuss how they would play this swap out, now that they discovered Pagbawi's dysfunction.

The all-new Bumalik Tribe went to their new beach, where they had to start all over again, the tribe starts building their shelter and setting up their new camp. The men bonded well with each other as they worked. After a while the tribe splits off, Sabrina, was not sitting too comfortably in her former tribe, and doesn't trust Trish at all after pulling off her move to blindside RC yesterday, and she considers avenging her ally by getting her off, but she also doesn't want Jay to go either, she trusts him. So she formulates a plan, she went to Cydney and asked her which of Christian or Reynold, does she like better, because Sabrina wants a four person alliance with Jay, Cydney and another person. Cydney gets Christian involved and these four agreed to work their way to the merge, however, Jay doesn't feel right about leaving Trish out, as he feels burdened to what Trish did for at least a little, while Christian felt the same with Reynold, and they seriously hope that their tribe is strong enough to just win immunity to not worry about anything.

Reward & Immunity Challenge (Day 12)

Challenge: Draggin' the Dragon

Alright, are you guys ready to get to your first challenge as new Tribes? Today, we won't have one, but two immunity idols up grabs, so for Today's Challenge:

The tribes have to pull a cart across man-made and natural obstacles. They are carrying crates of puzzle pieces in the form of a dragon. At three different spots, one player climbs up a ladder, using a bamboo pole, to reach out and release a key. The players must take that key, unlock a chest and put it in the cart. Once they have all the chests together, they must dismantle their cart and take all the chests out to stuff them through a barricade in the course. They must then climb up over the wall, reassemble the cart on the other side, and then make it through a bunch of natural obstacles to make it to the end. Using the pieces of the boxes, they must then solve a dragon puzzle. The first two tribes to finish their puzzles wins.

In addition to immunity, you are also playing for Reward, the First tribe to finish will have a Survivor Barbeque, Steak, some vegetables, cold drinks, spices and a kitchen set, complete with a grill to cook it on. Second tribe to finish, will get some kebabs, one for each member. Last Tribe to Finish, nothing but a date with me at Tribal Council, where somebody will be the sixth person voted out, and Greg will be waiting to replace them.

Big Stakes, I'll give you a minute to strategize, we'll get in on.

Survivors Ready?? Go!!

(Higanti, still holds a 7% advantage from their previous Reward wins, but we'll put it down to 5% for make it a little more fair, Bumalik and Pagbawi needs at least 39% to beat Higanti. The first place tribe will get a 3% advantage, while the second and last will get none)

(This poll is be from 8pm to 12nn EST)

And if you are unaware of the tribe swap and who is in which tribe, here's a list:

Bumalik (Blue)

- Christian Hubicki

- Cydney Gillon

- Jay Starrett

- Reynold Toepfer

- Sabrina Thompson

- Trish Hegarty

Higanti (Red)

- Carolyn Rivera

- Hayden Moss

- Kellee Kim

- Rafe Judkins

- Teresa Cooper

- Terry Dietz

Pagbawi (Green)

- Domenick Abbate

- Ian Rosenberger

- Jaclyn Schultz

- Michelle Yi

- Natalie Bolton

- Shane Powers

Reward & Immunity Challenge Results (Day 12)

Bumalik wins Immunity!! and Reward!! We're looking for second place, and Higanti has it!! Higanti wins Immunity and Reward!!

Alright, Bumalik you won immunity, and a nice Survivor Barbeque reward, Higanti, you got second, not bad, Immunity and a couple of Kebabs are yours, Bumalik, Higanti, you are safe from tonight's Tribal Council, no one going home tonight, you can grab your rewards and back to camp, Enjoy.

Pagbawi, I've got nothing for you, I will see you tonight at Tribal Council, where somebody will be the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance, and then Greg will be joining your tribe. You have the afternoon to figure out who will it be, you can head back to camp, good luck.

(Higanti had a 5% advantage, giving them the win over Pagbawi, and Bumalik will now has a 3% Advantage moving forward)

Pagbawi Camp (Day 12)

After narrowly losing the Immunity Challenge, the Pagbawi Tribe went back to camp in defeat, now having to attend Tribal Council.

Jaclyn had already pieced together that Shane had flipped on them, but with Michelle still not responding to their offer, she did not much of a choice and got desperate, she and Natalie tried to flip Shane back to them... but that only ended in a very loud argument. Dom, Ian and Michelle were just spectating the whole time and truly wondered how did they not kill each other yet. The former Higanti three went away to strategize, on which of the other 3 do they vote off tonight, they were offered the swing vote position in a silver platter, they decided to vote off either Natalie or Shane tonight.

However, Natalie and Jaclyn aren't ready to give up just yet, they asked Michelle one more time if she would like to join the girl-alliance, they could possibly blindside Dom tonight in a 3-2-1 vote, but Michelle argues that it would be better to get Ian off, since he's a triple threat, and is awfully close to Greg, who will join the tribe later. But Michelle is still not sure about flipping on Higanti too soon, she does have people there that she feels she could trust, but she's also considering if joining Natalie and Jaclyn is the best move for her moving forward. She contemplates about this decision as the Tribe arrives at Tribal Council...

Tribal Council #6 (Day 12)

With a game changing Tribe Swap putting a pin in everyone's games, Domenick, Michelle and Ian from Higanti, and Natalie, Jaclyn and Shane from Pagbawi were all swapped together in the New Pagbawi camp.

Old tempers flared between the old Pagbawi Members, as Shane wanted to avenge his friend no matter what, and defected toward the Higanti Members to vote off either Jaclyn or Natalie out. The women however, figured out Shane's disloyalty and made a move to throw him under the bus was well... this led into a very loud argument between the three of them, as Dom, Ian and Michelle did nothing but just watch, as they were being offered the swing vote position in a sliver platter, and they decided to vote off either Natalie or Shane tonight.

Jaclyn and Natalie did not want to give up just yet, and offered Michelle a spot in their all-girl alliance, as they planned to blindside Ian tonight in a 3-2-1 vote, for his threat level and relationship with Greg. Michelle contemplates about making this move and whether or not sticking with Higanti is the best option for her.

Will Michelle flip on her old tribe, are the castaways sticking with the tribal lines? or will a whole new Tribe be born in tonight's vote?

(Greg will be joining their tribe after the vote)

It is time to vote:

Domenick: https://strawpoll.com/ok1ky2184

Ian: https://strawpoll.com/2orbd6spd

Jaclyn: https://strawpoll.com/6focg1hop

Michelle: https://strawpoll.com/ob8eqhgfd

Natalie: https://strawpoll.com/ezc2oh1qo

Shane: https://strawpoll.com/sp7gv3udh

Advantages: N/A

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #6 Results (Day 12)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.


Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Natalie.




Ian (we're tied, 2 votes Ian, 2 votes Natalie, 1 vote Shane, 1 vote left)

The sixth person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance; Ian.

That's 3, that's enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Ian, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well... it seems like within the ashes of the old, a new tribe is born. Greg you are now a member of Pagbawi, here's your Buff, you guys can now head back to camp, good night.