Congratulations to our Winners from Survivor Season 32: Kaôh Rōng!

Aubry Bracco | Brains/Outwit - Social game, game strategy, being smart/inventive in challenges or at camp

Cydney Gillon | Brawn/Outplay - Challenge performances, camp life, survivor skills, physique

Michele Fitzgerald | Beauty/Outshine - Beautiful people inside and out: physical appearance, personality, life story

....and an extra congratulations to Michele Fitzgerald and Cydney Gillon for being nominated in each category.

As a side note, I thought is was fun in a Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty season, that we got a winner from each category from there original tribe:

Chan Loh, Brains, Aubry

To Tang​, Brawn, Cydney

Gondol​, Beauty, Michele