Sorry everyone, I just noticed that all the comments I added to the 3 Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty posts for nominations disappeared at some point. I will repost the nominations.

Congratulations to our all around Winner from Survivor Season 45! Dee Valladares swept all 3 categories!

Dee Valladares | Brains/Outwit - Social game, game strategy, being smart/inventive in challenges or at camp

Dee Valladares | Brawn/Outplay - Challenge performances, camp life, survivor skills, physique

Dee Valladares | Beauty/Outshine - Beautiful people inside and out: physical appearance, personality, life story

We'll give an honorable mention to Kellie. She was the only other person to be nominated in all 3 categories. I thought Emily might grab a category in this poll series since she won our Player of the Season pull, but Dee won all 3 categories by a wide margin. Congrats!