Episode 16

DS-HV: Post-Tribal Veitavalu Camp (Day 32)

The tribe went back to their camp, utterly shocked about the vote. Janet, Victoria and Andrea were extremely happy that they were able to pull that move, while Sophie, Lauren, and Malcolm were extremely mad at Marty ruining their plan.

Lauren was also feeling like an outcast after Janet and Victoria went behind her back, she went to try and make amends with them, but Janet and Victoria were a bit skeptical, but still decided to forgive her, as it could bring her back into their alliance, and they'll need all the numbers they can get.

But Andrea was still mad at Lauren for throwing her name under the bus, and doesn't want to be in an alliance with her, Janet tries to calm her down, to no use. Janet now needs to figure out how to make things work between the two of them.

While Victoria goes to talk to Marty to try and recruit him into their alliance, but to also ask about why he voted for her last night, he answered honestly and told her that she was a threat to his game and tried to do something and it blew in his face big time. Victoria is now aware that people are after her now, and she is torn on whether to work with him, or to cut him loose to keep things quiet.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Malcolm are losing their minds about what just happened, as they both viewed Fabio as a meat shield moving forward, and now that he's gone, their game is in jeopardy. Malcolm is also concerned about being one of the two men left in this game. But Sophie does notice a bit of conflict between Lauren and Andrea, and maybe that's the opening they need to survive a few more nights.

And Abi-Maria is just watching all this chaos unfold. It's funny to her that everyone has their own agendas right now and they all seem to have forgotten about her, and so she possibly has a one way ticket to the final three, if she just keeps doing what she's doing, who knew that not ruffling much feathers would work?

DS-HV: Reward Challenge (Day 32)

Challenge: Ringo Starz

Alright, it has been 32 straight days of being stranded on this island, with little to no food, competing in tough challenges, and let's be honest, maneuvering even tougher gameplay in each tribal council. And the bad news is that you still have 7 more days to go and only one of you can win, things are indeed getting crazier and crazier with each round on this game, so I think now is a good time for some to remind of what and who exactly you are playing for.

Come on in! Abi, here's your mom, Vera. Sophie, here's your husband Robert. Marty, here's your wife Kathy. Victoria, here's your dad, Rock. Malcolm, here's your brother, Miles. Andrea, here's your mother Linda. Janet, your husband John. And Lauren, here's your dad Joey.

Alright, you all know what you are playing for, shall we get down to it? For today's challenge:

You will be divided into four pairs, you are going to race under an obstacle, to a sand pit where you have to dig up some keys, you will use those keys to unlock and release two balls and then attempt to land them on a narrow perch, the first pair to finish, wins reward in the form of love and a banquet of pizza waiting for you back at camp.

Worth playing for? We'll draw for pairs, we'll get started.

For our pairs, we have Lauren and Marty, Abi and Malcolm, Janet and Andrea, and Victoria and Sophie. Interesting pairs, let's see how it goes...

Survivors Ready?? Go!!

Challenge: https://strawpoll.com/k7xkfju34

(This challenge is for +5 challenge advantage points for both of the winners, and +3 for the two other players that they will share it with. Please vote on which pair do you think should realistically win this challenge, these polls will end at 12:00 mn EST. Good Luck!!)

DS-HV: Reward Challenge Results (Day 32)

Everyone is off to a fast start, Abi and Malcolm are on the shore very quickly, followed by Sophie and Victoria, and Andrea and Janet right behind them, while Lauren and Marty are falling behind... Malcolm makes quick work of the net crawl. Abi is slowing down... allowing Andrea, Sophie and Victoria to catch up. You can't start digging without your partner. Sophie and Victoria are through the net crawl, they're good, start digging, Andrea and Malcolm are waiting for their partners, while Lauren and Marty are finally on the shore.

Abi is through, Janet is through, start digging, Sophie and Victoria digging quite efficiently but still haven't found the keys. Malcolm powering through the sand, Andrea and Janet working hard on their sand pit. Malcolm's got it! They can now unlock the balls but there are ten keys on that ring, only one of them unlocks it, you will need a bit of luck on this part but you need to do it quickly. Lauren and Marty are through the net crawl, they can start digging, Janet has found the keys, while Victoria and Sophie are still stuck digging. Abi unlocks their balls, they can start throwing them on the perch.

Victoria has it, Lauren right behind, they can move on. Malcolm throwing and just misses. Andrea unlocks their balls, they're in it now. There is a bit of a learning curve for this part of the challenge, as those perch is very narrow and difficult to land a ball in. Andrea misses, Abi misses, Malcolm in and out. Lauren has their balls, Sophie has their balls, all four pairs are now in the last part of this challenge, this is anybody's game right now. Victoria just misses. Everyone is having a hard time landing these balls, but as we know very well nothing is easy in Survivor... and just as I say that Abi lands one, she and Malcolm only need one more to win this challenge and have some time with their loved ones. Lauren just misses, Marty just misses, Andrea lands one for her team, and Sophie lands one as well!! This is a close battle who will get land their final ball first?? Janet, in and out... Sophie, just misses... and Malcolm gets it!! Malcolm and Abi wins reward!!

Malcolm, Abi, come on over, bring your loved ones with you. Alright, you four are about to head back to camp for some pizza and drinks, but 'll be honest, we have prepared a lot of pizza, so there is room for one more pair... choose someone with their loved one, to join you. Sophie? Okay Sophie, come on over. Pick... one more... Andrea? Alright, Andrea, come on over as well. And that will be all. Marty, Lauren, Janet, Victoria... I've got nothing for you, say good bye to your loved ones, Abi, Malcolm, Andrea, Sophie, enjoy a nice afternoon, eating pizza with your loved ones, you all can now head back to camp. Have a great afternoon.

DS-HV: Veitavalu Camp (Day 32)

The tribe returned to camp, with Abi, Malcolm, Sophie and Andrea's loved ones with them. They split off to where the pizza feast table was, while Janet, Lauren, Victoria and Marty remained at their shelter.

The reward winners were enjoying themselves, catching up with their loved ones, sharing stories, and feasting on pizza and drinks. After a while, Sophie opens the discussion about strategy, and they discuss plans about the four of them sticking together, bringing in Marty and take out Janet and Lauren, whom they view as the biggest threats in the game right now. Andrea is a bit hesitant about working with these people, as they are the same people who wanted her out for a few rounds now. But later on Sophie approaches her privately to try and convince her to flip back to their side, saying that Lauren has been the one trying to get her out all this time and the five of them could make a move right now to get her out as she is slowly becoming a challenge beast and they are running out of time.

This knowledge is off putting to Andrea, and she becomes paranoid about Lauren, maybe she should take her out as she is currently the biggest challenge competitor, and with her gone, Andrea's chances of getting on winning streak is higher, but at the same time... Lauren is a shield, who could become unstoppable at challenges... so she becomes stuck upon what to do for this next vote.

Meanwhile, Janet, Lauren and Victoria are sitting around at camp, bummed about not being able to be with their loved ones. The women tried to strategize, but they aren't really in the mood to do so, but they have collectively agreed to just get Andrea and Marty to their side so they could take out Malcolm or Sophie whichever doesn't win immunity, or if it's too much of a risk, they could just work with them to unanimously take out Marty.

However Marty knows too well, that he screwed himself big time with his blunder yesterday, and so with the knowledge that Janet played an idol yesterday, he thought that the idol would be put back in the game and rehidden somewhere. It was tricky since all the idols in this season were hidden in plain sight, he needed to be clever about this. He then goes to visit the tree mail in case anything was in there, and he spots a folded up note at the back of the mail box, he grabs it books it toward the jungle.

He opens it up and it reads "Congratulations you have found a clue to the hidden immunity idol, the power you seek is hidden at your next immunity challenge. The challenge will be ran in rounds with four people competing each time, while the other four will spectate at a bench. The idol is hidden at that very bench. Are you bold enough to grab it while being right next to three other people? If so, the power is yours. Good Luck."

Marty is shocked about having to do this, but he is ultimately impressed that he'll have to work hard to get this idol. But it will be worth it as this will be the turning point for his game.

DS-HV: Immunity Challenge (Day 33)

Challenge: Keel Hauling (Part 1)

Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First's things first, Lauren, I have to take it back again, once again immunity is up for grabs, for today's challenge:

It will be ran in two rounds, in each round four people will be competing, you will have to race across a platform and dive into the water and swim back under the platform by pulling yourself along with a rope, you will then climb back on to the platform, grab a ring and move it to a post on the other side of the platform. First two people from each round to get both their rings will move on to the final round, where you will have to get five rings, the winner of that round wins immunity, safe from the vote, losers somebody will be the seventh member of our jury.

We'll draw for spots, we'll get started.

1st Round: https://strawpoll.com/1owqozar5

2nd Round: https://strawpoll.com/r77vs9kqo

(You can vote for as many players as you want, please vote on who do you think should realistically win this challenge, the challenge advantages points will be listed in the poll, these polls will end at 12:00 mn EST. The two highest players will then move on to a short 2 hour Final Round. Good Luck!!)

DS-HV: Immunity Challenge (Day 33)

Challenge: Keel Hauling (Part 2)

For our first round we have Victoria, Andrea, Malcolm and Janet, two people will move on to the final round... Survivors Ready?? Go!!

Everyone quickly underwater now, who will come up first? Malcolm's up, followed by Andrea, Victoria right behind. Malcolm has his first ring, he's back underwater now. Victoria and Andrea both got their rings. Janet is just coming up now. Malcolm is back up, he's in the lead, he has his ring and he's moving on to the final round!! Andrea is up now with her ring, Victoria having trouble getting up and that is all Andrea needs, Andrea moving on with Malcolm to the final round!!

Next up, we have our second round, it is Lauren, Abi, Marty and Sophie, competing for a spot in the final round... Survivors Ready?? Go!!

Everyone is off to a fast start, Lauren dives in, Sophie and Abi right behind her, Marty is in it. Lauren is first up, Sophie right behind, followed by Abi, and Marty, they all have their rings, everybody is in it. Lauren is back down, Sophie and Abi sniffing her tail, Marty is slowing down... Lauren is back up, has her ring and is moving on!! Sophie and Abi are both up at the same time!! Who will get their ring first?? And Abi gets it!! She's moving on. Sophie was seconds away, what a challenge.

Final Round: https://strawpoll.com/hrjkch4yy

(You can vote for as many players as you want, please vote on who do you think should realistically win this challenge, the challenge advantages points will be listed in the poll, these polls will end at 2:00 am EST. Good Luck!!)

DS-HV: Immunity Challenge Results (Day 33)

Alright, here we go, final round... Andrea, Lauren, Malcolm, Abi, you have five rings to get this round, first to do so wins immunity. Survivors Ready?? Go!!

Everyone is off under the water, Malcolm making quick work, he's back up and has his first ring, Andrea and Lauren are right behind him with their first ring, you need five rings in total and it will completely exhaust you. Abi with her first ring. Malcolm back up for his second ring, Lauren right on this tail, both now have their second rings and is leading this challenge. Abi is back up, Andrea has fallen behind, but is not giving up, she has her second ring. Malcolm and Lauren side by side now, with their third rings, but they look exhausted, and are slowing down. Could Abi and Andrea use this to catch up? Andrea is up to get her third ring, Abi having trouble getting back up. Malcolm is down, Lauren is down, it's been neck and neck between these two right now as they both get up at the same time for their fourth ring, they only have one more to go. Abi is now just walking across the platform, this challenge has completely exhausted her. Andrea now has her fourth, but it is too late as both Malcolm and Lauren are getting back up for their fifth and final ring, who can land it on their post first?? And Malcolm!! wins immunity!!

Malcolm, come on over, bit of a redemption, you lost to this challenge before to Reynold, now years later you came back and won, congrats. You are safe in tonight's tribal council, cannot be voted out of this game, congrats. As for the rest of you, tribal council tonight, where somebody will be the seventeenth person voted out and the seventh member of our jury. Big stakes, grab your stuff head back to camp, I'll see you all at tribal.

DS-HV: Veitavalu Camp (Day 33)

The tribe returned to their camp after the challenge, Malcolm was very relieved to be able to win immunity, as the game has been really crazy, blindsides after blindsides, and with nearly all the men being taken out, he feels good having this necklace around his neck.

But soon enough, everyone went back to business, Janet, Victoria and Lauren made a pact with Andrea that the four of them would stick together, and with Marty as a fifth, they could go vote out Sophie for being the last winner standing. However, Victoria had a small alliance with Sophie since Day 1, and so tried to swing the target away from her by saying that she isn't a challenge threat and may have an idol, without sufficient numbers, the four of them can't get around that, so they consider voting Abi out instead as a safer option.

Sophie, Malcolm and Abi, are all aligned, and their focus was to get Andrea and Marty as well, by convincing them that Lauren is too much of a physical threat to keep around, and they should get her out while they could. But Andrea soon tells them about her concerns that Lauren is a possible meat shield to hide behind, and she can be taken out later. Malcolm and Sophie both acknowledge the idea, as they both would need a meat shield as well, so they consider, taking Janet out instead as their plan B. But they are still hesitant about keeping Lauren around longer.

Meanwhile Marty, was going out in the woods to find some privacy, as he just found a hidden immunity idol at the challenge (flashback) he grabbed while the first round was happening, and slipped it in his bag, he couldn't confirm if what he got was real or not, thankfully, it was. And now he has a ticket to make a difference in this game, its just matter of figuring out how to use it to get the most effective result to get him to the end and win. He figured that he could start by taking out the glue holding the tribe together... Victoria, as her social relationships are too strong, and is what is bonding a lot of people to work together, he thinks that with her gone, it can open up a can of worms that he could take advantage of to get himself further in this game.

However, Abi during the challenge, noticed odd behavior from Marty when they were at the bench together in the first round, and thought that he may have gotten something, and so she made her way to follow him in the jungle to check out what he's got, they stumbled upon each other in woods and began talking about things. Marty realized that he would need a new partner in crime... he thinks that Abi has no real allegiance toward anyone else and will be good work with, and so he tells her about his idol and his plan to take Victoria out. Abi was flustered upon the revelation, and was scared about Marty having an idol that screw up her plans, she needed to get him to use it tonight and flush it away. But his points towards Victoria being a big subtle threat made her think about it too. And she is now stuck about what to do about all this.

Later on, Sophie and Victoria met up to share information, and they realized that Andrea, who they both want to work with in tonight's vote, is becoming untrustworthy, because of her indecision to choose a side, as she has yet to confirm which of she will vote with tonight. So they decide to throw everything away and play it safe tonight, by voting out Marty. But Sophie suggests that they blindside Andrea instead, now the two women, lay as they decide upon what to do in tonight's vote.

(I made this tribal council's dynamics as dynamic as it can be... any one can go home, we'll find out who will it be, tomorrow during tribal council.)

DS-HV: Tribal Council #17 (Day 33)

Last Tribal Council turned the game on it's head once again, as the underdogs were able to make the biggest move of the season thus far; Idoling out Fabio. This caused a chain reaction in the tribe dynamics, as both Andrea and Lauren both wanted to align with Victoria and Janet, Marty became an outcast for his blunder, leaving Malcolm, Sophie and Abi to figure out how to stay in this game.

Luckily for them, Malcolm and Abi won the Loved Ones Reward Challenge and were able to share it with their ally, Sophie and Andrea, whom they fueled her mistrust with Lauren, in order to get her to flip to their side and take her out. Their luck only got better when Malcolm was able to win immunity, in a close match against Lauren. Allowing them to be able to strike at her.

Janet, Lauren and Victoria, settled their targets to be between Sophie and Abi. While Malcolm, Sophie and Abi, settled their targets toward either Lauren or Janet. As an indecisive Andrea tries to weight out her options, but an impatient Sophie and Victoria figured they could just throw everything away and simply vote Marty out. However, their mischievous side thought of maybe blindsiding Andrea instead.

Meanwhile, Marty, knowing well his position in the tribe, managed to find a hidden immunity idol at the challenge, and he plans to use it to change his fate in this game. With the help of Abi they could take down, the biggest social threat around; Victoria. And create chaos wherein they could thrive.

This is gonna be good.

It is time to vote:

Abi-Maria: https://strawpoll.com/4j4rfqpbc

Andrea: https://strawpoll.com/wf6y8yavf

Janet: https://strawpoll.com/zy858sjzq

Lauren: https://strawpoll.com/1e6vpg31q

Malcolm: https://strawpoll.com/h6fwbbr37

Marty: https://strawpoll.com/55z2zyh27

Sophie: https://strawpoll.com/4gd7g7q78

Victoria: https://strawpoll.com/ugwphpb1h


Marty-Idol: https://strawpoll.com/6fhsqhyud

Victoria-Idol: https://strawpoll.com/5pube6x2e

These polls will close at 12:00 mn EST, make sure to vote wisely.

DS-HV: Tribal Council Results (Day 33)

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Marty: Listen, I've got nothing to lose for me at this point... so, here you go Jeff.

This is a Hidden immunity idol, any votes cast against Marty, will not count.

Alright, once the votes have been read, the decision is final and that person will have to leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Marty (does not count)

Lauren (that's one vote Lauren)

Sophie (that's one vote Sophie, one vote Lauren)

Victoria (that's one vote each for Victoria, Sophie and Lauren)

Lauren (that's two votes Lauren, one vote Sophie, one vote Victoria)

Sophie (we're tied, that's two votes Sophie, two votes Lauren, one vote Victoria)

Lauren (that's three votes Lauren, two votes Sophie, one vote Victoria, one vote left)

The seventeenth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains and seventh member of our Jury; Lauren.

That's 4, tonight that is enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Lauren, the Tribe has spoken, time for you to go.

Well, you all are playing this game in an unprecedented scale. The question now is, how much further will you guys go, we have six more days to find out. Grab your Torches, head back to camp, good night.