Episode 3

Higanti Camp (Day 7)

After getting back from tribal Council, the Higanti Tribe was pleasantly shocked about Michelle successfully saving herself with an Idol play, they originally planned to vote off Ken for his flip-floppiness and strategic mindset, but after debating whether he had an Idol or not, they just made Michelle the prime target and just threw a few votes at him just in case.

Kellee and Jay explained this to Michelle, so that she would feel comfortable and remain loyal to Higanti if a swap happened, Michelle was even praised by the rest of the tribe for finding the idol and pulling off that surprise big move. Michelle knew that she was just being buttered up, but she truly does want to stay strong with Higanti because she trusts and likes them more than Pagbawi, but if worse comes to worse, she will flip if she has to.

With the Idol being found and played yesterday the whole tribe knew that it would be put back in the game, and Domenick, RC, Sabrina, Jay, Kellee and Ian all made their way in the jungle to go look for it, while the rest of the tribe joined an hour later. The whole tribe was idol hunting for the whole afternoon, and everyone was on the lookout for who could've found it. Michelle, who would want to find it again for her safety, stopped looking and made a pitstop at the water well, and Sabrina finds her and takes a pitstop as well, the two talked for a while, and decided to give up idol hunting for the day and started walking back to camp, as the women were walking they hear a voice nearby, they follow the voice, and hide in a bush, they saw Carolyn, reading a piece of parchment, with a talisman on her hand and looking very excited.

Carolyn had found the idol, she hid it, and made her way to camp, she thought about keeping this a secret from everyone, but decides to tell her alliance of four, in order to strengthen their bond as she feels that this is an alliance that will take each other to the end. She gathers the other three members and tells them about her idol, and the group collectively agrees that this will be a group idol and group grew even more loyal to each other.

Domenick thinks that this is a foolish move, but a comforting one at that, he now knows that he does have a serious social bond with someone in the game, enough for them to show him their idol. Terry on the other hand felt relieved that Carolyn had the idol, since he got 2 votes last night and is genuinely concerned that he's a huge target, almost went home if it wasn't for 1 vote. Trish was happy that she is now in a powerful position with a tight alliance and now an idol and felt confident that this group will make through.

Meanwhile... Sabrina and Michelle met up with Ian and RC, who were still looking for the idol, and they tell them that Carolyn found it, and they have to do something about it. A little later, they gathered Greg, Jay and Kellee and they decided to loop in Michelle in this voting block plan. They collectively agreed that the next time they would go to tribal council, one of the other four will go home.

Pagbawi Camp (Day 7)

After winning the Immunity Challenge, the Pagbawi Tribe felt at peace, finally breaking their losing streak and not having to worry about strategy and voting people out. This was bad news for Sean and Shane... who needed to stay "outside the chaos" since the more the tribe is fighting with each other, the lesser their targets are, and the more they are of use for the tribe to vote one each other out... so they decided to fan the flames a little.

After Lauren was sent to Ghost Island, she was extremely cautious with what she is going to say, since everything can put a target on her back and send her home. She decided to keep her advantage and what happens in Ghost Island a secret from the tribe, and when asked about it, she will say that it was the same as before, there was a game of chance, and played and she lost her vote and just spent the rest of the day, laying around the uncomfortable shelter there.

Hayden and Rafe felt that she was lying, while they do believe her at first, there was just something that didn't add up and they grew suspicious of her. Hayden calls for an alliance meeting with Reynold, Teresa and Christian and tells them that he is uncomfortable with Lauren's story and they consider her a target, as they can't be really sure about what she said and that could be dangerous.

Cydney and Natalie then went off to the water well with Lauren, and they nagged her to tell them what actually happened in Ghost Island, Lauren continues her lie, and says that she was sorry because she lost her vote and cannot help them in their next tribal council. Cydney and Natalie believe her enough and the three women went off to meet with Jaclyn and they began to scheme.

Sean and Shane realized the animosity in the mystery of Lauren's Ghost Island Visit, and made a move to try and cause conflict at camp. They started by asking Hayden if he trusts Lauren's story and he answers that he doesn't the girl, they duo then passed this information to Jaclyn, who notifies Natalie and the other girls about it. Sean and Shane sat back and watched as the tribe erupted into a massive argument with each other.

Reward & Immunity Challenge (Day 8)

Challenge: Pilfering Pirates (Aka. the 'Attack Zone' Challenge)

Pagbawi, getting your first look at the new Higanti Tribe, Ken voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's Immunity Challenge? First's things first, Pagbawi, I'll take back the immunity idol. Once again, Immunity is back up for grabs, for today's challenge:

The tribes have to race along a narrow bamboo course over water. At the center of the course was an "Attack Zone" where the Survivors could physically knock each other off the course. At the end of the course were two boats, one for each tribe, filled with baskets. Only 2 players can go at a time, their goal was to negotiate the course, steal a basket from the opposing team's boat and return it to their own team's starting boat. If two castaways from opposing tribes are on opposite sides of the attack zone, they must engage with each other, until someone is knocked off. First tribe to steal twenty baskets will win.

This challenge was never run by anyone here, this is a completely new challenge for all of you, this challenge is also for Reward, the winning tribe will get comfort items, pillows, blankets, hammocks, chairs, it should make camp a little more comfortable, the winning Tribe will also get the right to send someone from the losing Tribe to Ghost Island, where that person will not being attending Tribal Council tonight and he or she will be safe from elimination.

You will choose which castaway will be paying a visit to Ghost Island:

Higanti: https://strawpoll.com/kedsvy4ja

Pagbawi: https://strawpoll.com/fx4afa3wa

Big stakes, I'll give you a minute to strategize, we'll get it on.

For Immunity and Reward, Survivors Ready?? Go!!

(Higanti still has a 2% advantage, Pagbawi needs at least 52% or above in order to win this challenge, and whoever wins will get a 5% advantage)

Reward & Immunity Challenge Results (Day 8)

Higanti wins Immunity!! and Reward!! sending Pagbawi to Tribal Council.

Alright, Higanti, you have to decide who from the Pagbawi tribe will be going to Ghost Island, and just to remind you, that person will not be attending Tribal Council and will be safe from elimination.

Rocks? Alright, Pagbawi, in this bag are 10 black rocks, and 1 white rock, white means you're headed to Ghost Island, grab one and hold it in your hand and don't reveal until I tell you to.

And... Reveal.

Teresa, the survivor gods have spoken, grab your stuff and head out, boat's waiting.

Higanti, here's the Immunity Idol, you're all safe tonight from Tribal Council. Not only that but you will be taking these comfort items back to camp as well, come get them, and head back to camp, Congrats.

Pagbawi, Tribal Council tonight, Teresa will not be joining you. Somebody will be the 3rd person voted of Survivor: Second Chance, you have the afternoon to figure out who it's going to be. Head back to camp, Good Luck.

Ghost Island (Day 8)

Teresa was pleasantly shocked that Higanti would leave it up to rocks, and that she was the one that got the odd colored rock. But after 2 whole days of bickering and infighting in Pagbawi, it was nice that she could finally get some peace and alone time and not worry about the drama and scheming going on in the game.

She arrives at the island and walks through all the Survivor artifacts and decoration and up toward the row of urns, she reads all the remaining castaways' names on it, and finds 3 urns that are broken already, she breaks her own urn. And follows what the note inside told her, she finds a chest on a table.

She opens it up and reads the note contained inside; "This is your 'throwaway' vote against Lex during the merge Tribal Council back at Season 3: Africa, this one vote was just an act of integrity, you keeping your word to Clarence that you wouldn't vote him out. However, this one vote also fueled distrust between the Boran alliance, that erupted into chaos as Lex and Kelly duked it out, Kelly defected toward the Samburus and with a 5-person voting block, you could've easily wiped out the Borans and secured yourself into a final 3 or 2 position, however Brandon ruined all that as he flipped toward the Borans, securing their majority and enabling them to pagong Kelly, the Samburus, and you. This piece of parchment is now an Extra Vote, that you can use up to the final 6, however you can only use it against a castaway you have already voted against in previous Tribal Councils. Can you use this to secure yourself a final 3 position? or will it backfire and get you voted off?"

Teresa, was flabbergasted about all of this, she now understood the pressure on Lauren when she visited, having to lie about the island itself. Teresa doesn't really know how could she use this advantage effectively on her own, she will need someone to help her out. She considers having a secret 'Ghost Island' alliance with Lauren, rekindling her 'Old school' alliance with Sean and Shane, or fully joining Hayden's alliance. But she will have to smart about it because Lauren's Ghost Island visit caused a major conflict at camp, and she does not want to be in the same position.

What should Teresa do?


She sits down at the shelter and enjoys her private time away from the Pagbawi Camp.

Pagbawi Camp (Day 8)

The tribe got back to camp feeling defeated, as they would have to attend tribal council again and just when the tribe is the most unstable it's ever been and without Teresa (the "peacekeeper") to help everyone calm down if a conflict ensues.

Hayden, with one less alliance member, felt even more desperate in his situation, and took a walk with Rafe to discuss some plans, as during the conflict yesterday he noticed that Rafe was also suspicious of Lauren and he wants to see if he available to do an all-guys voting block to eliminate Lauren.

Rafe considers the offer, but only to vote off Lauren, and he makes it clear that he wouldn't join if they lay a hand on Natalie or Cydney whom he still trusts. He then goes off to strategize with the women.

Reynold reached out to Sean and Shane, despite not really trusting the two, he tells them about Hayden's all-guys plan, the duo agreed and Reynold went to go and try to find an idol. Sean and Shane are very much happy in their position in the tribe, "from being first boot targets to now a pivotal swing vote" they feel extremely confident about their work and is ready to ride or die.

Natalie, Lauren and Jaclyn knew it was the perfect time to vote off Hayden, as he was the ringleader, they knew Christian and Reynold would soon stumble after he is gone and because of him causing that massive conflict the day before and accusing Lauren of being a liar. They planned on splitting their 6 votes (they believe Lauren's lie about losing her vote) 3 for Hayden and 3 for either Christian or Reynold in case of an idol.

Lauren is worried about how she would come out to the rest of the tribe after tonight's tribal council, because they will now know that she did lie and will probably outcast her, she needed to get Hayden out asap.

Christian is debating within himself if he should use his idol tonight, and to whom, he took a walk so he could think about it, and a few minutes later Cydney joined him so she could to discuss something, she figured out that Sean and Shane are the ones responsible for fueling the conflicts that have been happening at camp. She's been with Scot and Jason, she knows a troublemaker when she sees one. She wants the whole tribe to come together and vote off either one of the two and be a united tribe as they go through a possible swap or merge. So they gather everyone but Sean and Shane to discuss their elimination and unifying the tribe moving forward, everyone seems to agree, but the targets have been painted, plans have been made, they don't really know what will happen as tribal council draws near.

Tribal Council #3 (Day 8)

After losing the Immunity Challenge, the Pagbawi Tribe must now go back to tribal council and vote someone off again.

Chrissy's blindside left a huge impact on the power dynamics of the Tribe, Cydney, Rafe, Lauren and Natalie were now the majority as Jaclyn, Sean and Shane joined them. While Hayden, Christian, Reynold and Teresa were reduced to the minority. Friction ensued between the two sides, and Sean and Shane used that friction to spark a flame to get their targets off their back and into the others' as they target and fight with each other.

The flaming conflicts came into its boiling point when Lauren was sent to Ghost Island, where she decided to keep that information to herself and lie toward the rest of her tribemates. This caused Hayden and Rafe to become suspicious of her, Sean and Shane then used that paranoia and made it erupt into a major conflict.

When they lost the immunity challenge, they also lost Teresa who was sent to Ghost Island, she does not get to attend tribal council, and this left the minority in deeper waters. The remaining three decided to form a voting block between the men to eliminate Lauren for her supposedly powerful advantage and general threat level. The majority however planned a 3-3 split vote between Hayden and Reynold, just in case of an idol, which Christian does have...

However Cydney figured out Sean and Shane's gambit and she wants everyone to stay Pagbawi strong throughout, and they should all come together and vote the troublemakers out.

Will Cydney's plan succeed? or have the lines been drawn? Which alliance will prevail?

It is time to vote:

Christian: https://strawpoll.com/eup239wco

Cydney: https://strawpoll.com/4vu9ogcyo

Hayden: https://strawpoll.com/12pedsr6k

Jaclyn: https://strawpoll.com/kcg54aduu

Lauren: https://strawpoll.com/p3qqkqw9v

Natalie: https://strawpoll.com/6r9f774z6

Rafe: https://strawpoll.com/efg1dd762

Reynold: https://strawpoll.com/dyozpjkb4

Sean: https://strawpoll.com/xf2rpob6q

Shane: https://strawpoll.com/2yoak6aao


Christian - 1 Idol: https://strawpoll.com/jfhkc4b5z

Lauren - 1 Idol: (survive 3 tribal councils)

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

Tribal Council #3 Results (Day 8)

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First Vote, Lauren



Hayden (we're tied, 2 votes Hayden, 2 votes Lauren)


Hayden (we're tied again, 3 votes Hayden, 3 votes Lauren)


Hayden (thats 4 votes Hayden, 4 votes Lauren, 2 votes left)


The third person voted off Survivor: Second Chance; Lauren.

That's 6, that's enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Lauren, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well... another day, another blindside, this game is truly unpredictable. You can head back to camp, good night.